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13 July 2015 - 07:19 PM

So my indu corp got wardecced by Public-Enemy Alliance. Anyone had any experience in dealing with them?


From their killboard they look like the normal trade-hub/route campers and not like someone who would try to take down a large pos with active defences. Guess they saw me autopiloting some freighters to Jita during the weekend and thought they would get some easy targets. 

Weekend Brawl - A Frigate Free For All.

20 June 2015 - 07:22 PM




Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen.

June 26th I will be hosting a small frigate FFA. 1.000 fitted frigates are sitting in two poses in Yria, just waiting to die in glorious flames.


Event Details:

Location: Yria

Date and Time: June 27th, Friday, 20:00 Evetime

Duration: 2 hours, unless we manage to destroy all the ships before that.



  1. Join the purple fleet.

  2. Dock up in a station in Yria.

  3. Read the fleet MOTD. It will mention the names of two of my alts functioning as warp-ins to the poses. Add the one for your corp to your watchlist.

  4. Undock in your pod and warp to the alt you just added to to your watchlist.

  5. When you come out of warp, you should be inside the pos forcefield close to four Ship Maintenace Arrays. Their name should give you a hint to what ship type is inside.

  6. Right click on the Ship Maintenace Array with the ship type you want and select ”Access Vessels”. A window with all the ships inside the array should open.

  7. Right click on one of the ships and select ”Board Ship”

  8. Go fight at the Kulelen gate.

  9. When your ship has gone down in wonderful flames go back to 4.



  • Do not bring your own ship. Fitted ships are provided for free.

  • Do not change how the ships are fitted.

  • People are free to engage other pilots at will. It's a free for all event, so Blue shooting Blue and Red shooting Red are OK.


Info about the fits:

  • The following hulls will be available: Atrons, Condors, Executioners and Slashers.

  • Each hull type have 5 different fits.

  • All fits have very low skill requirements. Everyone should be able to fly these babies, as long as they can fly the ship hull and able to use use the small short-range weapon system normally used on the hull.

  • All fits are brawl fits: Afterburnes for propmod and shortrange weapons. Kiting or sniping is not possible with these fits.



Hope to see you there for a couple of hours of fun.


Gunboat Mayhem, Mk I & II: two destroyer FFAs

15 November 2014 - 01:21 PM



Greetings fellow internet spaceship pilots. I'm going to run two Free For Alls events with destroyers (and some frigates for the Mk II version). All ships will be fitted and provided for free.



800 fitted destroyers (Catalysts, Coercers, Cormorants and Thrashers) will be available at two poses in Poinen. All are buffertanked and fitted with afterburners, scrams and shortrange guns.

The Mk II version will also feature a few hundred attack frigates.



The Mk. I version will start at 10:00 evetime on Friday November 28th.

The Mk II version will start at 21:00 evetime on Sunday November 30th.

Both events will end when we run out of ships.



The ships are provided at two poses in Poinen, one for Red and one for Blue. Main fight will be at Nomaa gate in Poinen.



  1. Be in Poinen.
  2. Join the purple fleet named Gunboat Mayhem. I will start it 15 mins before the event begins.
  3. Undock in your pod.
  4. In the MOTD, there will be a person functioning as a warp-in to the pos for your corp. Warp to him.
  5. You should land inside the pos forcefield, close to two Ship Maintenace Arrays named Mayhem I & II.
  6. Right click on one of the Ship Maintenace Arrays and select "Access Vessels". It should open a window with all the ships available in the Array.
  7. Right click on one of the ships and select "Board Ship".
  8. Go fight. When you die go back to 4.


Things to note:

  • This is a Free For All event. It means that you can (and are supposed to) also shoot members of your own corp.
  • All destroyers are fit with a buffer tank, afterburner, scram and shortrange guns. I tried to balance DPS to Tank ratio while also considering their speed and range of their guns. 
  • The Mk II version will also have a few hundred attack frigates available. The Condors and Executioners are fitted with a tracking disruptor. They are supposed to use their speed advantage to stay just outside range of the destroyer's guns but within scram range while slowly wearing the tank of the destroyers down.
  • The Atrons and the Slashers will have a web fitted. With autocannons and blasters fitted they will be able to out DPS the Executioners and The Condors by a fair margin. But if they come within the range of the destroyers they will melt away very fast. 
  • All fits have very low skill requirements, but for the frigates to work as intended you will need some decent skills.
  • If you are are very low SP player and find that you repeatedly gets ganked by higher SP players, you can use the "RvB NoobFleet" channel to setup your own small fight arena with other low sp players.
  • If you prefer 1v1s, use the "RvB Fight Club" channel to find likeminded players to fight.
  • Don't bring your own fits or change the fits. This includes changing the types of ammo provided. All ships have enough ammo for 10 mins of continuous fire. If you stay alive for more than this, you are doing it wrong.
  • You are allowed to dock up and rep modules and your ship.
  • You are allowed to warp out of a fight to stay alive. All ships has a scram fitted. Use it to prevent your target from warping out.
  • Implants: You don't need them. I've tried to balance the fits as much as possible. Running in Pirate sets or Genos would ruin the balance and make the event less fun for everyone else.


Hope to see you there!!!