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#167429 So You Want to FC a Fleet in RvB?

Posted by Zen Tsai on 12 February 2019 - 04:56 PM

Some advice for FCing in RvB in 2019




The Google Doc is the most updated version!  The text below is probably outdated and only included for reference and searches.



RvB FC Training Document 2019

Advice and Etiquette Tips for FCing in RvB
a Perspective by Zen Tsai


What is a FC?


Fleet Commander is just a fancy title for the guy in charge of calling targets and telling the fleet where to go.  “Warp to the gate.  Shoot the Domi.”  That’s really all there is to it.  Everything else is icing on the cake.  If you can call targets and keep the fleet in one place generally, you are doing GREAT as FC.  


Why FC?


From RvB’s perspective:  We need you to FC.  RvB lives or dies on its ability to provide FCs for our fleets.  


From your perspective in Eve:  FCs are in high demand in every corporation and alliance in Eve.  RvB is a great place to learn how to FC by doing it because we don’t care about losses.  Learn how to FC in RvB and you can write your own ticket anywhere else in Eve.  Also, you get on all the killmails as FC, generally lose less ships in RvB space, gain instant respect and gratitude from RvB management, and attractive members of both sexes will want to have your babies.  So be sure to hide your babies.  But seriously, it’s fun.


From your perspective in real life:  Learning to FC builds real life leadership skills which are readily applied to leadership roles outside of Eve Online.  FCing builds social skills and pushes back on introversion.  This makes it a great stepping stone to being more confident and a better leader in your real life.


The path to FC

Line member -> Solo -> Scout -> FC  

In my opinion, this is the most natural progression for developing low sec FC skills.  Learning to be a good line member in a fleet is a critical first step.  Pay attention to how the FC moves the fleet around and ask questions if you get confused.  


Once it becomes second-nature to be in a fleet, go solo in low sec and RvB space.  A solo PVPer is a fleet of one.  As a solo player you will learn to watch/use dscan and local.  Fly frigates, destroyers, and T1 cruisers.  Learn what you can and cannot take on. Learn all of the usual ships and what they can do.  Learn kiting. 


Once you can find ships on Faction Warfare sites using dscan, you can scout effectively.  Scouting gets you used to talking on comms more than the usual line member.  Once you are used to scouting, transitioning to FC is relatively easy.  FCing is like soloing but you have a scout and backup. 


NOTE:  You do not need to be good at dscan or scouting to FC fleets in RvB space!  


Being a “bad” FC


After 7 or so years in RvB I have seen all manner of FCs come and go.  By far, it was the “bad”, new, inexperienced FCs who most inspired me to become a FC.  Good FCs are intimidating, and often unintentionally discourage others trying to FC through their competence and confidence.  Thankfully, some people are brave enough to step up and be a “bad” FC.  The painful truth is, as a new FC you will be pretty bad at it, in terms of wins/losses.  Your fleets will die in hilarious and humiliating ways.  You will recognize this from your soloing experience.  Realize that this is part of the process of learning and that you are inspiring others to try FCing.  The worse you are, the more tempting it will be for someone else to step up and FC next time.  Meanwhile, you will get better with every fleet.  And here’s the real secret:


No matter how bad you are at FCing, people will still join your fleets.  


I was startled to discover this fact, but after watching RvBers join “bad FC” fleets over and over again, this truth became undeniable.  If you at least sound somewhat confident, good-natured, and willing, people will join your fleets.  Whether you win or lose is more important to you than to your fleet members.  Get your fleet into fights, have a positive attitude, and people will come back, win or lose, over and over again when you form up.


Responsibility for Fleet Losses


As FC, you are NOT responsible for fleet losses.  I know it doesn’t feel that way, but it’s absolutely true.  Each pilot is individually responsible for their loss when they undock their ship.  By joining your fleet, they are implicitly admitting to you that they do not want to fly solo, nor do they want to FC, and they are assuring you that they will not complain about the outcome.  THEY need YOU, not the other way around.  They are the replaceable line member.  You are the irreplaceable FC.


Anyone complaining about a perceived negative fleet outcome in your comms is being extremely rude, not to mention self-destructive.  They are outting themselves as emotionally unstable and/or inexperienced with Eve pvp.  Pity them privately, but otherwise ignore them, as they embarrass themselves publicly and burn their own bridges.  If they won’t shut up about it, consider pasting their name in fleet and asking the fleet to donate ISK to them for the loss.  Or just mute them.


In general, a FC should attempt to get fights with at least a fleeting perceived chance of inflicting casualties on the other side.  But never worry about losses.


Various Types of RvB Fleets and How They Differ




If you want RvB-style high sec PVP in RvB space, check for corporate fleet in the Fleet Finder window.  If there is not one, START A STANDING FLEET.  Standing fleets have no FC, so there are no expectations from you after you start it.  You don’t have to be on comms (though it helps).  Standing fleets serve only to help your corp-mates warp in and join fights against the other corp.  You don’t have to answer anyone asking to speak to the FC.  There is no FC. 


