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#147751 Tell me about your first FCing experience

Posted by Michelle Devereux on 28 March 2015 - 09:58 AM

1. What made you step up and try?

2. What did it feel like?


Ah, my very first time of "FCing" happened when still in EvEUni we got wardecced by some griefers (= some 10 men corp max) and I had the glorious idea to steal a march (is that the phrase?) on them by getting a fleet all around their home system before the dec got live in the hopes they would log on, form a fleet and jump right into one of the three gatecamps surrounding the system. Yeah, totally worked. In theory!

In reality, what happened was that I was not the only one that had this idea, however the other FC "let me do it" sort of, so I suddenly had a 100 man fleet at hand which was WAY too much for me to handle and the other FC was a really helpful soul that ... well, helped me, effectively turning causing my fleet into being a fully backseat-FCed one.


Also, the WTs did not get the memo and never logged in so we decided to do a Lo-Sec roam... after getting a promising report of a gatecamp so I (we) made the 7 something jumps. With a 100 man fleet. Including battlecruisers. After stopping at a gate to wait for someone that dced to relog. The camp was of course long gone by the time we arrived though we actually caught someone else a few systems further in. Actually, my backseat FC, who was by this time basically running the fleet anyway, caught him. That stressed me out even more so my mistakes kept piling up and got progressively more stupid.

So, in short, I made basically any thinkable - and unthinkable - mistake possible. At that point I just wanted the whole thing just to end.


Edit: You should know that fleetforming in EvEUni is/was terribly formalized: First you have to announce in Alliance chat that you form a fleet, then call out for Scouts, tell them where to.... scout, then call for "Leadership", that is Wing- and Squadcommanders, invite them, call out for DPS, have your SCs to invite them, then ECM, finally Tackle (no such thing as free joining or free moving, spies!!!). Recheck with your SCs that everyone of their Squad is in the respective squadchats.

Finally you have to basically give a speech explaining some basics (update your clone, insure your ship, take ammo, who to put on the watchlist, basic fleet commands etc.). All this takes at least half an hour and often considerably longer if you have special "role"-squads.



3. What made you initially reluctant to give it a go?


The problem wasn´t so much inital reluctance, I did want to try it (at the right opportunity), rather the complete train-wreck that "my" fleet became...



4. What advice can you give to someone reluctant to make the first step and give it a go?


Don´t take advice from me how to run a fleet, I suck terribly at EvE!  :P

If you don´t listen to me, start small, 10 people max. Personally I had a somewhat better success with such smallish fleets much later when I joined RvB (though I fucked up here as well).

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#119026 Oculus Rift

Posted by Michelle Devereux on 27 March 2014 - 10:49 AM



And this:


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#118364 The RvB Jabber Experiment

Posted by Michelle Devereux on 21 March 2014 - 02:14 PM

Fact 1) Goonswarm uses Jabber.

Fact 2) RvB introduces Jabber.

Conclusion: Definite proof that RvB is a Goonswarm pet!


Read more about these shocking relevation in Gevlon Goblins´ blog and E-Online forum post soon (not for the faint of heart!!!).

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#113309 Incumbent runs for CSM9

Posted by Michelle Devereux on 02 February 2014 - 01:25 PM

Is there sand in the desert? Water in the ocean?


Of course he does (run for CSM 9)! That´s a given!

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#113117 So You Want to FC a Fleet in RvB?

Posted by Michelle Devereux on 01 February 2014 - 12:38 PM

I'll share a tip I use. Have one overview tab that shows only the enemy fleet, and another which shows only your fleet. It's very easy to flick between the 2 tabs, to assess how the fight is going. You can also use it to assess numbers before the fight.


It's a bit more problematic if you have mixed red and blue fleets, due to the fact that the overview filters suck ass. In that case I have a tab that shows non-fleet members for fighting, and another that shows all pilots on grid for assessing my fleet. Make sure purple is set as the highest priority background colour on the overview settings.


Some of my overview settings are here: http://imgur.com/a/Tv74L#0



If in a small fleet (10 or below) you can also put everyone on your watchlist (the more there are the more impractical this is getting).


Not only no need to switch overview tabs but it will also tell you if everyone is on grid, what the general state of the your fleetmembers is (showing their ships shield, armor and hull) and who is currently being shot.

It works regardless of corp affiliation.


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#74323 [Phase 1] Pre-Election Voting is now OPEN!

Posted by Michelle Devereux on 26 March 2013 - 03:05 PM

Worked for me after four or five tries. Before it would say i am not logged in (despite me obviously being logged in) so keep trying. :)

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#61832 Mangala Solaris for CSM 2013

Posted by Michelle Devereux on 08 January 2013 - 02:03 PM

Did I get your attention? :)

Now there is something Eve is lacking. It is something only YOU can correct. It is....

a CSM member!!!

With the next elections looming over the horizon already (well, in two or so months, IIRC) I have been giving a tought about past representatives and - more importantly - why I did not vote for anyone so far.

Franky, I feel that not a single one would actually "represent" me; it is either some Null-Sec alliance candidate or another who has the backing of his Null-Sec Alliance or he has not really any realistic chance to get elected.
Take a look at the current board: http://community.eve...blog&nbid=28529
I see LOTS of Null-Sec members and only two Hi-Sec representatives, with one of them a Roid-Hugger.... clearly, Hi-Sec is more than that.

This is why I believe an RvB member is NEEDED to stand up now. Hi-Sec is often accused of being Carebear-Land fit only for AFK Miners and Mission-Runners with all the PvP going on in Low- and Null-Sec which simply is not true. Now is the time to prove them otherwise.

How to get elected:
RvB on a whole has about 6000 members, has an Eve-wide notoriety AND has a very good reputation; it would probably pose NO DIFFICULTY whatever to get the required 1500 votes for a seat.

Whom to elect:
Who cares? Make a Management FFA with the winner the candidate. Or throw a coin.
Just as long as we get someone to vote for. B)

Well, that´s my 2 cents, discuss/flame on! :P

Edit: Title changed since general opinion is pretty clear about who should actually be the lucky one....
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#15273 Save Jita...Or something like that. April 28th, 16:00.

Posted by Michelle Devereux on 24 April 2012 - 01:41 PM

3) Is the nearest med station here in Poinen? (just trying to see if something closer to Jita to stage my ships for the inventible podding ;) ).


as I had an Alt in Jita for some time who flew around there a bit (collecting free Corpses, a passion of mine, don´t ask), I can say that the "classical" Jita 4/4 (Caldari Navy) has no Med Station (and if it had using it probably wouldn´t be wise anyway).

However, there is another Jita 4/4 station (Caldari Business Tribunal) which has a Med Bay. It is little used (basically never saw someone at the undock).... aaaand this station is only 1000km away (no kidding!), spitting distance, almost.

Additionally it has a different approach vector to the CN 4/4 station. When undocking at 4/4 and looking away it is at about 10 o´ clock (the Perimeter approach is at about 5 o´ clock in my example... almost on the opposide)... somewhat away from the undock but not that far.

So, this might be a good place to base out of.
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