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In Topic: Monthly SRP: July 2019

11 July 2019 - 08:01 PM

What's wrong with the forum login ?

SSO or standard login ?

Can't fix if I don't know whats broken :)

In Topic: Rules Change coming!

19 November 2018 - 11:10 PM

While I totally approve the initiative, I still think there is a flaw in the premise.
I go to low in pirates to get the advantage... RvB space I’m in my learning/geno clone.
IMHO the only way to resolve the problem is to ban ”insert the offending implants here” cause anyone using them WILL get em out in high/low with very little marging of error. Anyone that can afford em is 99% time skilled enough to get away with them. The 1% time they get podded they go ”duh, memo to 1 self, drink less, Jita time”.
OFC banning will result in another unreasonable workload for command...
If it was easy...

This post is in no way meant to offend the for/against people , least of all command who gets a shit stick handed to them with a note : deal with it...
If it were easy we’d already have fixed it.
I’ve always been against bans of any kind as it add too many rules but this has been going on for wayyy too long and it does directly affect how RvB works,evolves, lives..
Why did we get a sudden Miri appear ? And with a comment ffs.
IRL I get to deal with about 150 team that work for me, with the layoffs and problems, on top of that I got 4 kids (2 teens, 2 younger) Ask yourself how much drama/complaints/shit would you put up with in a game you’re supposed to play for fun after that...
The command team goes above and beyond so that you could enjoy the game so instead of shining them off with a nice FU, how bout trying team play for once ? If the rules change to no pirates, how bout trying that.. The few loudest for implants say they use it for balance... Seriously... yeah for your own balance....
Nuff said, cheerios
(Not gonna add the MFS) ;)

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