STANDING FLEET transforming to a FC’d RED or BLUE FLEET


If all goes well, the standing fleet will gain numbers as people log on and join the fleet.  If your standing fleet has two or more people and the opposition bring two or more people, it will help your side win to call targets.  If no one else is doing it, DO IT.  Is it obvious that everyone should be somewhere but no one is saying it?  SAY IT!  Having called targets and told the fleet where to be, congratulations, you are now FC.  Remove the “Standing” designation from your fleet’s name.  Fleets with FCs get more interest than standing fleets because the odds of winning go up.  Advertise your fleet and be sure to mention the other side is active.




These fleets are the meat and potatoes of RvB; a purely Red or Blue fleet hunting the other side in RvB space.  Their vicious nature makes them unappealing for some and irresistible to others.  Unlike arranged fights and event fleets, the object is to find and destroy the other side.  Period.  Tricks are allowed.  Traps are allowed.  Gate camps are allowed.  Blobbing is allowed.  Station games are allowed.  Logi is allowed.  ECM is allowed.  Damps are allowed.  Outshipping is allowed.  Ignoring the enemy FC is allowed.  The only exceptions are terms agreed to by both Blue and Red FC.  For example: Q--“1v1 frigs at P1?” A--“Yes.” means you will stick to your word and bring a frigate to P1 to fight 1 v 1.  Q--”Dessie down?  A--”Yes.” means your fleet will be in destroyers or frigs.   No surprise upshipping.  Oh and try to avoid headshotting the enemy FC if you know who it is...unless they’re abusing FC immunity in some way, like bringing a fast scram/web zero-tank cruiser and charging directly into your fleet.  


Feel free to work with the enemy FC to get fights moving.   But if talks break down, fly what you feel.  Let them adjust to your comp as they see fit.  Let them try to scout your fleet.  It often helps get fights to make some attempt at matching the enemy fleet weight, if you think you know what it is.  Remember, they could be hiding ships to spring as a trap.  If they bring too much, dock up or upship.  In other words, play it just like you would if it was a war or spontaneous low sec fight.  Try not to get upset about perceived upshipping/blobbing/headshotting.  No one “owes you” a good fight outside of the terms explicitly agreed to between FCs.


It’s okay to despise the other side, but, never smack talk or complain in local, RvB Community or Discord.  Handle disputes in private or bring them to RvB leadership or the disputes resolution forum.  If an enemy FC consistently breaks their explicit agreements with you, stop making agreements with them.  You don’t need to communicate with them, at all, which is better than arguing. 


Bringing these spontaneous, organic, realistic fights BACK to RvB is something we want very much as an organization.




New FCs are welcome to try their hand at FCing at any of our events.  We have regularly scheduled events that are much friendlier than the cut-throat standard RvB fights.  For event fleets, both FCs make their best attempt to balance the opposing fleet weights before each fight.  Terms such as logi/ECM/podding are agreed to in RvB Community channel.  FCs try very hard not to let the other FC be killed and try not to abuse the FC immunity policy.  Blues can be sent to Red fleet and vice versa to balance things.  Fleets that win a fight often times will ship down dramatically or send key members to the other side to balance the next fight to the losing side’s favor.  Strongly consider sending any one player perceived as critical to your last victory (interceptors, mauluses, logi, ecm, etc.) to the other side for the next fight.  The goal is balanced wins/losses for each team at the end of the day.  In all, it’s a far more civilized and friendly fight than spontaneous RvB fights.  But never intentionally throw a fight!  After a staggering victory, ship down, send a guy or two to the other side, challenge yourself and your fleet, play by any agreed upon terms, deal with the other FC in good faith, but always FC your fleet with the intent to WIN.




Feel free to start an impromptu fleet for low sec if nothing is happening in high-sec RvB space.  The easiest way to do this is just head for low sec in a solo frigate/dessie/cruiser.   Start a fleet, open it to Red and Blue, get on comms, paste the ad for the fleet into corp and Community chat and Discord (community channel is fine).  


You don’t need a comp beyond “kitchen sink”.  If you do have a comp, be sure to be inclusive and have roles for players with low SP or limited ship options.  Always welcome scram/web frigates.  Frigate/Destroyer fleets are a great way to roam with little risk.  No one cares if they lose their T1 frigate/dessie.  Actually no one cares about losing anything they bring to an RvB fleet, and if they do, they’re doing it wrong.  But as a new FC it feels less painful to lose a fleet of frigs than BCs.  Popular systems to form for Low Sec are Jita, Samanuni, Amarr, RvB space.


Opening a Fleet to Red/Blue


Set the opposite side’s CORPORATION (Red Federation or Blue Republic) to “Good” standing.  In the fleet’s advertisement, select ONLY the “Based on Standings” box and check the “Good” box.  This is necessary for Low Sec and Event Fleets.




