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#166581 RvB Presents: Hard Liquor #2 - Cheap Cialis Pills

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 11 June 2018 - 05:18 PM

On here we go again folks!  After a great first run that certainly got us all hot for more, well here I am ready to rock out with my **** out !


Ready to get down to business, and lay out all the good stuff you've been waiting for!



Pervs, I mean the details for Hard Liquor #2:



When: Sat 16th June 19.30 UTC
Where: Ichoriya
What: Cruiser down*. Armour. Close range. > Logi > Tackle > Ewar
Comms: RvB Public Mumble
Address: public.rvbeve.com
Port: 43224
Pass: RvBLives
Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name
In game channel - RvB's Hard Liquor  / OOG - Discord
FC: Pimpin Purple Daddy, Mangala Solaris
*FC says "I'm talking about dicks, just bring Thorax hulls"

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#166224 The Great RvB Death Race

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 21 April 2018 - 03:53 PM

Solid idea. Certainly got my old mind thinking about fits, implants etc ;)

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#158841 Remember that time we got dropped by a bunch of titans?

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 21 March 2016 - 05:32 PM

Well, here's a bit of video with coms: https://youtu.be/vzsG7qB3DDY


Entirely unedited, just a portion snipped from the 2.5 hours I recorded on Saturday. If someone with more experience editing than me (as in any at all) wants that footage, I would be happy to provide it. I have no experience, so if anything comes from me besides this it likely won't be for some time.


You sir are a GOOD man.


This makes finishing my write up easier.

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#158830 RvB: Memento Mori II

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 20 March 2016 - 10:08 AM

Words will happen soon(ish). 

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#156597 RvB Ceases Formal Operations

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 05 November 2015 - 11:05 AM

For those who didn't see it around the way this was my formal statement on this news (written on the back of a tour bus following a Hoover Dam visit btw :D):

I am saddened that command support of RvB is ending, however i know this decision was not taken lightly by all those involved in the process.
Leading RvB was quite the herculean task when you consider its evolution over the past 6 years or so from a simple no bullshit fight club to one of the largest newbro friendly entities in the game. So again this decision will not have been easy one to make.
It could be that this dramatic solution to the issues mentioned by delucian is the shot in the arm that brings forward a rebirth for RvB, however having been part of RvB for many years and having seen eve change dramatically around us, i do believe that its time has passed as anything more than a niche activity for the casual few.
I know that i myself will be returning to eve to ensure pilots departing RvB find good homes and new opportunities to find fun in eve, as well as looking at my own options to do the same.



Now, fun thing is, thanks to the efforts of Lady and VTA, I havent had to do much helping folks find homes. Most people left since before my break are wishing to stay and join in the RvB 2.5 experience.  It's certainly a testament to the strength of this community. (I will admit, I really did not think this community would survive.)
As to where I say RvB wont ever be HUGE again and will become a niche, I will stand by that. Simply because you do not need to be HUGE, just need to offer instant, fun, drop in drop out pvp to those who seek that. Which is exactly what Lady, VTA and your new team are going to be offering to the wider EVE community.  Leave the newbro's to the organisations that really have shown they can handle them, and get them to stay in EVE. Just steal those bro's when they have learned the game and made some ISK for you to all blow up ;)

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#156512 RvB Meeting Minutes and Sound Cloud....

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 01 November 2015 - 03:05 PM


RvB your place for fast, fun pew.

This is the move you need to make, as I said in my mail to you and V.  Let the noobs fall where they may.  Glad that it looks like common consensus agrees.

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#156122 RvB Ceases Formal Operations

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 24 October 2015 - 10:05 PM

Well. Shocked but understand the reasons.

Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
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#155133 EVE Vegas October 23rd through 25th 2015

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 21 September 2015 - 07:58 AM

Flight booked: landing on the 23rd, leaving on the 25th: who else is going to be there?


Me. 20th thru 27th. 

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#151518 I won EVE guys.

