After a bit of a lull after the pandemic and some nice summer weather, we are back blowing each other up.

We have a slightly new command team composed currently of Tobore as overall leader being supported by Exitium II. There are roles open, so if you’re interested in helping and guiding the continued development of RvB, feel free to reach out to Tobore or Exitium II on Discord.

Activities continue, but with a slightly altered schedule, currently all planned activity takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but as numbers grow, activity will once again take place over the entire week.

We have some changes coming which should hopefully reunify RvB and make certain tactics easier, stay tuned for announcements when these changes land.

If you are not part of RvB and our values and ideas interest you, feel free to join our Discord and ask any questions you may have or join. We still run lessons and help with improving your PvP skills.



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