Backseat FC


If you would like to try FCing but don’t feel quite confident enough to go it alone yet, feel free to ask if anyone in your fleet would like to “backseat” FC for you.  Any regular FC will be happy to do this for you.  If you get stuck, you can ask them to take over at any time.  If you have a question, such as, “do you think we should take this fight?” you can ask them.  If you lose your ship, they can take over while you reship.  It takes a lot of pressure off of a new FC to have a backseat FC ready to take the controls mid-fight if you ask them to.


How to Get More People in your Fleet


Schedule in Advance -- The further ahead you plan it, the more people will come to it.  


Publicize it --  Ask RvB managers to add your scheduled fleet to the Community MOTD.

              Ping Discord with @here in Fleet Ops or General at least twice.

                      Mention your upcoming fleet in Mumble comms.

              Shamelessly paste your fleet invite to RvB Community/Corp while active.


Ask personally -- Asking a few key members to fly specific roles can be very effective.   


    Fly a Comp -- While kitchen sink is fine, at least pick a hull size.  “Dessie down” is good.


    Build a rep -- Build your reputation as good-natured and reliable.  “Effective” will come.


What to Fly as FC in RvB Space


Bring something tanky if possible for RvB fights.  Fit a SeBo if worried about damps or ECM.  Don’t try to fly logi as FC (unless you’re Lurker).  Tackle is optional because if you are tackling you are fair game to be primaried, especially if scram/web fit.  Don’t try to game the “FC immunity” guidelines.  If you are in a ship which is causing unique problems for the enemy fleet/FC you will be primaried and/or hard countered or even worse the other FC will just log off.


Typical Issues and Solutions


Losing your Temper


It will happen.  Herding cats can be frustrating and exhausting and tempers will flare occasionally due to the high-speed, adrenaline-flooded experience of PVP.  However, you must attempt to control your temper on comms at all times.  Expressing frustration with fleet members, the opposition, or the situation is never helpful.  If you find yourself unable to control your temper, the best thing you can do is excuse yourself from comms and collect yourself.  “Ten minute bio” is all you need to say and if you’re still upset after 10 minutes, just excuse yourself for “real life” stuff and turn the fleet over to someone else or just log off and let them sort out the fleet.


Toxic Guy


Occasionally, you may notice someone who is very talkative on comms being “toxic” by bringing down your mood or the mood of your fleet.  He might be questioning your calls, not following fleet orders, issuing his own orders to fleet, tackling stuff many jumps from fleet, complaining about lack of fights, complaining about losses, asking for losses to be posted to fleet chat, etc., etc.  Often times, “toxic guy” is “good at Eve”, is perceived that way by himself or others, or at least seems very confident.  Never willing to “FC right now” he is obnoxiously willing to interject his opinion on what the fleet should be doing at any given moment.  Often times drunk and bad at it.  Toxic Guy can be a handful for any FC.


If you can blow him off and ignore him, that’s probably the best approach. After that I try using the “COMMS” command to rein him in.  Sometimes offering the boss star to Toxic Guy shuts him up after he refuses to take over.  As a last resort, I’ve found that “local muting” him works wonders.  You don’t even have to mention that you have muted him on comms, just mute and continue with your fleet.  If mentioned in comms, freely admit it without escalating, and then get back to what you were doing:  FCing the fleet.  Ignoring/muting him lets your fleet know that they don’t need to pay attention to him either.  As FC it is your responsibility to tune out anything that is disrupting your ability to command your fleet or negatively affecting fleet morale.


Most importantly, do not BE Toxic Guy.  Do not brood, whine, bitch, moan, complain in your own fleet comms.  Your mood is  infectious.  Your fleet morale is important.  If you want to FC but you’re in a bad mood, reconsider.  If you still want/need to FC then FAKE IT.  Either be in a good mood or fake it well enough that your fleet can’t tell.  Your fleet is not your support group.  Your fleet members are all there during their recreation time to play a video game.  They are entrusting that time to you, hoping to have a good time.  As FC, you are the only one they cannot mute in comms.  Unlike welping the fleet, which is totally acceptable, being a toxic FC is horrible for RvB.  If you can’t keep up a good front, do everyone in your fleet a favor and log off.  Someone else will take over or, if not, at least the members of your fleet will feel free to do something else.


Who is FC?


There can be only one.  What if someone in your comms simply starts taking over as FC?  It happens occasionally.  We have some very strong personalities in RvB.  Combine them with the excitement and adrenaline rush of pvp (and possibly alcohol) and they sometimes forget they’re not actually FC of the fleet they are in.  


Handle these situations with good humor, and don’t take it personally.  Sometimes Uncle RvB has a drink or two and starts to rant about the old days or call targets in the middle of a complicated fleet battle.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused, just go with it and write it off as a friendly attempt at backseating you.  You can “take over” again once things settle down.  If they’re not helping, but instead messing you up or not doing what you want, feel free to call “COMMS!” or “Battle comms please” etc. to shut them up.  As FC you have (what they call in the real world) Tactical Command.  In your fleet YOU are the boss.  You have the authority to tell even the highest ranking RvB bureaucrats to STFU, mute them, or kick them from your fleet if necessary.  There is no rank higher than FC within the context of an active RvB fleet.  


