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#167435 Emerging from hibernation

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 13 February 2019 - 06:18 PM

welcome back, 


RFF is fine and so is the incursus. After a long hibernation you need to look at Asklepian implants, they improve armor rep like crystals do for shield, so out of spite i havent flown any incrusi since lol.


There are rules changes, you can be podded, you can use ECM if the FC says so, and pirate implants are banned. A couple of these just went into effect so am updating rules thread in info section.

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#167230 Rules Change coming!

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 11 November 2018 - 04:12 PM

Chaz Aa, everyone knows that Cela.....

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#167008 WTS Skill Injectors- In WH or Jita

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 09 August 2018 - 03:04 AM


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#167006 Looking to return - Red or Blue? Convince me!

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 08 August 2018 - 09:09 PM

come and go as you please M8 :D


then you dont feel bad if you come or if you dont! <3

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#166995 RvB Alliance Tournament Award Nominations

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 05 August 2018 - 03:19 PM

I will post several later, but if you have someone to nominate for the team for any award, please list it below

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#166911 Hard Liquor #5: Seven Years A ...

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 19 July 2018 - 05:14 PM


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#166717 RvB Presents: Hard Liquor #3 - Faster Pussycat KILL KILL

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 28 June 2018 - 12:30 AM

Typical goodies:

Fancy 5mn MWDs, inty hulls, and tackle mods

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#166518 RvB Presents: Hard Liquor #1 - Ass F*****

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 29 May 2018 - 05:06 PM



Discount Prefits, 50% off Cost While Supplies Last


Blaster + MWD Enyo x 4

Rocket + AB Vengenace x 2

Rocket MWDVengeance x 2

Beam Retribution x3

MJFG+MWD Blaster Magus x 2 (with 1 Armor Link)

AB Deacon x 2

MWD + ReSebo Thalia x 2


Free Prefits (While Supplies Last)

Maulus & Griffin, T1 Long Range EWAR x3 Each

Punsiher, Rifter, Atron: Meta or T1 guns and Plates, x 6 of Each

Meta AB Inquisitor Logi x4 




Multiple can be awarded to one person, all is up to FC discretion.



1. Daredevil 

2. Daredevil

3. Coreli A-Type 5MN MWD

4. Coreli A-Type 5MN MWD


DPS (Final Blow or Top DPS)

5. Enyo

6. Retribution

7. Vengeance

8. Ishkur

9. Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System

10, Imperial Navy Heat Sink

11. Imperial Navy Heat Sink

12. Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer

13. Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer



14. Magus

15. Corelum C-Type 10 MN Afterburner

16. Republic Fleet MSE

17. Republic Fleet MSE

18. Kitsune

19. Deacon

20. Coreli A-Type Small Remote Armor Repairer x4


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#166495 RvB Presents: Hard Liquor #1 - Ass F*****

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 25 May 2018 - 07:13 PM

Copy Pasta on prizes:


Hero Tackle/Scout:

2x Daredevils and 1 DS 5mn Prop Mod, up to 3 people or all of it to one person


Top Boom Boom: Final Blows and DPS:

4x Faction Magstab, 2x Faction Heat Sink, 2 Enyos, 1 Retribution, same deal, up to 3 ppl, each gets one ship and 2x mod


The "Got your Back" Award: Top Support ships, Ewar, Links, Logi, 

Small A-Type Remote Reppers+ Deacon, x2

Faction Shield or Prop + Kitsune, x1

DS 10mn AB +Magus x1


Each of the above, 


and once fleet is formed, ill give T2 frig prefits out for about 50% cost, T1 frig hulls free

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#166427 Information for Recruits: Advert, FAQ & RvB Daily Life

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 09 May 2018 - 02:23 PM

What RvB IS and IS NOT


What RvB IS:

