All classes / fleets leave from RvB HQ: Todaki VI – Moon 1 – School of […]
After a bit of a lull after the pandemic and some nice summer weather, we are […]
At a well attended and positive recent community meeting I outlined the current status of RvB. […]
  Those that can do – those that can’t teach. A cheap jibe perhaps to hurl […]
June 5th: Spectre Fleet – GANKED 500 A long time ago in a system far far […]
Our week long love-in with all things Triglavian (some pictures below) was a lot of fun […]
RvB is pleased to announce a revised management structure. Tiaggo is now Blue Republic CEO. Tobore […]
Bored with null sec? Have a holiday and enjoy some giggly pew pew fun in RvB. […]
Rules update As RvB actual returns to Kakakela its time to clarify and update RvB’s rules.  […]
Guardian Games provide intense PvP The first trial of the Guardian Games solo PvP tournament delivered […]
RvB re-opens to applications After a two year hiatus, one of Eve’s most famous and well-loved […]