Statement September 2021

It has become clear that I am going to have to take a break from Eve Online. Pressures of family and work make a time sink like Eve impossible at the moment. 

Since I was the last man standing of RvB’s command team, it will clearly need a new one.. I am confident that a new group will emerge and I will support them as much as I can.

RvB has ISK, ships, mods, rules and a long established brand and culture within the game. Who will pick the torch?

I have the keys to basically everything related to RvB (including this website, which will be restricted to this holding page for now)

So its up to the RvB loyalists and the wider Eve community. I’ve put in a fair old shift in support of RvB and Red Federation and I hope to be able to return in the future.

It’s been an honour. Chop Chop.

Vision Thing Achasse

All enquiries about RvB should be directed in-game towards my trusty alt Eye Witness News. I will NOT be engaging on Discord. 

While I have made many good friends in Eve and RvB – I have inevitably encountered my share of idiots and nutcases also.

Fear not purple hordes, I will always keep the shares of RvB to protect its good name and history from anyone who would use them as a means to their own ends. 

What Vision giveth – Vision can just as quickly taketh away.

A new command team will only get the keys and access to the buttons and the brand if they can convince me that they are serious people with the best interests of RvB at heart. 

I await the next chapter with interest…