War rages between two corporations Red Federation and Blue Republic - we become one alliance RvB to fight external wars or roam together.
We are a PVP corp – plain and simple, we live to kill.
We aim for Fun per Hour. We also die in the attempt to kill, and don't mind this as a learning experience, and the risk is a part of the fun. This means do things differently than most, and don't care about killboards as much, this makes our Fcs and members more casual and relaxed than the "super-serious" PvP FCs or players in many alliances. 
We welcome all players, including those new to Eve and/or new to PvP.
We are a community, we succeed or fail together - the best way enjoy your time with us is to find a way to contribute.
We are Volunteers;  like a liberation army, you bring your own rifle, supply your own food and generally mend your own broken stuff. None of us get either ISK or RL monies from RvB, we are just like you. 
The only pay is given at the behest of command, primarily geared towards Fleet Command and New or Poor Players, with occasional rewards for other members and officers. 
RvB will be whatever you guys make of it! 
Continually at warwith ourselves and often times many others within the Eve universe as such, you will;
  • Lose Ships, Repeatedly
  • Potentially lose pods
  • Blow up a lot of ships
  • Make some good friends
  • Learn a lot about PvP 
Think of Red and Blue as one corporation split into two teams. The other team members are your targets, but they are NOT your enemies. They want to get good fights as much as you do
What RvB IS NOT:
A PVE or Mining corp – we don’t care if you do this, and have places you can do this to maximize earnings, but as a PvP corp we do not allow those with no intent or demonstration of PvP to remain. RvB is always at war and its soldiers will potentially seek you out at sites and kill you, so be forewarned.
A training corp - We do hold training focus sessions, we do have coaches and mentors and veterans, and while we will help you with any question you may have, we are not primarily here to train you.
We all work very hard for you to enjoy your time in RvB and appreciate your involvement and willingness to be a part. Please, just understand, that no organization can make your experience better if you are not willing to put in time yourself.


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#166426 Information for Recruits: Advert, FAQ & RvB Daily Life

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 09 May 2018 - 01:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions & Myth Debunking


  • Q1: What are these "Rules" and why are they there?

A: Think of Red vs Blue like a fight club, or even a game within the game of EvE. As such, it has some "unnatural" problems that accompany the novelty and unnatural concept of RvB. Those problems need addressing through rules and leadership. In the first RvB in 2008, there were almost none, and this resulted in a lot of devolved fighting into heavy ECM use, and in the 2nd Age of RvB, the real and perceived abuse of the Rules against podding to use High Grade pirate implants or shiny ships to pad killboards or other accusations of false advertising within RvB. The rules and guidelines include hard laws as well as conceptual guidance for how to behave, and are subject to change at the behest of command with the input of the community. The current list is HERE.


  • Q2: Where does RvB typically find fights?

A: Most of our HiSec activity focuses on the 4 Systems Josameto, Otela, Liekuri, and Poinen, often called the Jos-Poin Loop, or RvB Land. The formation of systems allows for complex travel within a short distance and number of jumps, as Both Josameto and Poinen have 3 Star Gates linking them to all 3 of the Other systems, allowing the avoidance of gatecamps or chasing of fleets into optimal locations by their FCs. Liekuri serves as Blue Republic's HQ, and Otela as Red Fedeartion's HQ, while Josameto and Poinen serving as buffer systems, where fights most often take place. No fighting is allowed in Jita, so you will see fighting occur in New Caldari on occasion as well.


  • Q3: What are the "Typical" Members of RvB Like?

Our typical members tend to be older and more relaxed. We have many young and enthusiastic newbros and veterans as well, but our core is middle aged or older, with a calmer and simple demeanor.  We don't engage in excessively crude or profane talk, but we do use adult language. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, or other bigoted behavior or personal attacks. Most members will help you by showing you, telling you, coaching you, or simply doing something with or for you, all you need to do is speak up. We aren't super large or impersonal as a group, and that is what attracts many of our veterans to stay. The community won't let you get lost if you look for help or just come get to know us.


  • Q4: Why is the War in Hisec? What effects result from that location?

By taking place in hisec, the war eliminates the ability of 3rd parties to easily disrupt our fun, as they have to wardec us first. This does happen frequently, but few war parties actually enter our home systems with any regularity. This does effect our ability to engage in piracy, as those who engage neutrals in low sec have to regain security status through CONCORD security tags or activities that naturally increase sec, such as ratting or missions. It also limits our regular fleets in the ability to use certain mechanics that are restricted in Hisec space, for better and for worse. We do day trip to other securities of space to learn and use the mechanics, mods, and ships that we can't use vs each other, and we do abuse the inhabitants of that space with them if we can.


  • Q5: What is the purpose of Red vs Blue?

A: Fun, Accessible PvP. The purpose is driven through our mutual war as an easy access point to PvP, founded at a time before and regardless of Faction Warfare, SOV, or other politics. By putting those aside, we don't get engaged in PvP as a requirement for offense, defense, tidi, or farming as a non-PvP activity, but simply as a casual and free environment. This also lets us do things as "Purple" that are not possible in typical wars or even Faction Warfare, by forming a community that gives many of our members a strong sense of belonging and purpose. 


  • Q6: What are the effects of RvB's Format and Purpose?

