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Awards and stuff Jan 2016 onwards

01 January 2016 - 12:01 PM

Happy New Year RvB  =)


It has been my attention and concideration over the last recent months to establish a reward system for all RvBers that undock and fight to be rewarded for the good fights that happen as a concequence.


RvB had a FC reward system that allowed FC's to aquire "Loyalty Points" to be spent in a dedicated store, alowing them to purchase anything from frig packs to faction bs's

This was entirely funded by RvB command and most likely due to the extensive poco empire initated by Mangala Solaris o7


But, alas, RvB is not what it used to be


i remember undocking in Liek/Otela and not being to do anything else but fight my way to a station i had recently bought a rig/mod in that i needed for a fit i was contemplating on useing in the next BLT, or loging on to find a HUGE fight on the undock that had already been raging for 20 mins with nobody backing down! and this was normal


i am honored to have seen RvB in its Glory days, i want it back, as i'm sure you all do


Proposal for Jan 2016


6 bill isk for RvBers that bring the fights


The 6 bill will be split between 3 categories for both Reds and Blues, so 1 bill per categorie


Top Killer, Top Solo, Top Loser     400 mill  (reds and blues)


2nd place -Killer,  Solo,  Loser       200 mill  (reds and blues)


3rd place -Killer,  Solo,  Loser       100 mill   (reds and blues)


The 300 mill left over in each categorie ( am i spelling that right) will be given to those 4-10 equally ...almost 43 mill each


90% + fights atm are not FC driven, so there is a lot of things (as there always has been) happening outside of fleet fights in RvB


Imma gonna reward you guys that undock and fight, simple


We will see how this first month of this new year pans out, if we see a trend, then i'll push it further, and i hope extra backing to keep it rolling


Much ♥ RvB =)


Lets fight foreva o7


What might be the way to go (old school)

27 December 2015 - 09:36 AM

Hey RvB


So, i have been talking with new bros and older RvBers, and it would seem like we need (due to the fact we wanna pew ALOT) 

to take what we are currently doing down a notch.


Let me explain a little


We all wanna fight, we would not be here if otherwise


We are a Newbro friendly corp, so we need make sure the newbros dont leave, coz there is 0 reason why anything bigger than a frig needs to overwatch a station


I am proposing we make RvB a frig only corp if you undock solo (i think this was the original idea waaay back in 2010 when RvB was born) fleet fights and 1v1s aside we need be undocking frigs only for now at least, theres no reason any one of us should be undocking anything bigger to start a fight.


Bigger ships, well thats down to fleet fc's,  and 1v1s well, or events.


Tihs is not a big change and not a change that would harm RvB, but streamline it, i hate seeing peeps leave for the reason theres nothing to fight, or theres too many big things on grid to fight, frigs only  (unless fleet/1v1) seems like the best option and needs to be made mandatory if so in RvB recuritment


Need feed back