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#162931 Command Bursts

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 04 November 2016 - 10:31 PM

Security cameras on both HQs ?? Mwha haha I totally own them !!! The truth is what I make it to be !!!

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#160405 Is anyone talking about brexit???

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 25 June 2016 - 11:18 AM

<3 @ nitro
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#156884 RvB Roadshow #1

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 24 November 2015 - 06:19 PM

Detonation Boulevard , that was the best event ever imho...

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#156813 New Gaming rig...

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 20 November 2015 - 10:49 PM

Doing another build, this one for a customer...

the specs

CPU: Intel I7 5820
MB: Asus Rampage V Extreme
Case: Corsair Obsidian 900D
Mem: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32Gb, DDR4 2666
GPU: 2x EVGA Geforce Titan X 12G
PSU: Corsair Ax 1500 i
SSD: 2x Samsung 850 Pro 1Tb









Finally got to leaktesting the rig today :) It's a DAMN SHAME the customer wanted it all black, even the white led in the res will have to go once we deliver it... This is one that really NEEDS to be displayed :)


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#156297 RvB Ceases Formal Operations

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 26 October 2015 - 09:41 PM

+ infinity on that !!! And as a thank you for all who will still keep contributing to this great community, and IF ppl step up, keep the good fights going w/o SRP , LP etc... I'll throw you a bone and will host a dessie FFA at a yet undecided location with 3k free ships (bowhead pilots appreciated)... Date is before xmas but as stated please show me that the spirit of RvB still lives within the community, not just the few who go above and beyond

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#155056 RvB Recruitment Media

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 18 September 2015 - 09:21 PM









Lasse R Farnsworth's excellent pictures



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#153727 RvB Madhouse a resounding success IMO

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 03 August 2015 - 03:27 PM


by the second day contracts were on back order.



That's not entirely accurate.. By monday corp contracts had the following cruisers left:




Cruisers - T1 Fitted
Caracal   0  
Maller      9  
Moa      11  
Rupture   3  
Vexor      1   


Cruisers - T2 Fitted
T2 Arbitrator     3 
T2 Armor Rupture  6 
T2 Arty Rupture  5 
T2 Augoror     4 
T2 Bellicose    5 
T2 Caracal    0 
T2 Celestis    2 
T2 Exequror    2 
T2 Maller    0 
T2 Moa     3
T2 Omen    8 
T2 Osprey    4 
T2 Rail Thorax    0 
T2 Scythe    5 
T2 Stabber    6 
T2 Vexor    6  



Cruisers - T1 Fitted
Caracal    7 
Maller    7 
Moa    9 
Rupture   3 
Vexor    0

Cruisers - T2 Fitted

T2 Arbitrator    3 
T2 Armor Rupture  5 
T2 Arty Rupture  6 
T2 Augoror     5 
T2 Bellicose     1 
T2 Caracal    5 
T2 Celestis    4 
T2 Exequror    5 
T2 Maller    6 
T2 Moa     1 
T2 Omen    8 
T2 Osprey    5 
T2 Rail Thorax    8 
T2 Scythe    5 
T2 Stabber    5 
T2 Vexor    2



If something is not in stock, please check again a bit later as I restock during weekend themes, also a record number of backorders were fulfilled during this event...

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#153030 Good fights!

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 10 July 2015 - 09:42 PM


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#151643 I won EVE guys.

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 04 June 2015 - 07:15 PM

I'm still at a loss to find the words.. But till then.. Have fun with whatever you intend to do and you will be missed m8...

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#149299 RvB SSO

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 29 April 2015 - 02:21 PM

There is a "member" page built in to the sso. I just updated that, and now it shows your total lp, your kill & loss counts, your 5 most expensive kills & losses, your 5 most recent kills & losses and medals you have been awarded on a single page.

You can access this page directly by going to https://rvbeve.com/RvBSSO/or via the medals site when logged in by clicking your character name in the top menu...



and also if you get the database driver error on the forums, logging out via the SSO site will clear the relevant cookies for you making the problem go away. I also improved the way forums and sso talk together so switching account should be less error prone now.

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#149114 RvB Medals & Decorations (April 2015 Edition)

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 25 April 2015 - 04:43 PM

Apologies all, was my derp. I updated SSO code and forgot to update 1 file in the medals site. Should work now :)

And thank you both for pointing out the bug...

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#148809 RvB Medals & Decorations (April 2015 Edition)

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 17 April 2015 - 05:14 PM

Medals site has been updated and you can now request medals from the site. You need to be logged in via SSO for the following.

Click Request Medal from the top menu, this takes you to the medal selection page. You can filter the medals by category using the top menubar clicking on filter and selecting the category you wish, then click Request this medal button on the right next to the medal you wish to request. You can only request medals from your own corp. You can also request a medal directly from medal details page by clicking the request medal button. If you don't see that button it means that medal is for the other corp.

Once you've selected the medal you with to request, fill in the details why you should be awarded that particular medal. Medal officers can see your kill and loss counts after you have submitted your request but you can add the link to your killboard if you so wish. NOTE !! If you already have been awarded the medal you are requesting (easy to check under My Medals), be sure to click on the click box I Already have this medal and wish to request another. Otherwise you will be greeted by an error stating you already have that medal. Also you can not submit more that 1 request per medal or you'll be greeted by another  rror. You have to wait for the medal to be approved until requesting more of the same medal. Different medals are fine to request.

Under My Medals on the bottom you will see your submitted request. Once that disappears, you'll find your new medal above in your medals list. If it doesn't appear your request has been denied.

