RvB Phoenix Fund

Why do we need assets, ships and ISK?

A busy RvB with lots of explosions, fleets and events is what we all want after our re-launch. This will cost plenty of ISK to get rolling again.

RvB currently has few assets and very little ISK – a difficult place to rebuild from.

This is why we are launching our RvB Phoenix Fund with a target of 500 billion ISK.

Why so much ISK?

It is a lot – but in the context of a busy RvB…not so much. Our reckless dedication to explosions soon mounts up over a year.

To facilitate the fun for as wide a range of players as possible means that we offer many free ships etc to less established pilots.

It’s sad for us if people quit RvB to go mining – just to pay for lost ships.

500 billion will fire up the engines of RvB until we can be self sustaining again.  

About us

How can I help?

Donations of ISK can be sent to either Red Federation or Blue Republic. 

Drop a message to us on Discord or in game so we can record your name on our wall of backers.

A huge thank you to all our donors so far…

This page will be updated daily.

Total raised so far is: 6 Billion ISK. 

Recent Donations:



ISK 200.000

Majicc Foxx

Red Federation 

ISK 1,000.000,000

Selrahc  Kondur

Blue Republic

ISK 1,000,000,000