What to Insist On


Insist that everyone be able to at least hear comms.  Scouts must be able to speak on comms (with rare exceptions).  Try to keep your scouts within one jump of FC...two at most.  For RvB fights, especially arranged ones, require your fleet members to ship down, drop logi, drop ECM, etc. at your request.  Keep comms clear for target calling/FC orders when appropriate.  Be polite but firm on these matters. 


Do not insist that everyone fly a particular ship/fit.  Encourage them to fly what you need for your comp but always be open to newbros in frigates coming along.  Mauluses, Griffins, Frigate Logi, Scram/Web frigates are all inclusive and fun options. 


Special Snowflakes


Allow special snowflakes to bring large shiny things to your small cheap fleet if they want.  But don’t make your fleet wait for them.  They know it’s on them if they lose it.  Feel free to key up your mic while you laugh, as they die to a blob, because they align slow.  Give no s****ts about special snowflake losses.  Do not count them when calculating “ISK positive/negative” as they are not in a comp ship and are essentially flying solo alongside your fleet.


Closing Comments


When in doubt, I ask myself, “What would Nitro do?”  Nitro Oxide is the least toxic, most zen FC I know, and I aspire to his unshakeable positive attitude in all things FC.  Join a Nitro Oxide fleet if you want to see it done right. 



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#167060 RvB gets SirSqueebles' Kronos fleet killed on its first jump - WITH VIDEO

Posted by Zen Tsai on 19 August 2018 - 02:40 AM

Thralm tackles a CALSF Thanatos 50km off the high sec gate.
SirSqueebles' fleet is waiting on the high sec side in Kronos ++.
They jump in, start killing the Thanatos, which lights a Cyno for a Snuffed fleet.  RIP!
Video from SieSqueebles' stream:

RvB Whores on it all.



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#166710 Sunday Summer Camp w/Zen

Posted by Zen Tsai on 26 June 2018 - 05:13 PM

You asked for it... you got it...


Time to get out of bed EARLY on Sunday and school the sneaky industrials trying to sneak through into low sec with their tasty goodies.   

Starting at an UNHEARD OF 18:00 Eve Time (2pm EST for the yanks). 


Details including FITS AND COMP here:




But be ready to transition to this if we are countered too heavily:





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#166540 RvB Presents: Hard Liquor #1 - Ass F*****

Posted by Zen Tsai on 03 June 2018 - 12:24 AM

Lots of fun, thanks Mang & Nikolai!

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#165037 10,000

Posted by Zen Tsai on 11 August 2017 - 04:22 AM

I feel a tad guilty for patting myself on the back, but indulge me for a few lines and I'll tell you a story.


Tonight I hit 10,000 kills on the RvB Blue KB.


When I noticed 10k creeping up, it messed with my head a little to be honest.  Just imagining the time invested in a number like that.  I wondered if I should make a big event out of it or something.  Or should I try to make it a really epic solo kill?  And what's next for me after I hit 10k?  After a short (month) break from Eve at 9,997 kills, I decided to try to get into a PVP rhythm again and put the upcoming number out of my head.  


I decided to fit out an active Vexor w/MWD reinforced by Mid-Grade Asklepians and Standard Exile, loaded up the dirty schoolbus yellow Interbus skin, cranked up some Motorhead, and headed straight for Black Rise via Tama.   Fate must have been shining on me because I had a good roam.  


Enyo http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945218

Pod http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945217

Enyo again http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945216

Comet corpie http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945215

Enyo arrived late http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945214


Algos http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945228


After dodging the Algos' blob, I ran into a 13-man Eve Uni frigate fleet and decided to give it a go.  I managed to string them out a bit from the acceleration gate at a Medium and fought it out with them.


Merlin http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945224

Merlin http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945223

Incursus http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945222

Rifter http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945221

Tristan http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945220

Merlin http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=945219


The rest bailed.  


[02:56:48] Zen Tsai > gf

[02:56:49] Argonis Loken > I burnt out my guns like 2 volleys before you were dead mate

[02:57:11] Zen Tsai > Luck counts too :)

[02:57:24] Argonis Loken > Seriously though, good shit

[02:57:28] Zen Tsai > o7

[02:57:36] Zen Tsai > 12% hull


So yeah, that was fun.  Gave me the full-on shakes, and I'm really happy that Eve Uni was involved. 


Thank you RvB for all of the amazing content you have treated me to over the years. 



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#164317 CSM AT Commentators Predict RvB VICTORY in AT Feeder Match!

