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In Topic: What skill are you training?

26 May 2013 - 08:36 PM

I remember starting this thread back on the old forums. How far some of the people have come, in terms of their skill plan.  B)


Bon'so has finished prepping for the patch, and has completed all cruiser skills to three and frigate skills to four. Another character on the account is training at the moment, and has just finished triage skills. Perfecting drug skills with nanite control and neurotoxin recovery five now. Subcap alt #1 is training Astrometrics to five, to take advantage of coming probing changes, and to meet prerequisites for the jump portal generator module. Miz, my Red character and subcap alt #2, is currently training capital hybrid turret five to finish off perfect moros skills. Big ship alt #1 has finished perfect jump skills, and is now training cynosural field theory five to wrap everything up in a nice little package. That's all I have training at the moment.