Join RvB’s flight academy
Learn about Eve and PvP

Make friends for life!

For players new to Eve or new to PvP – Red vs Blue offers fun classes and fleets in a supportive and friendly environment. We even supply ships and help with making ISK.

Step One: Join the corp

Just search for Red Vs Blue Flight Academy in game and ‘click apply to join’ – a warm welcome awaits.

Let us know in your application how long you have been playing Eve and what you interested in learning about.  

Step Two: Introduce yourself

Now join our Discord channel by clicking the blue button above.

Don’t have a headset / microphone? It would be a great buy!

Join the in-game chat channel Red vs Blue Flight Academy also and say hello – if you have any questions this is the place to go. 

Step Three: Read the syllabus

You will join our academy as a Rookie Cadet and graduate as a Cadet First Class into either Red Federation or Blue Republic. A select few will advance as Honour Cadets. You will progress through a series of classes and milestones learning vital PvP skills and game mechanics. You will become a confident warrior in Eve Online – a dangerous solo adversary and perhaps a legendary fleet commander. Read the progression path below for more details.  

Step Four: Move in and join fleets 

Our flight academy is in Todaki at the sole NPC station:
Todaki VI – Moon 1 -School of Applied Knowledge.
If you need any help moving or have any questions just swing by our in-game chat channel or Discord (see above) and let us know.
All classes and fleets start from Todaki – click below to view our schedule.


Academy Syllabus


Cadet Third Class

Class requirements:

  • Introduction to Red Vs Blue
  • Frigate tackle – fitting and flying
  • Fitting Tactics

Required milestones

  • Train all T1 Frigate hulls
  • Be listed on at least 300 engagements 


Cadet Second Class

Class requirements:

  • DPS Cruiser – fitting and flying
  • PvP Mechanics

Required milestones

  • Train all T1 Destroyer Hulls
  • Be listed on at least 750 engagements

Cadet First Class

Class requirements:

  • Logistics – Fitting and flying
  • PvP – Piloting Strategies
  • EWAR – Fitting and flying

Required milestones

  • Train all T1 Cruiser Hulls
  • Be listed on at least 1000 engagements 


Cadet Honours

Class requirements:

  • Fleet Commander Basics
  • Fleet Commander – Take The Conn

Required milestones

  • Train an assault frigate with T2 mods
  • Be listed on at least 1500 engagements