Join RvB’s flight academy – learn the basics of Eve and PvP and make friends for life

For players new to Eve or new to PvP – Red vs Blue offers fun classes and fleets in a supportive and friendly environment. We even supply ships and help with making ISK.

Choose a class from the list below – for players new to Eve we suggest you work through the classes in order.  

#1 Introduction

Getting started



# 2 Next steps

Making ISK


Staying Safe

# 3 Ships and fits

Choosing your next ship

Ship fitting basics 

PvP and PvE fits

PvP combat styles

Good value fits

# 4 Logistics & EWAR

Logi / Ewar ships explained

Modules to repair friendly ships

 EWAR modules

Example fits for all races

# 5 Space Legs

Basic Overview Settings

Tactical overlay

Introduction to manual piloting

# 6 Hunter Killer

Manual Piloting for PvP

Orbiting vs Keep At Range

Low Sec Roam to get kills!

# 7 Fleet up

How to Form / Join a fleet

Fleet Coms & Discipline

Roam in fleet to Null Sec

 # 8 Going Solo

Solo PvP Introduction

Differences between solo and fleet

Own the grid (advanced)