1. No pod killing RvB members. ( * )

2. Honour 1v1’s And 1v1’s only at sun or planets after Announce it in RVB community channel.

3. ONLY Amarr, Cal, Gal and Minmatar T1 Cruisers and down allowed to fight ON HQ GRIDS!

4. No set implants. (”)

5. No aggression within RvB members in Trade hubs.

6. No ECM mid slot modules in fights against RvB members . ( * )

7. NO boosters/logi/probers. In Corp boosters/logi/probers should be used sparingly and if in a fleet, only with the FC’s permission.

8. DO NOT ENGAGE neutrals in Rookie System. CCP has very sharp diciplinary applications against it and can be up to account banning. ( ** )

Feel free to be dick  then we all know you are a dick. And threat you as a dick ! Knowledge Is Power (edited)

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Rule sets Detailed explanations:

( * ) Pod killing RvB members strictly forbidden. We stongly suggest to remove pods from your overview when you are in RvB space .. Use RvB overview. IF you pod kill someone you are responsible to reimburse the implants if there is any. And apologise in any case and do not repeat. IF behaviour reoccur you will be kicked from RvB.

( ” ) These implants are NOT ALLOWED to use as set or single piece, regardless to low mid or high grade tier against RvB members : Asklepian, Amulet, Crystal, Nirvana, Snake, Nomad, Ascendancy, Halo, Savior, Talisman, Edge, Mimesis, Genolution. RvB Command and line members has right to ask for pod check any given time. These checks must be taken as compliment with “Bona Fides” you are such a good pilot that we need to see you are implant free. This will be very confidential between pilot and leadership.

( ”’ ) This includes ECM Bursts (Unless approved by a Command member for a specific fight). ECM does not mean ALL the EWAR. ECM is just target jammers Caldari racial EWAR type . All other EWAR, such as points, webs, tracking disruptors, sensor damps, target painters, etc. are allowed and encouraged. ECM drones ARE allowed.

( ”” ) RvB home system is also a Rookie System. Rookie systems are starter systems which a measure of protection is offered to new players by CCP .

Attempting to abuse a new players lack of knowledge of the game and its mechanic for your personal gain or simply for their harm is prohibited in these solar systems. This includes, but is not limited to; tricking new players into situations where you or others may open fire on them freely or scamming ISK or assets from them.

CCP takes serious actions in this kind of cases and you cannot compare this diciplinary actions with any other diciplinary applications and can be even end up with bans.(edited)

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RvB & ACADEMY Rule Set:(edited)

[9:33 AM]

Agressions towards and between Acedemy members heavily moderated and regulated . Friendly Fire Legal for Academy members and towards academy members ONLY activated in Todaki AND under Leaderships survelliance and permitions like events . competetitons traning fleets ect. ect.. Mutual agreement on 1v1 s are allowed between academy members RvB rule 2 applys . Honour the fights. All 8 of RvB rule set also applies. Heads UP !! RvB members can shoot at each other FREELEY.. Academy members can do that only conditions presented up there.