Posted by Zen Tsai on 06 June 2017 - 03:38 PM

"I certainly wouldn't give (Requiem Eternal) the edge over RvB."  -Apothne


"Yeah, and I think everyone here is going to put their money on Red versus Blue." -Jintaan


"Oh yeah, for sure.  *sniff*" -Apothne


"They're going to threaten to make you seriously consider your chances if you are a top tier team." -Jintaan





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#164067 Spontaneous Battleship Roam: Rapper and Golem down

Posted by Zen Tsai on 28 April 2017 - 01:50 PM

I had planned to welp another Tempest in Black Rise last night and decided to see if anyone else was interested in coming along.  Horus Lupracal Lupracal was the first to answer the call as he had similar plans, bringing a 'Geddon.  Then Rivisa joined with his Dominix and a few others joined with cruisers, destroyers, and frigates. 


Osprey Navy http://purple.rvbeve...&kll_id=1063775 was our first victim.


Then we ran into a small Exodus. gang including Sleipnir and Oracle who didn't quite know what to do with us.  While they were circling at 100km, I managed to MJD in front of their Sleipnir and land scram.  http://purple.rvbeve...id=1063776  I'm still on a high over that jump.  After the Sleipnir went down we played cat and mouse with them for a few more minutes until they gave up and left.  Apparently the Sleipnir pilot, Cpt Blastahoe, is an Eve-famous rapper.  https://soundcloud.c...q=cpt blastahoe


A bit later we caught a Golem in a Large.   We weren't sure we could break his tank and called in Light Red Unicorns who were bringing 2 carriers and a dread.  Before they could arrive though the pressure of our 5 heavy neuts ran his batteries out and he died.  http://purple.rvbeve...id=1063782  We split the loot.


After that we engaged a Spaceship Bebop fleet and they dropped a Nidhoggur on us, killing two of our four battleships (Nikolai had brought in another 'Geddon at this point).  http://purple.rvbeve...id=1063789  http://purple.rvbeve...ll_id=1063790  Then a Templis CALSF fleet of 20 Daredevils w/Deacon support showed up like an angry swarm of wasps to avenge their lost Golem and barely missed catching my Tempest.  They camped us in, so we decided to call it a night.


Wins: ~2.6 billion ISK

Losses: ~1 billion ISK


After insurance, a cheap-fit BS only costs around 100-150m ISK to lose and can provide a lot of content.  That's about the same as losing a T2D.  I'd like to do more of these roams in the future. 



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#164018 nipples have come to the pvp game...to write

Posted by Zen Tsai on 21 April 2017 - 07:33 PM

Quick background... I was messing around in a Tempest and these Russians tried cutting me off by camping my out gate.  They brought Tempest, Tengu, and Scythe.  Gotta love MJD.





I was unable to translate, even with Google's help.  But then again it looks like a fluent Russian speaker in local was also baffled.  

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#163880 How-To: Steal Great Fits!

Posted by Zen Tsai on 18 March 2017 - 05:20 AM

Finding a good fit for a particular ship can be challenging if you aren't interested in building your own from the ground up.  The meta is constantly changing, so while fits you find in corp fittings and on the Eve University Wiki can be a good start, they are often outdated.  At the very least, you probably won't be seeing any of the latest and greatest fitting ideas.  So what's an aspiring EFT warrior to do?  Easy, go to the killboards and steal a great fit from someone who has been using your preferred hull to kill lots of other ships.


To find a good Incursus fit using the RvB Killboard

  1. Go to http://rvbeve.com
  2. Click on Blue Republic Killboard (or Red Fed)
  3. Click Search
  4. Click Advanced Options
  5. Enter Incursus in the Destroyed Ship field
  6. Look for Pilots you recognize in the red fields
  7. Click on losses to check the fit


To import a loss from RvB KB to Eve


  1. Click the loss
  2. Select EFT Fitting
  3. Click on the fit that pops up
  4. Use Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy it to clipboard
  5. Go to Eve
  6. Open Fitting Window
  7. Click Import & Export (bottom left corner)
  8. Click Import from Clipboard


For Zkillboard, to find good Incursus fits

  1. Go to https://zkillboard.com/
  2. Type Incursus (for example) into the Search Window.
  3. Click Top > Monthly Top
  4. Select one of the Top 10 Pilots
  5. Select Losses in his killboard
  6. Look for his Incursus losses


To Import a loss from Zkillboard to Eve


  1. Click the loss
  2. Select Export > EFT
  3. Click on the fit
  4. Use Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy it to clipboard
  5. Go to Eve
  6. Open Fitting Window
  7. Click Import & Export (bottom left corner)
  8. Click Import from Clipboard


You can also use this method to find ships using a particular weapon system.  Just type the weapon you are looking for into the Zkillboard search window, or enter it into the "Destroyed Item" field in the RvB Killboard.  (Note:  On the RvB KB, it is easier to use *s instead of typing the whole thing out exactly.  For example *railgun* will bring up all items with railgun in the name.)


This video explains how to use Zkillboard as explained above.  It also has some great hints for figuring out what the chosen fit is capable of killing.



Once you have a fitting you like, you can have it fit and ready to fly in less than a minute using the Multifit feature.  




