Fun – Fast – Affordable
Learn PvP to survive and thrive in Eve

Eve is a PvP game

 Whatever path you choose in Eve, you have to learn PvP mechanics in order to prosper. Eve is a game that balances risk and reward but there are no risk free options. Mining, production, missions and trading all require travel and logistics. Only knowledge of PvP will protect your investment from pirates, gankers and scammers.

PvP should be fun and affordable

Some players spend their entire time in Eve fretting about being attacked – using credit cards to fit out large and expensive ships that they imagine are impossible to kill…. and then rage quitting when it doesn’t work.

At Red vs Blue we know that frigate pilots sit atop of the skill league and that a properly trained frigate gang can defeat almost anything. Join us to lose your fear of losing ships and to learn that PvP need not be expensive – it should be cheap and fun!   

Fair fights are more interesting

The eternal war between Red Federation and Blue Republic facilitates learning about PvP and having fun. No alliance in the history of Eve has destroyed (and lost!) more ships than RvB.  

Other corporations that only take fights when they have an overwhelming advantage limit their gameplay and learning. We are always looking for balanced fights that:

(a) are fair for all (b) easily re-shipped (c) reward skill not force multipliers (d) allow us to use many different types of ships 

Friendly and relaxed 

RvB has a well deserved reputation for being one of the most chilled and easy going alliances in Eve. We don’t angst about killboard stats and have no sovereign space to defend – we just enjoy our PvP explosions and like to have a laugh. 

This doesn’t mean that we can’t mix it up in fights and wars with other corporations from time to time – indeed RvB has supplied Eve with many of its finest FC’s – but win or lose it’s always with a smile and then onwards for more fighting.