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RvB Presents: Hard Liquor #1 - Ass F*****

Today, 05:16 PM

NPSI, one of the things that makes this game so enjoyable, is something that RvB has a long history of supporting, and on Saturday June 2nd we enter the NPSI arena once again, with our new fortnightly slosh roam, Hard Liquor, FC'd by myself, Mangala Solaris.


The important details are here:



When: Sat 2nd June 19.30 UTC
Where: Reisen
What: Assault Frigs. Armour, close > mid-range. Tackle, ewar etc etc
Comms: RvB Public Mumble
(Details to follow)
In game channel - RvB’s Hard Liquor 
FC: Great Purple Grand-daddy Mangala Solaris
For this inaugural roam, we have prizes courtesy of BEST CEO EVER Nikolai! These include Ships, Faction Mods and the like. Take part and you could win!!

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Red vs Blue Calendar

23 May 2018

Hosted on Google Calendars, this Link will allow you to see all of our events on any device supoprting Google Calendars or a web browser.


RvB EvE Calendar




The list is not inclusive of all fleets, only those planned more than 24 hrs or more in advance.


Information may include links or FCs, times are in EVE/Reykjavik time.




Standard Red vs Blue Highsec, Closed Events are in Purple.


Training and Public Events are Green


Lowsec Fleets are Yellow


Other Special Events Are Blue


Contact Me if you are an officer and need rights to this calendar.


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1v1 Event: King of the Grid

21 May 2018

Revived and Revised for moar esplosions, public format, or varied hull sizes.



Two players warp to a referee on grid, fighting until death, the winner becomes "King of the Grid"

The KotG continues to remain on field without reship or rearming, and fights a series of 1v1s until he dies. His killer then takes over as the new King.

The event winner is the person with the most consecutive kills before death,

2nd place goes to the final owner of the grid when the event ends if a different player, or the person with the highest number of non-consecutive kills.



-To keep things orderly there will be a fleet officiated by a Command Team Member, who will keep tally of killmails and manage the qeue of fighters. 

-Participants will jump to the designated system in the designated ship type & size and join the fleet.

-The referee will announce who will warp to the arena and who is next in line. Then the fight begins, and ends, and the next person is called up to enter the arena and the loser drops fleet until they have reshipped and returned to the qeue (if they choose).

-To minimize downtime and include non-active tank fittings in the contest, the referee will be fit with remote shield/armor/hull reppers which will be used on the winner between fights, and can give up to 25 nanite repair paste only to the winner each round. No docking, rearming or repair other than remote reps and paste repair is allowed.

-If requested prior, I will set up a container with requested sizes of cap booster charges and ammo for winners access and use only, not for plundering. 



-Must be on comms. This will make life easier for everyone.

-Only T1, T2, and Meta Modules, no Faction, Deadspace, or Officer modules of any kind.

-Only T1 Rigs are allowed, no T2 Rigs

-Only T1 or T2 Drones are Allowed, no faction/augmented etc.

-Propulsion modules of all sizes are allowed.

-Only one Buffer or Active Tank Module is allowed on each hull, not including rigs,  including: Armor repairers, hull repairers, shield boosters of any kind, armor plate, bulkhead, or shield extenders (any type). You may fit as many or as few resistance modules of any kind you choose. Clarification: No ship may fit two plates, two bulkheads, two Shield Boosters  (whether ancillary or otherwise), or Two Armor Repairers (whether ancillary or otherwise). You may fit as many or as few rigs to support the HP, resistances, or repair of your ship, this limitation only applies to HP addition or Active Repair modules. 

-No Cloaking, ECM drones, targeted or un-targeted ECM, or  Damps/Disruption of any kind. 

-The Grid limitation will be a 50km Radius (100km Diameter) around the referee.

-If there is a no contest or draw situation after 5 minutes, the referee will make the call

     -If there is a drone boat with no guns and no drones left, they lose, so fit a gun.

     -"Collapsing Grid"- The referee will call "Time Limit Reached, Grid Collapsing" and will announce a new Arena limit / distance in fleet chat and comms, going down 5km every 30 seconds until the limit is 10km, someone dies or, if there is a call for ceasefire based on their view of a stalemate, both burned guns, no ammo, etc, and stops the fight and scores the fight based on total HP remaining or the ability to hold tackle

-No pre-sign ups, line cutting, douche-baggery (shooting in the qeue, station or gate camps). 

-Have fun!


Comments and rule change suggestions welcome, each iteration may result in permanent rule or per event basis rule changes.  

Referee help is appreciated.

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Saturday 19.05 copfleet: Arrest rixx javis

17 May 2018

Ok recruits .. we have a important mission: we have to get the notorious pirate rixx and teach him the proper RvB ways.
Doctrine: police fleet (you define what a police cruiser is and what a proper police equipment is)
Formup: 18:30
RAID starts 19:00
Tactical staging point: Poinen 1: spacelane patrol station
Local spam and raffle: default cop fleet

RvB Police Command
Commissioner farnsworth

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[SUPER SHORT NOTICE] Firetails, Firetails & MOAR Firetails

16 May 2018

When: Thursday 17th May 2018 20:00 UTC onwards.


What: Brawl with Free Ships. Followed by a small roam after.


Where: Leikuri (so I dont have to move things!)


What free ships: Republic Fleet Firetail's. 50 armour fit, 50 shield fit.



Very short notice event here guys, been desperate to do something fun and get myself back on the old FC/killmail "whorse" and why not this. Basically Red will brawl blue, both sides in ships ive provided. Once we've had our fill of killing one another, we'll wander about find other folks to kill.


Fridays my weekend so I'll be able to run a later version of this too assuming the first round doesnt explode all my Firetails!

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