A: There are several. First, our members learn PvP through experience, not doctrinal requirements or handouts for the most part, and our leadership also avoids concept explanation without practice. This makes many of our members strong compared to other corps that rely wholly on doctrines or handouts, as they learned the lessons the hard way and learned the lessons themselves.  Second, this makes our killboards less than perfect.  Most of our kills are vs each other as part of the war, so they count as both a loss and a kill, and yet both corporations have killed far beyond the amount they have lost when we fight against 3rd parties in roams, wars, or other fleets. This also can attract some of our problem children. In the past this was links alts or ECM alts, but also people abusing HG implants in lieu of the no podding rule. These kinds of problems with our fight club, or game within a game, are unique and have to be dealt with through our riles and regulations, particularly through leadership intervention and enforcement, and community culture.

  • Q7: I am a returning Member, what changes to rules or information have occured?

A: Most rules are still in place, but some have shifted the form or wording of the rule. They will seem familiar but there are some important changes. First, the current rules link: HERE


Some  Rules and Their Current Status:

  1. "Jita Tax" : No Longer Applied
  2. "No Station Games" Rule: Currently Limited to T1 Cruisers, T1 Destroyers, and T1 Frigates on HQ Station Grids
  3. "No Podding" Rule: Remains in Force
  4. "No ECM" Rule: Remains in Force, restricts Mid-slot target ECM, not other EWAR (Damps, Disruption), not ECM Burst, not Target Spectrum Breakers, and not EC Drones.
  5. "No Combat in Jita" Rule: Remains in Force
  6. "Combat System Restriction": No Longer in Force, you may fight Reds or Blues in any system outside of Jita, however crashing events or fleet formups is considered a violation of the "don't be a dick rule", regardless of their location.
  7. "Neutral Alts" Rules: Remains in Force, no neutral probers, links, logi, etc may be used vs RvB Members


And Finally, The "Don't Be a Dick" Rule has been moved to #1, and expounded upon to include a more defined limit of what is and is not considered 'dickish' behavior. Here are a few:

-Rules lawyering that crosses or intent of the rule, once explained by command, is a dick move, as it violates the rule to listen to command and obey reasonable requests.

-Seal Clubbing through frequent HG implant or "shiny ship" abuse, is considered dickish.

-Shit talk and attempting to force constraints on the part of opponents in RvB, while showing none yourself, is dickish.


  • Q:8 Why is membership so low compared to a few years ago?

A: While activity dropped in 2015, No members had been kicked since around 2014, and then the roles to kick were not held by the acting command and officer team until 2016. When the decision was made to at  trim the inactives to a level that we felt reasonable, it was already mid-2017. We felt it was perceived as false advertising to maintain a member count of 6,000 while having only a bout 2-300 active in any given few months' span. The purge did go further than intended, but the kicking was solely focused on members who responded that they were not really members or interested in anything other than wearing the label, or demonstrated no actual affiliation to Red vs Blue with no attempt to engage in PvP, or those who were inactive for over a year. We have seen almost no effect on activity resulting directly from this huge drop in raw membership numbers, since the vast majority were completely inactive. 






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#166425 Information for Recruits: Advert, FAQ & RvB Daily Life

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 09 May 2018 - 12:59 AM

What to Expect in Red vs Blue 




Types of Activities & Events

These are the things you will see from day to day in terms of activity, as planned events or as impromptu occurrences. We try to schedule ahead of time for anything we can, particularly those requiring logistics and preparation, this also increases turnout and predictability. ALL of our major events get put in our Community Chat MOTD and frequently in messages or forum information threads. However about half of our activity in terms of kills or fleets occur as unscheduled fights or events. 