1.   Dock at Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station, be in a pod.
2.   Copy the fitting you choose to your clipboard (in Windows/etc.). *
3.   Open your fitting window in game.
4.   Select "Import & Export" in the bottom left-hand corner of the fitting window.
5.   Select "Import from Clipboard".
6.   Click "Simulate" on the Fitting Management window.
7.   Click "Fit Ship..." in the Fitting window.
8.   Hover over "Missing ships and/or equipment" and select "Buy All".
9.   Click "Buy" in the "Buy Items" window.
10.  Click the Refresh button on the left of the Multifit window.
11.  Click "Fit Ships"  (Be sure "Fit Rigs?" is checked).
12.  Make your new ship active from your Ship Hangar!
13.  Don't forget to insure!
14.  Go get blown up, rinse, repeat.


* Copy any fit you simulate in game to Windows clipboard using the bottom left corner "Import and Export" menu


Good Hunting!


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#163851 Memento Mori 7

Posted by Zen Tsai on 12 March 2017 - 01:57 AM

Thank you to everyone who came out, and my apologies for not getting everyone killed in the final moments. 


We got some great kills!  Around 20 total, with the following highlights:


Goon Tengu, during bio before we even set out!  http://red.rvbeve.co...l&kll_id=935708 (1.3b)

...and his pod https://zkillboard.com/kill/60707306/(Not showing up on RvB KBs yet.  700m)

DD http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=931430 (100m)

Pen Is Out Harby http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=931442 (100m)

Russian SFI http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=931446 (100m)

...and his pod http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=931447 (800m)

Jackdaw http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=931431 (100m)

No Handlebars 'Geddon http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=931448  (250m)

LRU Prophecy http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=931450 (100m)

...and his pod http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=931451 (1.4b)

+ Bellicose, Vexor, Jackdaw, Stabber (200m)


Total kills: 5.15 billion ISK

Total losses during the roam:  A Thrasher.  (Edit: Oh and the Brutix which got caught by a Phoenix who chased us, and a Taranis.)


Special thanks to our Augoror pilots who did an amazing job for crap pay.  Thanks to Nitro for keeping the logi chain together.  Also special thanks to our wonderful scouts, including Rivisa and Steal who also brought links and ECM, two critical roles.  Also, thanks to Red for taking FC while I was away and providing excellent suggestions.


We had 29 people show up, which was not bad considering Spectre Fleet was running as well as a "Kill the Titan" event.


Hold onto your ships folks.  We'll be taking that armor comp out again soon.


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#163800 2017 RvB Plated MWD Fleet Comp

Posted by Zen Tsai on 28 February 2017 - 07:38 PM



Alpha-friendly fleet doctrine relying on omni-tanked high-resist armor buffer supported by Armor Bursts and T1 cruiser logistics.  All ships use a Microwarpdrive for propulsion.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own variations of doctrine DPS ships as long as they are plated, MWD, short-range high DPS.  Interceptors and at least one armor burst T2D are mandatory.  1/4 to 1/3 of ships should be Augorors.  Omega fits should be chosen over Alpha when possible.  Cruisers > Destroyers > Frigates unless otherwise specified.  One or two EWAR ships with preference for Blackbirds round out the comp.




Roam from gate to gate using heavily tanked frigates or interceptors to land initial tackle on targets chosen by our fleet size and strength.  Fleet is called in once tackle is made.  Losses are kept at a minimum due to logistics and EWAR.  Insurance, low ship cost, and maxed-Alpha-friendly fits keep sustainability high.  Preference for maxed-Omega variations keep the fleet from falling to the lowest denominator for DPS/tank.  




See the bio of Maquis d'Sade in-game for doctrine fits.






All DPS ships should be flown extremely aggressively, approach targets with Microwarpdrive on, turning it off and overheating DPS once they bounce off the primary.  Attention should be focused on applying tackle & MAXIMUM DPS to the primary, broadcasting for reps when primaried, and getting tackle on secondary targets, in that order.   Do not orbit target until you are primaried; approach (or keep at range at your optimal).  Overheat guns on first primary at a minimum, but be sure not to burn them out.  Frigates and destroyers should  tackle other ships within scram range once it is clear that the primary is tackled by cruisers.  Cruisers tackle the primary until it is dead.  Destroyers should NOT leave max DPS optimal range of the primary until it is dead.  Frigates are cleared to burn at and tackle secondary targets if the primary is going down fast.




Cap Chain Notes:  Augorors use their Squad members list in Fleet window (which is organized alphabetically) to determine their "one up" and "one down".  Your "one up" is the pilot above you on the list.  Your "one down" is the pilot below you on the list.  The list starts over at the top once it reaches the bottom.  All Augorors should put one Capacitor Transfer each on their "one up" and "one down" to establish the "cap chain".  If the LC calls for the Augorors to "cap" a specific target or targets during a fight, the Augorors should remove the cap transfer from their "one down" to provide combat cap as required.  All Augorors cap their "one up" at all times.


