Those that can do – those that can’t teach. A cheap jibe perhaps to hurl in the friendly rivalry between Red Vs Blue and Eve University – two of New Eden’s oldest institutions.

Truth is, both have always ‘done’ and now both teach. RvB now has its own thriving flight academy with 450 cadets learning the ropes of PvP and preparing for their first experience of a major war.

Red Vs Blue and Eve University hold the record for the largest ever battle in hi-sec and have high hopes that the latest battles will be even bigger.

After several changes of management and a de facto closure for two years, RvB is rebuilding around its traditional strengths of fast, affordable PvP near Jita.

Red Federation CEO Tobore appealed for RvB’s diaspora to return and help in the fight against their old foes:

“We especially need our old friends – perhaps some who may not even know that RvB has re-opened to join us in this battle – anyone who remembers our battles in the past will surely want to answer this call to arms – Red vs Blue needs YOU!”

The war with Eve University goes live on May 19th and runs until May 30th – all branches of RvB are fully open to applications. Free combat ships will be provided to many members of RvB and Academy cadets throughout. 

“Join for the war – stay for the craic.”



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