Essential information

You should also join the in-game chat channel Red vs Blue Flight Academy where you can ask questions and get help.

What is Red vs Blue?

RvB is a PvP sandbox within the overall sandbox of Eve Online.

We are three corporations – Red Federation, Blue Republic and the Red vs Blue Flight Flight Academy.

Red Federation and Blue Republic are locked in eternal war. Other corps try to win wars – our goal is war.  We offer fast – affordable – fun PvP.

You should expect to kill of ships and lose lots of ships – we measure our success by piles of wreckage and loot!

As an academy cadet you will be able to fight in the great war – improving your cadet rank until you graduate as a fully trained pilot. 

Upon arrival you will:

Start with the RANK of Rookie Cadet.

Join the TEAM of Red Cadets or Blue Cadets.

You can change TEAM via Administrator – Talon White

Improve RANK via PvP engagements and taking classes 

Moving to RvB space:

You should move your character and ships to Todaki.
Station HQ: Todaki 6 – Moon 1 – School of Applied Knowledge

Mission agents are nearby. Free ships for PvP.

If you need help moving ask in Academy chat or on Discord

Starter classes to attend

Classes are advertised in the Red vs Blue Academy Chat message of the day (MOTD) and pinged / held on Discord. 

How to enjoy a PvP Practice fleet 

 PvP Practice fleets are advertised in Red vs Blue Flight Academy chat and in Fleet Finder. To join the fleet:

(a) Be at Academy HQ in Todaki

(b) Click on the blue link in Academy Chat called ‘PvP Practice Fleet’ or join via Fleet Finder.

(c) Once in fleet, undock in a pod and approach the Bowhead you can see on the undock (pictured above)

(d) Once within 2500m right click on the Bowhead and select ‘Open Ship Maintenance Bay’ 

(e) Select a ship and click ‘Board From Bay’ – you will then board the ship. Ammunition is in the cargo hold – drag and drop into your guns.

(f) You are now ready to fight! Move well away from the Bowhead. You can freely engage anyone in fleet (except the Bowhead)

(g) Be on Discord coms for fight banter and advice (post mortems!)

(h) When you die – warp your pod to a celestial (like a planet) – then back to the Bowhead to grab another ship.

(i) Take as many ships as you like – ask fleet members any questions you might have about how to improve / learn. 

Helpful tips:

Load the RvB overview – this is in Academy chat MOTD

Remove capsules from your overview – no podding in RvB!

Follow the RvB PvP skill plan  

Join the ‘Secret Vampires’ Training roam to Low Sec. It forms in Todaki on Wednesday night @ 20:00 Eve Time

Making ISK

Making ISK is not the focus of the Academy but we recognize that pilots need to become self-sufficient. 

Workshops on ISK making methods will be advertised shortly in Academy Chat and on Discord.

Many RvB members are very happy to their share knowledge on this topic so make sure you ask around.

How to Join Red vs Blue Fleets in Kakakela

In addition to practice fleets in Todaki, cadets can join in proper Red vs Blue fighting in Kakakela. 

Check your character info screen – you will have two titles as seen above.

The first is your TEAM, you will be either a Red Cadet or a Blue Cadet. The second is your RANK – you start as a Rookie Cadet. 

If you are Red Cadet then you should make your way to Red HQ which is at Kakakela VII, Moon 16, Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

If you are a Blue Cadet then you should make your way to Blue HQ which is at Kakakela V, Moon 2, Sukavesta Corporation Production Plant

Check Fleet Finder for a Standing Fleet for your team and join the fleet. Join the voice coms channel for your team on Discord. 

The fleet chat MOTD will have instructions about how to get ships from the Bowhead. 

Listen to the instructions of your Fleet Commander (FC). If there is no FC head over to the opposing HQ to find a fight!

** Be aware that Kakakela is an RvB combat system – take care when entering! **