Explosions and good cheer as first group of RvB cadets learn the ropes

A brisk trade for RvB’s training arm which already has 33 members in just three days of operations.

Our eager cadets have wasted no time in blowing things up with 100 ships already despatched. Our in game help channel has been busy around the clock helping new players – it’s great to see a buzz about RvB again.

A typically chaotic FFA introduced the puzzled residents of Todaki to our unique approach to PvP!

The first formal classes for the academy begin with our introductory course on Saturday 3rd October. 

Best moments so far for our training fleet ‘Secret Vampires’ have been the downing of a Stratios (370 million) – a Gnosis (70 million) and half a dozen unwary cruisers – which is not bad for rookie gangs in T1 frigates and destroyers.

We look forward to our first group of cadets joining Red Vs Blue on the front lines later in the year.   



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