Sensor Booster Notes:  Omega Augorors are equipped with one Sensor Booster and one Remote Sensor Booster and two sets of Scan Resolution, Targeting Range, and ECCM scripts.  Augorors should default to loading ECCM scripts into both Sensor Boosters, remote and local.  If LC calls for logi to "ReSebo each other" Omega Augorors should ReSebo their "one up".  If Augorors are being Sensor Damped, all Augorors load both Targeting Range scripts.     All Augorors run their Sebos with ECCM at all times unless being damped.  If fleet is gate camping, Omega Augorors can ReSebo in-corp interceptors or long-point frigates using Scan Resolution scripts to decrease targeting time.  They can also ReSebo in-corp interceptors during a fight to increase their chances of catching enemy pods. NOTE:  ReSebo'ing (or repping) fleet members NOT in the Augoror pilot's corporation makes the Augoror suspect.


Unattended orbit:  One tactic is for the LC to set up an orbit on the fight and focus on repping.  All Augorors orbit the Logistics Commander (LC) at 500m, MWD on.  LC should use MWD to get to an orbit on the FC between 30 and 50km ASAP and MWD should be left ON unless an Augoror gets scrammed.  Cap chain will sustain full reps and MWDs on indefinitely.  This leaves the LC free to respond to requests for reps instead of manually flying.  LC can check sporadically to make sure they're not flying out of range or straight into enemy DPS.  Any Augoror that gets scrammed should say so on comms immediately.  "Zen in the Augoror is being scrammed by the Malediction."  Remaining Augorors should continue to orbit with MWD on until 30km from the tackled Augoror then slow down to keep it in rep range.  LC should call for ECM (Jams) on the specific ship scramming the Augoror.  Once free, the Augoror catches up to LC by turning MWD back on immediately.




Blackbirds and other EWAR ships should orbit the Logistics Commander (anchor) at 500 if in doubt, using MWD when needed to keep up.  ECM (Jams) should be directed at enemy logistics, enemy EWAR, and switched immediately to anything tackling a friendly Augoror.  Sensor Dampeners (Damps) should go on enemy logistics, enemy EWAR, and enemy snipers with targeting range dampening scripts loaded.  Scan resolution damps can be used on Battleship targets.



Ship Distribution (only available to current RvB Members)


1.  Find the character Maquis d'Sade (no R in Maquis) in-game and view bio.

2.  Click on fits in Maquis' bio to "Show Fitting".

3.  Click on the "Simulate" button on bottom of fitting.

4.  Carefully inspect the fit to be sure all modules are online and your Power Grid and CPU are not blinking red.

5.  "Start Conversation" with Maquis and drag the fit you have chosen into the convo window.

6.  Maquis will open a trade window to you in Liekuri, Spacelane (top) station.

7.  If you can afford it, kick in 30 million ISK for a DPS cruiser, 10m for a Destroyer, 5m for frigates.  Augs are free.

8.  Insure your ship if it is not already insured.





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#163776 In a logi twirl in a Zen Tsai world...

Posted by Zen Tsai on 26 February 2017 - 01:55 PM

ROFL!  Now that song is stuck in my head.  :P


Thanks to everyone who came along, especially the logi pilots, who all did an amazing job.    


As we set out, someone commented that we should avoid RDRAW, and I agreed wholeheartedly.  So what did we do?  Fought RDRAW of course who were roaming in Caracals, and then had a rematch and fought them again after a reship. crushing them both times and holding the field even after logi on both sides had been slaughtered.  To be fair, RDRAW brought a very fair fight which was a nice change.  We landed on the gate with them and took the fight even though they were already set up, but we still managed to beat them and hold the field.  Good fight!  No, GREAT fight, one of the best in a long time for me.


Killing the REVOLUTION Dominix and Tempest was lovely too, and snagging the Oneiros who came late to the party was a good dessert.  Zero losses.


Also, I must point out that we went toe-to-toe with Snuffed in their backyard.  First, we rang the dinner bell by killing one of their T2 haulers.  A few minutes later....  Hell yes we're tackling that Snuffed Thanatos on the gate!  They took their sweet time forming up as we whittled at the Thanny, but when they finally showed up it was 6 capitals + support.  We lost a Vexor.  Then on our way out of their homeland, killed a Snuffed VNI.  Final tally with Snuffed?  300 million ISK+ killed, 30 million lost.  Killboards are green.


In all, I have to say I love this comp.  Decent resists bolstered by boosts supported by logi.  Every ship in the comp (except the Command Dessie and Interceptor, both critical) is Alpha compatible and cheap with something for everyone.  Free ships were given out, some were sold at around cost, and some were brought from outside.  It LOOKS kinda like a kitchen sink fleet because Alpha restrictions force us to fly some a-typical hulls for a pure armor comp.  The tricky part for the comp is managing a logi wing fitted with MWD instead of AB.  You can burn out of range very quickly if you get distracted by, say, people broadcasting for reps.  Makes the Logi Commander's job harder.  The good news is that the cap chain will feed the MWDs even if they get left on by accident and the extra speed is a surprise to an enemy fleet that wants to burn at the logi wing in cruisers.


