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Ark Survival

09 July 2015 - 03:41 AM

Hay peeps not sure of any of ye are playing this game but I just cant get off it!

Started up my own dedi server/Site with the lads just for this!


Have a sneaky look if your into Ark!






We fresh out the box, Will bring in all our lads this weekend.


Copy paste from reddit:


Sick of official servers that are just full of Behemoth gates on caves and a grief while offline attitude? Well we just started a new Dedicated server running only one Ark Server. We were sick of hopping from server to server looking for a good community so we decided to start our own. If your looking for a well balanced solid enjoyable server then come join us.

We have a serious dedi setup so slots are currently 100 but we can change for whatever depending on popularity.

We are running with the current mods:

  • Day time twice as long

  • 55% Slower food drain

  • 40% Slower water usage

  • 66% Slower dino Food usage

  • 25% Faster taming

  • 25% More hitpoints on structures

  • 20% more stamina / 20% faster regen

  • 25% Increase in Health recovery / Dino recovery

  • 50% more harvest amount

  • Double Resource respawn time

  • 2 hr backups

  • Daily updates

We have gone for more of a balanced set-up. NOT ONE ADMIN HAS ADMIN CONTROL! (We despise hax)


  • Griefing/Killing players and their dinos while they are offline is considered unsporting and will bring you to the attention of all players/Tribes. We will not to have the Raid base/kill dinos while ppl are offline mentality which is rampant in 99% of servers.

  • No blocking off cave entrances in any way or any part of a cave. You may have a 1x2 building in a cave (i.e 2 foundations, So as to allow a bed/Smithy ect) If anything is found In a cave that is Obstructing people from doing the cave the items will be destroyed.

  • No blocking/building in Obelisks.

  • We have You-tubers/Streamers in game most of the time so if you are caught griefing/stream-sniping you will be banned

** GO TO our new site Arkillaz.enjin.com for more info or to contact us with any questions/comments**

We play mostly UK eve and US eve time (We hardcore grinders, We here to stay)

Server IP: TS:

Grind harder