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 02 June 2015 - 11:28 PM

8 years, 7 months. That's how long I have been playing EVE.  
During that time I started playing for the spaceships, then the pvp and eventually I simply played for the people, especially RvB and the NPSI communities I flew with and eventually lead over the past several years.
However, its time to hang up my hat and call it a day. 
Yes chaps, I won EVE.
For many of you this may be sudden and gods do I know it is.  Please understand that for me this decision was a very difficult one to make considering how involved in EVE I have been during my time playing this game. From being a simple FC in RvB, to leading one of EVE's larger, more notable communities right up to  trying (not very well) to represent you all as a delegate on CSMs 8 & 9. 
However, while I have enjoyed being an enabler for you all, getting you that pvp fix and getting into some amazing fights across the years, it is hard to reconcile continuing that role with not even logging in, let alone actually playing the game. It pains me to say this, but regardless of how much I love the community in EVE (easily the best game community I have been a part of), it is not enough to keep myself logging in, even as the game continues to evolve thanks to the concerted efforts of CCP and everyone last one of you.
To RvB.
I have been a member of RvB for many, many years. I was there for RvB 1.0 and the start of RvB 2.0 on alts, until that fateful day in July 2010 I realised that RvB would be a great place to while away some time on my main, Mangala. Soon after I started FCing, running events and generally being active and visible for years until you all elected me to the CSM on the back of that. Eventually I ceased to be a CSM, but along the way I had also stopped being the guy you elected, the active FC, the pvper, the nuisance with the Firetail obsession and become an administrator.
A pen pusher, a desk jockey.
Worse still, I took on the Red Fed CEO role hoping that I could do you all proud in a more direct way than ever, but I fucked that up. I delved deeper and deeper into the administrator role, never really grasping that you did not need that. Fun thing is, you never needed an administrator thanks in part to the work I had done (and many better people than me) to pretty much simplify the process of "log in, undock, explode some shit".
Leaving EVE, and therefore resigning as CEO is probably both the worst thing and the best thing I can do just as RvB starts a new chapter in its story within EVE, but you and all the pilots to come will be better served with more engaged people at the helm.
This is not necessarily the end of things I have had my fingers in while a member of RvB; The forums will run without me thanks to Miri's excellent work; the AT team will go on thanks to Khador and the influence of others trying to build a focused team; Events will still happen it'll just be someone else spamming your inbox's with mail; Most of all you will all keep on fighting one another with out me. Same as it as ever was.
I can say that it has been a pleasure and an honour flying with and against all of you. Even you on the un-dock.
To Ganked.
RvB Ganked was started way back in 2011 as a monthly NPSI roam, somehow I got involved with it and threw myself into making it something else. I never really planned to turn it into one of the best things EVE has to offer on a Saturday night, but there it is. Thousands of pilots have flown with us over the years, many from within RvB, many more from outside of RvB (including many PvP virgins).
We've had some amazing fights - Ganked 100, Ganked 150, the first time we used Eagles & Vultures, to name a few; We've enjoyed some great stupidity on comms and during our fights including the time I fleet warped us on a Titan, the numerous times Rooks 'n' Kings said hi and any time I broke my overview and we had to try and win a fight regardless. Looking back I still cannot figure out how Ganked survived for nearly 4 years.
Anyway, I really want Ganked to continue in EVE once I am no longer a participant of this game. I have spoken to some people and hopefully it will continue in some form or another. 
To the community.
I had played MMO's before finding EVE, I had interacted with the players of those games, but something about the EVE community is special and its really hard to pin down. It could be the insanity of GD, the viciousness when pvping, the altruism towards those newer than us or even our willingness to forget all in game allegiances when faced with the loss of a fellow pilot. Whatever it is, it really is humbling to be a part of.
Having meet so many different people at various EVE meets over the years, its the community that has made this decision so hard for me. I never thought I would say this, but thanks to EVE I have made some great friends.  While I am able to say I won at EVE, I will be sad to leave this community behind. Luckily there are still EVE meets, and even if I do not play, I still like a drink or two.  I'll keep a weather eye out and attend those I am able, especially this years EVE Vegas (Its Vegas ffs!).
To those wishing to keep in touch, I am on twitter and in the RvB Steam Group.
My stuff.
No you cannot have it.

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#150974 LOW SEC RUNS

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 25 May 2015 - 08:16 AM

Lowsec simply offers more variety in terms of targets, fleet styles we can face and so on.  This variety makes for better FCs, better pilots as we all learn to deal with particular tactics found there and not much used in high.  


Yes, often times much shinier stuff than used in daily RvB is killed, but such things are quite often flown by experienced pilots so the challenge of killing them with cheaper ships or a certain number of pilots is half the fun of doing it - we know that happens in RvB too, but not as often as it should do ;)



Also Hormone, I wouldnt worry about joining in a roam and having to go soon after, lowsec is easy enough to get around solo, especially if you have your own tacs or get people to share some (for when in a slow, heavy ship) and if you're in a frigate its even easier! (The fact that you can dock anywhere helps too).

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#149630 EVEmails to the CEO.

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 06 May 2015 - 08:06 AM

Not so much an EVEMail to me as CEO, but more me as a general duder:



unjust loss

From: snow fault
To: Mangala Solaris
would like reimbursment of my ship and equipment
as i am not a bot
'Please be assured that if I see you again displaying bot apirant behaviour, I will have to relieve you of your ship once more.'
'If you feel that your loss was unjust, please contact mangala solaris for reimbursement. I hope you have a nice day and fly more safely than you were when we met.'


