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In Topic: Python Killboard: Request from the dev team

14 October 2012 - 03:16 AM

Is anything happening with this?

It seems to be pulling some kills but not all of them, i.e. missed everything from Ganked 40 and seems to only be taking a percentage of kills from the Forge area.

Not sure at this current moment but we need a Corporation API Key from both Red & Blue and even then we can only pull killmails that someone from Red or Blue got the final blows. If RvB didn't get the final blows then we cant pull the mails.

Another thing is due to CCP's fail logic you can use the same API Key for multiple services IE: decloaked.com / eve-kill.net / Battleclinic etc.. but the problem is killlogs are cached and can only be fetched once every hour. If the API key has been pulled via EVE-Kill then say when we go to pull mails we cant because the keys already been used for that hour.

Who ever put in their API Keys on decloaked.com needs to make sure there are ones for each site and any other site they use.

In Topic: Python Killboard: Request from the dev team

03 October 2012 - 10:53 AM

Can it look like the usual eve-kill boards and contain the same features?

Yes we can pull some of the same features from EDK which is the killboard software most corporations/alliances & of course EVE-Kill uses. Were not rushing the deployment of this killboard as we wanna make sure things are done right. Now as far as theme/styles go no that will NOT have the same layout/template as the EDK system. I'm currently getting in contact with some other developers who might be able to help us with some customizeable themes/styles but we'll see how that goes.

Were always welcoming feedback & suggestings so please feel free to shoot us ideas 'n stuff here or hop into our IRC Channel & yap at us. If you don't have a IRC Client your more then welcome to use.