A new home for our new era

RvB’s new home

We didn’t want to move. We were happy in Otela and Liekuri – but the Triglavians invaded Otela and we need a sustainable base that is free from the threat of invasion and close to new recruits. 

Our new base is part of a major re-launch for RvB. The countdown to the new era is now active – apply to RvB today and be a part of it!

It is confirmed…

Aloha to Todaki

RvB will be moving to Todaki. Why?

  • Rookie systems safe from Triglavian invasion.
  • Close to our existing base (5 jumps)
  • Close to Jita
  • Route to Jita unlikely to be disrupted
  • Perfect place to recruit new players

Lock and load…

Should I move now?

If you want to yes – current RvB members can start to move ships and assets to Todaki – both Red Federation and Blue Republic will be based in the sole NPC station  in the system. 

While we remain in maintenance mode RvB is not accepting applications – but our new flight academy is already open for business in Todaki.