Impromptu Skirmishes & Scheduled Fights
     The bread and butter of Red vs Blue. The other Corporation is a valid target in all areas and times, with few exceptions (Jita and when a 3rd Party war target are in the area), so impromptu fights on gate or in space occur when anyone finds one or forms a fleet to roam, camp, or organize through coordination. We often arrange these fights to fit certain expectations of a time and shiptype so that people can be prepare plenty of ships to kill and die with.
At least once a week we also reimburse these scheduled fights in some way, such as "CLT: Cruiser, Lighting and Thunder!" where we pay 8 mil Per T1 Cruiser Lost, which amounts to 12-15 million ISK after insurance, paying for at least the hull and some modules. Looting is also usually a Free For All, so usually what isn't SRP'd is made back through loot, making costs very minimal unless you have an expensive loss.
Arranged Fights & Coaching
     Other than arranged Red vs Blue fights as 'events', we encourage and allow at all hours the arrangement of fights, particularly 1v1s, with players inside RvB, regardless of which Corporation they belong to (i.e. a Blue can shoot a Blue if they agree to 1v1). These allow any player, particularly newer or solo focused pilots, to fight without interference and receive coaching on fits, tactics, and piloting. One of our rules is the honoring the arranged fight, so most of these types of duels happen at a planet or a moon so that they aren't confused with random skirmishers. This lets veterans or specifically titled coaches to help you learn to fit and fight better, as all of your actions and fittings can be shared and seen, as opposed to a larger fight where there isn't the time or focus to see all of your moves or decisions, be they successes or mistakes.
Low Sec Roams
    The other major type of content you will see from day to day is Low Sec roams, both impromptu and scheduled. We usually take Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisers to the Black Rise & Lonetrek Region, but will occasionally bring out bigger things for planned roams, or go other places to seek out new faces to shoot at. We have stations stocked with reships and FCs that excel at small-ship, small-gang skirmish warfare.
Public Events
     We participate heavily in the greater EvE sommunity, and love throwing open events, as NPSI Roam Fleets, Tournaments & Contests, or other public invite events. We also allow and encourage participation in NPSI or public events other than those hosted by RvB.


     We occasionally host FFAs in and out of house that give out free or cheap ships on condition that you fight and lose them in fleet against any and all others in the fleet!


     While it may seem odd, occasionally a member will bring out shiney ships and "donate" the loot, usually only requiring some minor limitations to how large a force is brought against them, such as ship size or EWAR, so that they have fun too. They do die, and they do kill, so be forewarned and loot fast, share if you can! Have to note this because it is weird to a lot of people





Time Zones 

Common Activity as of May 2018


1800-2000: Early EU TZ "Ramp Up"

     Activity begins to build, particularly in 1v1s or chance encounter fights, or small low sec roam. You will usually find several Officers and FCs online, and a handful of members.


2000-2200: EU Time Zone "Prime Time"

    Main event impromptu or scheduled fights or events, this is typically when FC and player pop is the highest.


2200-0000: Late EU TZ "After Hours"

    Secondary events, low sec roams, or more Red vs Blue Fighting as the EU bros wind down and US logs in.


0000-0400: US Secondary TZ

    Our Second main TZ. Fewer scheduled events, but enough members and officers to handle usual activity of training, 1v1s, and small skirmishes or lowsec roams.


0400-0600: Late US+ AU TZ

    Winding down after any US fleets, occasional activity but low player count.


0600-1800: Off Hours

    Not many people online, a good time to do preparation or logistics, earn ISK on alts or mains, go solo in other space, ask for 1v1s or help in RvB Space, or go do NPSI.





Typical Schedules: Weekly / Monthly / Annual


Monday through Friday: The main game of shooting Reds and Blues during "Prime Time", with occasional warm up events or after party fleets in low sec or HQ area.


Tuesday: Typically Tuesday is the main day for "training" classes and a full practical fleet to follow, either through a lowsec roam or a fight in RvB Space. These are usually geared towards one concept or mechanic in general, or a particular aspect of that area of the game.


Friday: Fridays will usually have something a little different, such as a larger scale low sec roam, an FFA, Indoctrination of New Members, or other events going later in the night to mix it up or chill out after a long week.


Saturday: Main Events such as Public Fleets, NPSI, Tournaments, Special Events, or simply larger scale fights happen here. The time zone for Big events is largest on Saturday, with events or fleets of some sort starting as early as 18 or 1900 all the way to 0400 on many weekends. One or two of them will be scheduled ahead of time, but a couple will usually be impromptu fleet engagements or lowsec roams. Occasionally one of these will include some training or FC focus.


Sunday: Usually Our scheduled big brawl, such as CLT or another type of event. We often give out free or reimbursed ships on Sunday for those that need max Pew Pew Fixation on the weekend after a long week or in preparation for the coming week. You will see at least one Fleet around 2000-2300, and usually a follow up or two after that.


Every Few Months: We hold open community meetings to give out important information or discuss internal events or changes.


Spring: Focus is usually on new events and the occasional big PR or Public event and a small themed tournament.


Summer: Due to a lot of shifting people and generally lower numbers in EvE, summer usually focuses more on small gang and solo activity in our special events or themes, such as our solo contests/tournament and FFAs.


September-October: The Celebration of the Birth of the Forever War, usually has a tournament in house or public, as well as multiple special events inside those months.


Winter: Usually a big themed set of events while people are on holiday, but also a lot of downtime between Christmas and the New Year, except our Christmas Eve and New Years Events themselves, as well as our Secret Santa.