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#148527 Hello (Galgon Triumverate)

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 10 April 2015 - 09:34 PM

Let bygones be bygones and all that :)
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#147917 RvB SSO

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 31 March 2015 - 10:15 PM

What is RvB SSO ?


TLDR, For EVE Online, the SSO means that you can sign into a web site that has
integrated the EVE SSO and confirm you are a specific character. While signing into a site you will be asked which character you wish to authenticate with and the web site that let you sign in with the EVE SSO will get confirmation from CCP that you own that character. The original web site will only ever get your character, they never see your account name or password. The original web site will not know what
account that character is on or have any way, from us at least, of linking that character to any other character on the same account.




Some of you might have noticed the LOG IN with EVE Online icon on our forums...
Clicking the button will take you to CCPs authentication servers, the same ones you sign in to when loggin in to your eve client, or the eve forums. Those servers then send back to us (RvB) you characterID & a token we can then use to make sure you are who you claim to be.

For now, that is only used to authenticate you to the RvB forums, or lacking a forum account one will be created for you with all the proper access rights for RvB members and guests alike. All you need to do is provide a proper email address.

While this is only used for the forums at this time, the SSO "system" will be extended to other RvB services including our mumble server. This means if you don't use the SSO you will not get on comms. The SSO provides RvB with a way for us to enable YOU to access all our services with just one log on, hence the name SSO..


Forgot you forum password ?? No worries, Sing in through SSO and access you control panel and change it.


New to RvB, No Admins online to accept you forums app... No Worries, Sign In through SSO and you'll be granted instant access with proper rights.


The SSO "System" will also poll the members removing member rights from those who have left rvb. Or if you have been a guest on our forums and decided to join... Just wait a bit and you will have member access after you used the SSO atleast once.


When you use the SSO, be aware that the sign out button on the forums will not work. For most users this won't be a problem but for some of you who might use multiple alts, you need to close you broser, open it again and then hit sign out... This is the way the forums work at this time.. For other services (which are under development right now) , the sign out will be instant but be aware it will log you out of ALL of RvBs services

On the rare occation you get a Database driver error, and this usually happens if you manually tweak your browser cookies, firefox is notoriously bad for this, just clear all cookies from rvbeve.com, close the browser and you're back in business...

Any questions or bug reports, please eve mail them to Miri Boirelle..

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#147203 RvB Fitted Ships Program v2

Posted by Miri Boirelle on 20 March 2015 - 07:21 PM

Fitted Ships Program contracts now available via http://prefit.rvb-services.com/, Huge thanks to code wizard Peter Sibiro for going above and beyond in making the website.


3 Years ago Cameron Zero had a vision, to provide fitted frigates at bottom station in Josameto for faster reshipping during RvB fights and help provide RvB with some extra ISK. So was born the Fitted Frigates Program, original thread can be found here: http://rvbeve.com/fo...-ships-program/


I joined the program early in my RvB career as an eager newbie to help make explosions happen by fitting ships for the program. Then in December 2012 I took over running the then FFP for Blue to help Cameron out. In september 2013 I took over running the whole program due to Cameron being very busy in real life.


How this program grown...
This program started with 10 frigates and 1 destroyer, then we saw the addition of t1 fit cruisers, from there 2 more t1 fit destroyers were added and then came the t2 fitted ships from t2 fit frigates to t2 fit Battlecruisers, custom fitting service and it also has had it's name changed to Fitted Ships Program.


This program has always been funded by the person(s) running the program, no ISK has ever been asked or to my knowledge recieved from RvB, only given to RvB.
Back in the day contracts used to be priced on the high side since 2/3rds of the profits would go to help fund RvB. At the time RvB was relatively poor organization depending on donations from generous individuals to help fund things. Then a year ago I was asked to drop the prices and leave out RvBs "cut" since the poco empire was bringing in more and more isk and the profits FSP produced were small in comparison. I did drop the prices but still kept using the profits to fund prizes for events, to buy or manufacture mods, ships and ammo for wars and various other things as running this program has never been about personal profit to us involved with it, but to get more explosions and help fund the fun for all of us. For personal ISK I have 8 indy alts who provide me with ISK quite a number of times the profits FSP makes..


While I am the public face for the program, it wouldn't be where it is today without my manufacturers,ship builders, all the donators and ofc the people at Under Powered Shrubberies who have been doing most of my hauling for quite some time. A huge thank you to you all.


I still do accept donations of ships, rigs, ammo and mods. If you wish to donate ISK, please send that directly to Red Federation or Blue Republic master wallet.


This week sees the latest changes to the program. Firstly, all fits will have 10% markup over Jita prices at the time the contract was made, except BCs which will be at 7.5%. Custom orders will be at 10% markup with delivery within The Forge.


The biggest flaw in eve for this program has, atleast to me, been the clumsy contracts system, sure it's fine for a ship or two but for running a program with 11 t1 frig fits, 3 t1 dessie fits, 5 t1 cruiser fits, 9 t2 frig fits, 5 t2 dessie fits, 16 t2 cruiser fits and 5 t2 bc fits it just is very clumsy and difficult to use.


Thanks to brilliant tech wizrdy by Peter Sibiro you can now log in to http://prefit.rvb-services.com/and see all the ships and fits there. If you use the ingame browser you get linked directly to the contracts !!

Peter has gone above and beyond all to make this wonderful site happen which must have taken countless hours in making.


So thank you Peter, you're my hero :) and thank you to all the wonderfull people who are involved in the FSP, and ofcourse thank you to all the people who use or have ever used Fitted Ships Program...



Miri Boirelle
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116 000 ships fitted for RvB

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