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Gatess Hatess everyone

14 November 2018 - 09:55 AM

Ola nerds,


I've resubbed to this game for 15 or 16 days now, which probably means my addiction will stay strong for at least a year. Best introduce myself.


I'm 44 y/o dad from Portugal, that currently lives in Angola to make a dime, since Portugal's economy is completly f'ed up as usual.


I've been playing computer games since the ZX Spectrum first came out, and i've been pretty bad at every game I ever played since then, with the single exception of Warcraft III (the RTS game) in which I was pretty up there in the world ladder for a couple of months.


This means, of course, I'm pretty bad at Eve. I apologize in advance to all the FC's and corpmates that I will let down in the future.


In my gaming history, there's also Anarchy Online. Probably the best game ever made, and way more complex than Eve, but I don't expect you to believe me in that. Eve players never do.


It had some scale to it, and introduced me to metagaming, managing a org(corp) that managed to have about 500 people online at the same time, the game declined to a really low pop. and I left.


When I decided to come back to game, I tried to revive a dying corp, and I have the to say the "Anarchy Online is dying" period was probably the most interesting, despite almost always being on the losing end of pvp. That was greatly part to Waahash (currently RedFed) joining me in that adventure, being a true bro™ and generally a PvP God. I love him.


So yeah, I love meta gaming. But since I'm not managing Goonwaffe, it means I must provide my crappy pilot services to Red Fed. I feel sorry for you.


i'm also a big science-fiction nerd, and I have read hundreds and hundreds of books (my collection) of mostly cold-war period scifi books, which I inherited from my dad (he's still alive, just passed them to me cause he found I'm addicted to this stuff). My poor memory allows me to forget about most of them after a couple of years, so I won't buy another book in my life, since I can just keep re-reading them :)


Oh yeah, my memory is shit. Please forgive me if I ask you the same thing twice. I have been in IT for so many years now, that I've become used to having indexed databases to search stuff instead of memorizing it. In Eve Online, all of you will be my database, and corp channel is the input. Sorry.


I also like photography ( jpimenta1974 @insta ) and girls with big butts.


Like we use to say in IT:


I'm not an antisocial, I'm just not user friendly.







p.s. dedicated to all the blues that come to Otela (clicky)