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Wormhole gang setup

25 September 2014 - 06:35 PM

Hey guys, a few of my friends wanted to set up a small wormhole gang to start making isk. 


We are aiming for c3s to start with and then c4s


The skill levels of my friends are around 20 million while i sit at 35 million. We are looking for an effective type of setup to manage these, i know i could probably do these myself but its more abit of fun. 


So, ship setups armor battleships with RR x2 / 3 and 1 prober with a few other people in and out of the place. - would that be an effective set up? 


Or are shield ravens more effective with dedicated logi? 


I dont really know much about worm-holing but i want to start expanding my knowledge so advice would be awesome!



Roadtrip around America

11 September 2014 - 03:22 PM

Hey guys, 


I am planning a roadtrip around America next year and i could use your opinions on a few things. This is my main plan i have so far, if you have some opinions of stuff it would be great. 



Roadtrip around America

Departure date: 13th of July 2015 – depending on when I graduate

Return date: 11th of September 2015 (60 days)

Time spent on the West Coast:  19 / 20 days

Time spent on the East Coast: 28 days

Flight plan:

The initial plan was to start at Seattle and start our adventure from there, but in doing so we will essentially be flying over all of America, Therefore the idea is to have Chicago as a stopover for about 4 days to both reduce jet lag and to start our adventure easily.

West Coast:

Locations                           Days planned

Seattle                                       4

San Francisco                           4

Los Angeles                              4

San Diego                                 2

Las Vegas                                 5


Totaling 19 days for these main cities. As well as these we are intending the national parks, whatever ones are the most attractive, ideas are:


Location                            Days planned

Olympic National Park               1

Yosemite national park              1

The Grand Canyon                    1


Totaling 3 days of we go to all of these. As we will be renting a car, the best option for these is to buy a tent, explore the wilderness. These are some possible ideas but the section will be edited.

Upon arrival at Las Vegas, this is where we will drop the car off after renting it from Seattle (hertz and other companies allow this)

Flight Plan:

From here we will board a flight from Las Vegas to Miami.

With Miami being 3 hours ahead of Las Vegas, we may be abit jet lagged, if so can relax on the beach to allow rest bite.


East Coast:                      

Locations                           Days planned

Miami                                          5

Savannah                                   3

Atlanta                                        3

Charleston                                  -

Charlotte / Asheville                   3

Williamsburg                              2

Washington DC                          4

Philadelphia                               3

New York                                   5


Totaling 28 days. There aren’t as many national parks, but a few other things I think would be, sports coast essentially:


Locations                               Days planned

Lands’ end                                      1

The great Smokey mountains         1

Everglades National Park               1


I would love to be able to celebrate my birthday in NYC due to my 21st not being that special, this would be a reward to myself for completing university and for a belated 21st present to myself.

With my birthday being the 6th of September, this makes it all a possibility.

Again a car would be rented from Miami and be dropped off as soon as we get to NYC as a car is needed in the city.

After this, the return date would be about the 11th of September sometime. However I would like to pay my respects to the tower event so the days might get shifted along a little



Now onto costs…

For my calculations I took into account of everything in relation to 2014 prices, aka leaving on the 13th of July 2014. The following is a breakdown of costs per coast and per person.

West coast:

Initial flights to Seattle: +/- £400

Flights from Seattle to SF:  +/- £100

Car rental for 21 days: +/- £250 (between two)

Mileage: The most common car available is the Chevy Aveo with a MPG of about 35. The entire trip is intended to be about 1200 miles from SF onwards. With current petrol prices on the east coast ($4per gallon)  = £80 (between two)

Cost of living and accommodation (food and etc): Reliance on Airbnb and hostels – estimation of 135dollars per day (£100)

Cost of the east coast excluding flights to America = £3440

East coast:

In house flight from Las Vegas to NYC: +/- £100

Car rental for  20 days: +/- £600 (all in)

Mileage: Same calculation but for 1300 miles = $150 dollars (£90 between everyone)

Cost of living and accommodation: The same as the West, 100 dollars per day

Total excluding the flights again = £3200

Total cost

Total cost of flights including in house, car hire = +/- £ 1200, with petrol +/- £ 1350

living and everything (100x49)  = £ 4900

Over compensation on a few things but total cost will be about 6000 pound per person. This value will drop depending on people joining us on our adventure.

Addition of secondary factors (sim card compatibility, gifts and entry fees) this price might increase to around 6500.



This is of course open to amendment and will most likely change, but for now. This is our plan I wanted people’s ideas and opinions on this. As well as this some cities may be dropped, such as San Diego due to budget and time constraints

Of particular notice is the hurricane season as, at the time of writing, hurricane Arthur is approaching South Carolina.