So yeah, hold onto those ships guys!  We will be pulling this comp out of the drawer again very soon.


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#163626 RDRAW not caring so hard.

Posted by Zen Tsai on 20 January 2017 - 10:07 PM



So to reiterate, RDRAW thinks RvB should get back to our roots, not that we "bother them at all" killing them all day in low sec, but what's the point because we're dead. 


Salt detected.

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#163584 The Mystery of the Sleeping Sleipnir

Posted by Zen Tsai on 10 January 2017 - 04:45 PM

So Nikolai gets a short break between real life and the demands of RvB command, and joins the leftovers of our previously glorious fleet as things are winding down.  Unfortunately, there's nothing we can shoot with three dessies and a 'ceptor.  I mean, there's this Pen Sleipnir hanging 200km off this gate here... But duh, Pen.  Sleipnir.  No chance of breaking the tank, certainly not before this obvious trap is sprung.


But you know Nik.  "Never not take the bait."  And besides, his time's limited and he wants some action, so off we go.  We fail to "double jump" to it and so burn up to it the old fashioned way and start shooting.  Any second now, it's going to start shooting back... Annnnny second now.... Why's it not shooting?  Well, any second now it will turn on its active tank, and laugh at us.  Annnnny second now... Why's it not repping?


Who leaves a Sleipnir AFK off a gate in low sec?  Penis Out does, apparently.





The gate guns must have been from a prior engagement, because he wasn't taking them as he died.

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#163572 The Bait that Wasn't - Pirates Little Helper ftw

Posted by Zen Tsai on 07 January 2017 - 03:38 AM

We had been hunting for an hour in our 7-man gang of 3 AFs, 'Ceptor, Keres, Thrasher, Condor and were having a hard time finding anything engageable.  We had reached our 11-jump destination of Aivonen and had docked up for a bio.  When we came back I undocked to check d-scan.


Two Procurers on scan.  Possibly at one of two belts.  So our 'Cepter pilot rivisa undocks and we each warp to one of the belts, me in a Keres.  I was the lucky one and landed on grid with the two Procurers.  They had mining lasers activated.  But it's bait.  Of course.  So I start poking at them, trying to get them to spring the trap.  Drones come out, but they're Hob 1s.  I'm not really watching d-scan while manually piloting and *whoosh* in comes the trap.  Two Caracals and a Vexor.  I'm a good 50km off of them all, so I'm not in a huge hurry to leave.  I just pull a little range and look for a reaction.  But there's none.  They're not chasing me.  I start looking at these guys and every one I check is a legit carebear!  The Procurer pilots, and their security, all have typical carebear killboards.  Still, two Caracals + Vexor is dangerous as hell to our little gang. 


But I gotta poke the bear.


So I come into Keres long-point range and point one of the Caracals to see what they'll do, fully expecting to have to run like hell when the RLMLs and Warrior IIs are put to use.  The Caracal who is pointed starts shooting back, but I'm taking almost no damage.  So I call for the fleet to undock and warp to me.  When they land, the two Retrievers, Vexor, and other Caracal all warp off.


Caracal - http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=923483


Please, take a moment to look at that fit.


So we all warp to the station, and they're inside.  A couple of us undock, and the carebears undock and aggress us immediately because we are all suspect.  We dock, and undock again. 


And that's when they all warped to the sun.


Yes, you heard right, the two Procurers, Vexor and Caracal all warped to the sun.  We followed, warping at 50 so I could point something no matter what and they are all sitting at zero.  On the sun.  Drones out and ready to rumble.  It was like sharks falling on a family of whales.  And the whales are yelling "Come at me bro!"


Caracal - http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=923486


Vexor - http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=923484


Procurer - http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=923485


Procurer - http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=923489


Pod - http://blue.rvbeve.c...l&kll_id=923488


Our good friends at Light Red Unicorns had noticed all the blood in the water, namely "a RvB gang + Procurers at the sun WTF?!?"


roguearmadillo landed with us in his Vexor and I said, "Don't shoot the newly-arrived Vexor guys....He *might* be friendly".  Sure enough, rogue comes into comms, so we fleet him and he helped with the last Procurer.


Make sure to take a look at the Caracal and especially the Vexor fit.  And take note of their corp name, "The Reavers."  If you're a Firefly fan (and who isn't) then this is hilarious.


Here's their corp description: 




Good stuff!


Note:  This was the first roam I have ever used the "Pirates Little Helper" Eve tool, and it was AWESOME.  This tool allowed me to immediately see that all of these guys were carebears with a single copy all to clipboard.  Being able to quickly ascertain that this was really a gang of carebears made the fight possible.  I highly recommend this tool to anyone flying solo or small gang in low sec.




This tool has been out for years and I've always been hesitant to try it for fear of malware and/or CCP's wrath.  But honestly, if it had issues, everyone would know about it by now.  The executable is intentionally not obfuscated so it can be decompiled, and CCP has not dubbed it an exploit because all it does is monitor your clipboard.  Nothing wrong with that.  No hooks into the UI etc.


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