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RvB Rules and Guidelines

Think of Red and Blue as one corporation split into two teams. The other team members are your targets, but they are NOT your enemies. They want to get good fights as much as you do. Try to get along with each other! If the opposing team can't match your fleet, ship down or give them one or two of your fleet members temporarily. If the opposing team repeatedly has too few members in your timezone, consider switching teams. RvB will be whatever you guys make of it!

We are glad you've joined, whether just today or months ago. We hope that you're ready for lots of explosions, good fights, random ganks (you'll give and receive), and much more.

RvB is all about having good, cheap fun. Be ready to get on plenty of killmails and lose plenty of ships. The following information will help you do both of these things! Although there is a lot of text, please read everything below.

99% of all Red on Blue action happens in The Citadel, particularly the systems of Yria, Oisio, Oshaima & Hysera (low sec). Feel free to base in any of these systems and you will be in the heart of our near instant pvp experience, however we prefer that our pilots base in the HQ systems for their respective corporations these are Oshaima for Blue, and Oisio for Red.


These rules are intended to address common questions and make RvB more fun for everyone. While these guidelines are not rules, be aware that behavior found to be detrimental to the overall RvB experience (i.e. being a Dick) will result in some combination of requests to stop followed by the destruction of your ship and/or removal from RvB. Ignore your command members at your own risk.

1. No podding of RvB members; again very simple rule. You pod someone, you will have to reimburse their implant loss or be kicked from corp and possibly banned. We hate banning people but we swing the ban hammer freely in this case. If you think you are exempt for some way, refer to Rule #1.

2. No Mid-Slot ECM. Simple enough, Tracking Disruptors, Target Painters and Damps ARE allowed. All other mid-slot ECM modules are NOT allowed. ECM Drones or high slot target breakers ARE allowed.

Which modules are banned and which are not can be found here.

3. Honour arranged fights
These are generally 1v1s, but they could involve more players. They should be held at a planet or moon agreed upon by the participants. If you find other players fighting at a planet or a moon, do not engage any of the ships involved until (1) they have all left the grid, or (2) one of them engages you. Any additional rules for arranged fights are up to the participants and will not be enforced by the RvB leadership. Please respect arranged fleet fights by not crashing/disrupting them.

4. No engaging RvB members when Purple is on.
When we go purple the "other side" in RvB becomes your allies. You do not shoot your allies.

5. PvP against RvB members is viable anywhere in EVE except Jita. Combat against other RvB members is also allowed in all low security and 0.0 security space, however you should treat neutrals on grid as a purple scenario! Also, please try to avoid JITA on your RvB characters, when we are having a war you will just die.

6. Neutral Boosting/Repping/Probers
Use of neutral character for these actions is not allowed. Put your alt characters into your respective Corporation if you wish to engage in these practices. Neutral boosters WILL BE ganked and podded.

7. Dont be dick.
Treat others as you wish to be treated. Do not smack nor talkdown nor bully those around you.



These guidelines are intended to address common questions and make RvB more fun for everyone. While these guidelines are not rules, be aware that behavior found to be detrimental to the overall RvB experience will result in some combination of requests to stop followed by the destruction of your ship and/or removal from RvB. Ignore your team leaders at your own risk.

1. Third Party War Targets.
Do whatever you want to them. Pod them, use ECM on them, do whatever you can to make them as miserable as possible. Set up your overview to distinguish between Reds/Blues (-4 Bad Standing) and 3rd Party WTs (-10 Horrible Standings). Both are war targets ("Pilot is at war with your corporation/alliance), but you can use the standings to distinguish them, and color them however you like.

2. Camping Enemy HQs.
Do it as much as you want. However, the defenders may undock anything they want to drive you from the grid. Don’t complain about it when it happens. If your presence on the HQ prevents fights from happening, your team leader may request that you stop camping; ignore this request at your own risk.

3. T1 Ships.
Use whatever you want, whenever you want, except for #5 above. If the opposing team leader or your fleet commander requests that you ship down, it is highly recommended that you ship down. If you do not, you will not get a fight – and RvB is all about getting fights! If your presence in a higher-class ship prevents fights from happening, your team leader may request that you ship down; ignore this request at your own risk.

4. T2 Ships .
Use T2 Cruisers and T2 Battlecruisers sparingly, as they aren’t very fun to fight against with the ships most commonly used in RvB (T1 frigates, destroyers, and cruisers). Soloing in them is fine.

5. FCing from a pod.
Learn how to FC and warp out of fights when you die. Come back in at 100k if you want to watch the rest of the fight. Sometimes pods get popped in the heat of battle.

6. Looting Policy.
The official RvB policy on loot is that it is free for all. The person who snatches it, owns it. The purpose of this guideline, which requires no enforcement, is to remove potential disputes and make the life of FCs and Team Leaders a little easier. By having no entitlement to the loot means you have no reason to complain about not getting it back and reinforces EVE's number one rule "Don't fly what you can't afford to lose". That said, returning loot to the loser of a 1v1, not looting in battle, and giving loot to people who lost ships are all good things that will lead to less drama and more pvp action for all of us. In some special cases your FC may ask that loot be shared, please do so when asked.

7. Fleets.
Your being allowed in a fleet is entirely up to the FC. If you refuse to fly requested ship classes, listen and follow target calling, obey the FC or other unwanted behaviour they are free to kick you from the fleet. Being part of a fleet is a privilege not a right and your attitude or behaviour can result in exclusion.

A violation of any rules or guidlines will result in the loss or your ship/pod, a fine, and/or removal from corp.


1. The right attitude.
RvB is about getting as much PvP action as possible. Be willing to lose ships, engage against the odds, learn, and have fun in the process!

2. Listen to the Team Leaders.
They are experienced PvPers who are going to try to encourage as many fights as possible. So if they tell you to hold half the gang back to a 2nd wave of ships, or dock up your bc's and grab some cruiser and frigs, they're doing it to try and encourage action. Ignore them at your own risk.

3. This is a great place to start leading gangs if you have ambitions of moving up to fleet lead in alliances. There are more than a few current 0.0 FC's who cut their teeth in RvB. While some of the Team Leaders are excellent FC's they don't necessarily want to FC, certainly not all the time, so feel free to step up and create or take charge of fleets yourself.

4. Be able to field a variety of ships at all times.
We realize that some of you are frig alts and that frigs are all you can fly or afford to fly. This is fine! For the rest of you, try and keep a good range of ships available. Fights often start small and escalate, other times they'll be the other way round, and you'll have most fun if you have the option to get in a different range of small, large, basic and pimp ships. Ideally, we suggest fitting lots of frigates (20+), several destroyers (10+), a couple cruisers (5+), a battlecruiser/battleship or two, and whatever pimped out ships you care to fly. You can have plenty of fun with cheap T1/named mods and the occasional rig. Ships that cost you anywhere from 100k to 3m after insurance will serve you perfectly well in RvB. Bring out all the fittings from Jita (5 jumps) or any other nearby hub and just buy ships in station as you lose them. If you lose all of those ships within a week or two, you’re doing RvB right.