Join RvB’s flight academy
Learn about Eve and PvP

Make friends for life!

For players new to Eve or new to PvP – Red vs Blue offers fun classes and fleets in a supportive and friendly environment. We even supply ships and help with making ISK.

Step One: Join the corp

Just search for Red Vs Blue Flight Academy in game and ‘click apply to join’ – a warm welcome awaits.

Let us know in your application how long you have been playing Eve and what you interested in learning about.  

Step Two: Introduce yourself

Now join our Discord channel by clicking the button above.

Don’t have a headset / microphone? It would be a great buy!

Join the in-game chat channel Red vs Blue Flight Academy also and say hello – if you have any questions this is the place to go. 

Step Three: Register for a class

Now you can register for a class. Browse from the list below. 

Players new to Eve should begin with our ‘Introductory’ course and work through the courses in sequence. 

Players new to PvP can reasonably jump into ‘Ships & Fits’. 

Once you register we will be in touch with joining instructions as soon as we have a viable class size (more advanced classes take longer to fill up but we will keep you posted.)

Step Four: Move in and join fleets 

Our flight academy is in Todaki at the sole NPC station:
Todaki VI – Moon 1 -School of Applied Knowledge.
If you need any help moving or have any questions just swing by our in-game chat channel or Discord (see above) and let us know.
All fleets leave from Todaki – click below to view our schedule.

#1 Introduction

Getting started



# 2 Next steps

Making ISK


Staying Safe

# 3 Ships and fits

Choosing your next ship

Ship fitting basics 

PvP and PvE fits

PvP combat styles

Good value fits

# 4 Logistics & EWAR

Logi / Ewar ships explained

Modules to repair friendly ships

 EWAR modules

Example fits for all races

# 5 Space Legs

Basic Overview Settings

Tactical overlay

Introduction to manual piloting

# 6 Hunter Killer

Manual Piloting for PvP

Orbiting vs Keep At Range

Low Sec Roam to get kills!

# 7 Fleet up

How to Form / Join a fleet

Fleet Coms & Discipline

Roam in fleet to Null Sec

 # 8 Going Solo

Solo PvP Introduction

Differences between solo and fleet

Own the grid (advanced)