We will be taking a pause from welping fleets into Null and Lo-Sec for a few days to stoke the fires in Todaki.

We are running a week long competition / theme in Todaki for all branches of RvB. It will run from just after downtime on the 28th October until downtime on 4th November.

At Home in Todaki: Rules

On the 4th November we will award prizes in the following categories (based on Zkillboard 7 day rolling stats)

Pilot with the most kills in Todaki for the week.

Pilot with the most losses in Todaki for the week.

We will also award prizes to the pilot with the most kills in Todaki for each PvP frigate respectively namely:

Rifter –  Breacher – Slasher – Atron – Incursus – Tristan – Condor – Kestrel – Merlin – Executioner – Tormentor – Punisher

So lots of good prizes – free ships for cadets and lots of chances to win! 

To be fair to academy cadets we will be running a standing fleet throughout the waking hours of the EU timezone so that cadets can get free ships from the Bowheads.

Veterans are expected to live off their salaries and provide their own ships.

** Please use T1 modules only – kills that show T2 guns or drones will be discounted **

Veterans are gently reminded of RvB’s simplest rule: ‘Don’t be a dick’ so clean pods only please in Todaki and don’t bring cruisers to a frigate fight.

We will facilitate the killing with events over the weekend but this is the week to undock – grab a ship and get fighting at all hours!



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