Our week long love-in with all things Triglavian (some pictures below) was a lot of fun and ended with a Triglavian brawl between Red and Blue on Sunday night… which turned into something of a wreck fest as RvB events often do!

Actually with an RvB Fleet here in Pochven


Inspired by Dan Boucher’s events into Abysall space – this Gila is merrily making good ISK for its owner in a Level 3 site.


RvB Trig Fleet hops back into Low Sec to fight with a Vargur – which went very well* (*the truth of these statements may vary)

Next up we have a Gallente Week – with all events / classes and fleets themed around Federation Navy goodness – finishing with a huge brawl in Saturday night with more Gallente shaped explosion possibilities than is healthy or even sane for anyone’s ISK balance.

Watch for more faction themed smash-ups in the weeks ahead.



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