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#166394 The Punisher

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 04 May 2018 - 07:58 PM

The Super tank of all Frigates, Difficult to control thigns with only 2 midslots, but easy to get strong DPS and tank.


T2 Beam Gang Version + Heavy Tank 







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#166368 Information for Recruits: Advert, FAQ & RvB Daily Life

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 01 May 2018 - 07:00 PM

Below is an Expanded Advertisement from the In-Game Advert Available through the Corporation Search.


The Replies that follow include:

-Daily Life & Activity


-More about what RvB IS & IS NOT


"Red vs Blue: Join the Forever War for Fun PvP" 


What is RvB?


Red vs. Blue (RvB) is a long standing PvP institution that began in 2007. The premise of RvB is two corporations, Red and Blue, constantly at war with each other in highsecbut joined together in community and spirit against all comers.


The main tenets of RvB are Fun, Explosions, and Community. 


Choose a side, join up, and get into action immediately.


No API or Bureaucracy required, Come and Go as you please. 


Why join RvB?


The most appealing aspect of RvB is accessible PvP . 

The highsec war allows for the war to continue largely uninterrupted by other parties, and to scale up or down based on our needs, ability, and player count. This allows for 1v1s all the way up to fleet fights with support, along with training events and coaching, random skirmishes, FFAs, and planned special events. Our specialization on low-cost, smaller fleet battles allows for fast and cheap fun, and we even provide assitance in lowering your PvP Costs through free ships, SRP, and ISK opportunities.


Along with that, our awesome collective community of Red & Blue, known as Purple, participates in NPSI activities, Low Sec Piracy, Null and WH roams, and wars with 3rd Parties (Outside of Red and Blue). Our events and style are decidedly out of the norm for most of EvE, so come fly reckless and your wallet and killboard won't matter, because you will have fun.




Extra Details


We Welcome All Types of Pilots, except Dicks

Even new pilots in frigates have a place in RvB fleets, including all ALPHA CLONES!! 

Bitter Vets we need you as well to escape blue balls and tidi, and form the backbone of fleets  :)

Aspiring FCs are desired, trained, and PAID from day one!

RvB is what you make of it! The more you put in the more you get out!


RvB provides pilots the opportunity to do anything in EvE related to PvP

In RvB you won't be forced to log on to defend sov or camp gates, you're welcome to log on as little or as often as you like. 

As long as you come out, follow our basic rules, and intend to PvP you are welcome here. 

All officers are volunteers as well, and we pay and help organize with any willing FC or Content Creator for Special Events

We have no permanent Blues (allies) and so have many friends that will still shoot us and get shot back, maximizing targets and fun, with surprising goodwill


RvB has an open door policy, All are welcome to join/leave/return as they please.


If you have questions about our basic rules or other activities, please see our rules thread HERE.


We use mumble for voice comms, these web forums for organization and announcements,  and discord for out of game chat.


For in Game Chat with a Recruiter See Channel "R-V-B"

For Out of Game Chat with a recruiter, See Discord: https://discord.gg/4TgW536


To Apply, see our Recruiting Channel, or search for Blue Republic or Red Federation, all of our information is linked there in the Corp Description, or you can directly apply from that window.




Blue: Metal Jack, Mangala Solaris, Jagtor, Turgidprose Charante, Zen Tsai, Khador Vess


Rednitro oxide, Bobert Raratheon, Nicose, Algis Kemokl


TZ 1: 20:00-23:00

TZ 2: 01:00-04:00

Minimal SP: 0

Area of OperationsHigh Sec, Low Sec

Friendly Fire: Legal

Looking For: Alliance Warfare, Piracy, Small-Scale Gangs, New-Pilot Friendly

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#166352 I can has hello!

Posted by Nikolai Mazinkov on 30 April 2018 - 11:52 PM

You can haz hai!


Roger and Roger, PvE is boring, do enough ops or activities to make ISK as you NEED, but not much more. I usually do PI , indy and traiding bc the upkeep can be easy and it can be done at any time I am free, or it can wait until another time, some missions and ratting have to be done/finished, and obv boring lol.


PvP here: fun, cheap, explosions, 

Get to know the community, ask for help whenever you need it and get on comms whenever you can. Other than taht, DIVE IN!


Minmatar are a good middle ground, you can get a simple start with buffer fits in armor and shield, missiles and projectiles, then transition to some rather strong ships in the mid-term. They do have weaknesses, but are seriously fast and have great applications.



Rambling Chairman


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