We will be taking a pause from welping fleets into Null and Lo-Sec for a few […]
Red vs Blue Flight Academy to declare war on Red Federation and Blue Republic To facilitate […]
We had a well attended meeting on Friday to discuss RvB recruitment going forwards – the […]
The sudden dropping of RvB war dec has been fixed by CCP. RvB’s management woke up […]
Explosions and good cheer as first group of RvB cadets learn the ropes A brisk trade […]
RvB’s new flight academy is now fully open. A new corporation called (logically enough) Red vs […]
All classes / fleets leave from RvB HQ: Todaki VI – Moon 1 – School of […]
The rookies of RvB’s Flight Academy need kills – so we will take them to Low […]
RvB’s new flight academy has partially opened to those new to Eve or new to PvP. […]
Some of you will have noticed that the alliance / war mechanics that underpin RvB’s eternal […]