So I looked at the character and he wasnt an RvB member, or a Ganked roam victim, or someone killed by RvBers in any capacity.  Turns out he was killed by CODE: https://zkillboard.com/kill/46439765/


My response:



My dearest Snow Fault

It looks to me that you have fallen victim to the defenders of highsec asteroid belts, otherwise known as CODE. You obviously did not follow their CODE at all.
Now as to reimbursement, I fear that you have been misled, I do not offer any sort of reimbursement to pilots who violate the rules set down by CODE, generally I tend to laugh at both sides instead. 
I hope that this episode does not screw your eve career up too much and that you will in future honour the CODE.
Fly safe.
NPSI Duder
Former CSM


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#149537 o/ It's been one hell of a time :D

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 03 May 2015 - 02:31 PM

Aaron, as always its a pleasure.  Expected a Dredditisrecruting link tbh ;)


See you on or against Ganked depending on where I and our FCs take the roams etc!

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#149316 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 29 April 2015 - 06:20 PM

Have to admit, I have read through the report you provided of the recent FFA weekend, and oh boy was it a great read. I look forward to more reports from Galgon!

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#149224 EVEmails to the CEO.

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 28 April 2015 - 08:29 PM

Bit of a silly topic, but since taking on the CEO mantle I get some great evemails from randoms out in the world, usually protesting at something an RvB member did to them.  


For instance this one:



Hi there,

Diplomatically speaking, I am inquiring into our mutual corp standings and the ROE that your corp is operating with. Specifically, I am wondering if this 
Kill: Casimir Kiljadien (Mobile Tractor Unit) is a sanctioned kill and you folks intend to continue hostilities against me and my corp, or if Ardonis Landaverde is operating independently and on his own volition.
Thank you for your time and consideration. 
Casimir Kiljadien



(My response:



Hi there!

In case you did not know, RvB is two Alliance at war with one another, that anyone can join at will. While we like our pilots to be killing one another, pilots who join are not under an obligation to do that all the time, so often they will wander off and kill anything or anyone else that takes their fancy. Which we welcome them doing if it keeps them happy.
In your case, I see you have encountered the typical RvB member off doing what they please to the rest of the server, as long as it doesn't screw with us ourselves.
As to whether this actually means we:
1) Knew who you were in the first place? Gods NO!
2) Directly informed our members that your corp was a valid target? Gods NO!
3) Will seek to discourage our members from commiting random acts of violence towards you? Gods NO!
At the end of the day, you were - as are so many others - just the guy in front of that pilots gunsights at the time.



I'll try to keep this thread going - i'll trawl the past 4 months mails and so on as well as post new mails going forward.  

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#148730 Frigatus - 0.00 UTC 25/4 - 11.00 UTC 27/4

Posted by Mangala Solaris on 16 April 2015 - 09:56 AM




Frigatus is a Frigate Hull theme, with an FFA component. Fleet & solo aspects come in to play.
0.00 UTC 25/4 - 11.00 UTC 27/4
Weekend Theme Rules
- Only Tech 1 (T1) Frigate Hulls are allowed. No Destroyers, Cruisers, BCs or BS hulls.
- Tech 1 (T1) Frigates means NO Tech 2 or Faction or Pirate Frigates.
- Tech 2/faction fittings are fine.
Unless an event is taking part at the same, then the rule is suspended for a short while.
- It is FFA in The Forge!
- FFA stands for FREE FOR ALL. All members are targets for everyone else. That means Blues can shoot Blues and Reds can shoot Reds. You cannot shoot members of the opposing corp if they are in your fleet. FIX YOUR OVERVIEWS!
- Pilots flying in The Forge, be they SOLO or In FLEET are covered by this theme. Flying Solo does not make you exempt. 
- Fleets have to be Purple, i.e. open to both corporations (To do this, the person who is holding open the advert must set the opposing corporation to good personal standing, and then select “based on standing – min standing = good”).
- Fleets can only contain a maximum of 10 pilots at any given time. To do this, the person who is holding open the advert must select “Application Requires Approval” in their fleet advert to control the number of pilots joining their fleet.
- Do not “Hide Details” on your advert. We want to see how many people are in the opposing fleets, to prevent accidental (or intentional) infractions. We know you’ll be in one of the four or five systems, flying frigates, with 10 or fewer people in your fleet. Hiding details on your advert doesn’t really prevent anyone from gathering intel on your fleet. It just makes it look like you are up to something nefarious.
- All other RvB Rules apply.
- All recorded Frigatus Weekend FC sessions on the weekend of 25th - 27th April will receive a bonus of 500LP as long as Frigatus is in the title and your fleet scored kills.
As it was mentioned earlier, this will be a FREE FOR ALL weekend, meaning members of your own corp, as well as the opposing corp will shoot you on sight. Unless you are fleeted with a pilot(s), they are fair game to you, and vice versa.
This weekend theme is a great opportunity for those of you testing out your Frigate solo skills, because everyone will be Frigates, and you’ll have to face, at most, only 10 other pilots. It is also a great weekend for newer players to step up and FC, and all you bitter vets to actually run a fleet again! You only have to manage a fleet of 10, and you’ll only be facing frigates with similar numbers.
Given we currently have the Free Frigate Summer ongoing, this Frigatus will be T1 frigates only.

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