RvB is currently  in maintenance mode

What does this mean?

For existing members of RvB:

Current members of RvB will not notice any major changes – events and roams will continue as normal. If you should leave the corp during this period you may not be able to rejoin straight away as all applications are being held in a queue pending the launch of our new flight academy.

RvB will remain in Liekuri (Blue )and Josameto (Red) for now – events and roams will be staged in Josameto.

Thinking of joining RvB?

New applications to both corporations are being held in a queue prior to the opening of our new flight academy.

This ensures we have viable class numbers and sustainable / balanced numbers of opponents for each side.

Pilots willing to join one of RvB’s dedicated work teams may get fast tracked.

We aim to process applications as quickly as we can – and we offer a generous bonus package of free ships and mods for all successful applicants.