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In Topic: Rules Change coming!

10 November 2018 - 11:07 PM



In Topic: Rules Change coming!

09 November 2018 - 03:33 PM

We had been sharing our ideas about poding rule and reflections on RvB.


What is good for RvB,

NOT  what is  good for you! Me! Him!..


Nik is here as a fair leader  .. Kethen is extremely intelligent and solid theorycrafter as well as may be the best skirmisher in this game  those people who really caring RvB sharing their ideas .. all people writing here long enough in RvB and aware about our conditions


What you want in your name is your wants and seems very clean we understood Cela. We all know you are a value in RvB and  Kethen told me off last time when I argueed with you in those 1. Forum Implant Fights. Also was interesting how you approaching to a person those posts ,  actually  he is someone  trying to push me to behave towards you more respectfull.


 I need to hear from you or others  who agree with you to tell  that why you think that this is for RvB’s good?

How this one will serve to RvB in RvBs current reality conditions ?


Our Focuse point I think should be RvB … Currently our numbers very positive very optimist max 17 -18 in RvB community channel in active hours included alts and some people never show up in RvB space

It is so rare even we reach numbers 5v5 in RvB space currently..  how possibly  this rule will serve to us ?

OR ruin us …


In Topic: Rules Change coming!

03 November 2018 - 11:22 PM

I have been one of those 2 person voted as NEYY!  for pod rule in first place. And I think we all know the reasons.


Fact is in long term this will bring RvB more troubles and bad moods than enhancing our game play. We are still low in numbers but we are on the way .. Its getting better . Both strategically and politically its not such a good time to make that kind of radical changings in RvB. I know this subject came to table in the past and I remember all arguments around it .  And simply we don’t need this shit atm seriously..

And about checking people about if they HG s or not…Cmoon!  That is an insult weather for our intelligence or our community … Intelligence sense : We are capable mostly to understand who has HG implants who has not while we fighting in space.. Secondly.. community sense : we are friends and we enjoy to fight together have fun together and if we cant trust each other .. so what????


So just please put that thing down slowly and Let’s not. And stick that story ….