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#45749 [WE R THREE] Gank that Battleship! Bantam Brawl

Posted by Mandelbrot Fracture on 24 September 2012 - 06:11 PM

lol that was you! ah man! ah prize for you too!! 100 bantams with 5% structure!
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#43223 Directors and Team Leaders

Posted by Mandelbrot Fracture on 08 September 2012 - 04:58 PM

I don't see a Thread here commending the Directors and team leaders and all RvB main staff.
Who work hard in bringing us the never ending pew pew fun.
Without these people RvB would not be what it is today!
A cheers to all! and I will be bumping this thread till I can bump no more or until it becomes a Sticky!

Here is a link to all those who I believe should have our undying gratitude

http://rvbeve.com/fo...rvb-leadership/ take into account updating
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#42214 Bantam Brawl/Bantam Bingo (Ships Supplied)

Posted by Mandelbrot Fracture on 31 August 2012 - 08:05 PM

holy sh** awesome its gonna be prize for whoever's name begins with mand and ends in ture. sweet!!
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#40898 RvB Merchandise

Posted by Mandelbrot Fracture on 24 August 2012 - 12:16 AM

Mating season! absolute epicness!!!
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#40041 Bantam Brawl/Bantam Bingo (Ships Supplied)

Posted by Mandelbrot Fracture on 18 August 2012 - 05:49 PM

Update: around 350 bantams made it to the brawl! due to orca pilot who got dates mixed up who held 600 ships + all lol fits! sorry guys, plenty time ahead ;-p
Gonna do this every couple of weeks, just a matter of making time between work to build/fit ships.
Tnx to all, and Zakhs who made this happen by shipping out all ships i had left.

Ok so its been a long time due, A ridiculous amount of free pew pew. 1000 bantams!!

So i will fund/fit all ships all you need to do is join in.

What's this Bantam Bingo you talk of?
Well im glad you ask, to throw a wee spanner in the works and for more brawl lol's there are going to be a few Surprise Bantams.
They will have such fittings as: ASB's, civilian lasers, Warrior II's, nano fit, hull tanked, rigs, Officer fit items, maby your lucky and have uber tank maby such tank has a catch ;-)

Little update: We may be giving the bantam with an officer module to a trusted member of the party as to eliminate the risk of it getting stolen which would be a terrible waste. Maby mink will be so kind as to tell you who is flying it too so as all you whores out there can go home with smiles on your faces. there are still 50-100 random lol fits out there an example of one may be nano low with hull reps, living on the edge!

What you need

To be able to fly with following fitting (seriously if you cant fly this please do everyone the courtesy and self destruct you pod)
As for the bingo, ah well you'll have to wait and see

Damage Control I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I

1MN Afterburner I
'langour' drive distruptor

75mm Gatling Rail I,
75mm Gatling Rail I,

Drones: Warrior I

Iron Charge S 400
Antimatter Charge S 400

Guns will need loading once you board ship, Once loaded there will still be 400 in cargo hold, if you seriously last long enough and need more, Loot!

How will this work (tnx to pat for I stole this part from his page due to lazyness)

All ships are fitted and have ammo in cargo hold. They will be deployed in space at a random safespot (we shall call it "spotA"). The battle will take place at another safespot nearby (henceforth called "spot B"). You come in a pod, warp to spot A, pick up a random ship, warp to spot B and fight there. If you die warp back to spot A, pick up another ship and repeat the process. The fireworks shall keep on going until all but one hull is destroyed. (This will take a long time!).
You will be shown where spot A and B are before we start, Please bookmark these locations, as for spot B you can add FC to watchlist and warp to him.

When? Where?

Saisio Sat 1st Sep 2100 eve time

Arena size?

FC (Sir Mink) will decide on this, will be small! very small!


I will contract all prizes today once I get to work, yes I play EVE at work, perks of being a manager and having minions to do your work for you, thanks to all again for participating

Last man standing:
1 Cruor, Daredevil, Dramiel, Succubus and Worm. Value: 300 mil, donated by Zakhs

Winner: UclanChar

Last to die:
10 Faction frigs. Value 100-200 mill, donated by Combat Mink.

Winner: Cosmo Blink

Killer of the ofiicer fit Bantam:(Final Blow)
Stabber Fleet Issue. Value: 55 mill, donated by Manga.

Winner: Fireflasher

Biggest Mail Whore:
Vexor Navy Issue. Value: 85 mill, donated by Zakhs.

Winner: UclanChar

First man down:
25 mill, a six pack of Quafe Ultra, Spirits and a Exotic Dancer :). donated by Zakhs.

Winner: Cosmo Blink or Kitty Baugh (Can some1 post who died first as the KB shows both dying at the same time and cant really remember much of last night)

Pilot who loses most Bantams:
25 Executioner, Punisher, Condor, Merlin, Atron, Incursus, Rifter and Slasher, total 200 frigs. Value: 75 mill, donated by Zakhs.

Winner: Nyu Trustan

Thank you to all those who have helped me out sort out my first event, event directors, mink, mang, cameron, and most of all to orca pilot Zakhs who went above and beyond on this one!!!(100 mill donated to Orca pilot from Mink)

Any Questions or Comments ask below
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