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Decent Slicer in 65 Days Training Time ( Any Suggestions? )

01 October 2015 - 11:46 PM

Hello Community, first of all i hope this post is at the right place, if not feel free to move it somewhere else  ;)

A few Weeks ago i start to think about a Project that i can do in EvE. As i was a Trader with a bit of PvP experience, i get pretty fast the willingness of rolling a new Toon who focus on Amarr PvP (Frigs-Desi-Cruiser) and learn it directly the HARD way. I'm a huge fan of having control over the Gameplay and let the AI out of my playstyle. With this Goal i start to do allot of research and finally i choose the Slicer cause of the wide range of possiblities that the Hull can provide against Gangs or just 1v1. The reason why i share it with you is to get some Tips what i can do or plan better, and i'm open for criticism and informative tips.Anyway let's start before you all leave the Topic :)


Psyco Pod is a complete new Character and here is the Plan for it.

If you use +3 Learning imps you can shrink down the time by 6 Days, and even more when you use your Remaps. I let the Remaps for later when i want to get LvL 5 Skills. I look also to get Thermodynamics at LvL 3 for the start cause i think this skill is the most important one in PvP. I will use this Fit mostly in RvB or Null Sec, Low Sec maybe, but i'm not sure if it works good with the Plex Mechanics if i want to go Aggressive and Jump in Plex where someone sit in it already. Anyway....i will Record all my Fights to look at it what i can do better next Time and hopefully learn with every loss that i have. Maybe i make also a small PvP Video how bad i'm  :lol: ...but i'm not sure !!! This is a long Term Project and will be updated when Psyco is ready for the next Goal, so it can take a few month's for the next update.



1 - Get Skills till 3 to unlock also some other Skills 

2 - Getting Important Skills to lvl 4 that i can fly the Slicer and not just sit in it 

3 - Training Skills for the Fitting i want to use 



Here are the EFT stats that i get with this Skills nothing on Overheat



As a reference, a Pilot with All Skills at LvL 5 and not overheating, is going 3786m/s _164DPS _ 23km Optimal _ 3 sec more cap _ 2771 EHP

He can Overheat longer ofcourse !!


I'm sure that this isnt something new for the Vet's ... it is also not a Guide ! But i want to be sure if this Plan is ok for the Start, or do i miss something that i should add to it exept for the LvL 5 skills that will be my goal after training the Coercer :P ?

Please be informative when you decide to give tips and suggestions.


ps.: If you want to Copy this Plan keep in mind that the Slicer is a Advanced Ship that shine with Manual Piloting, so you will lose allot of them till you get the hang out of it. If you have an Alt who can make good isk to fund your PvP needs then you can think about it.


Greetings Psyco 


Edit: I find this Fitting by one of Chessur's Video :)

Psyco Pod takes the Blue Pill

26 September 2015 - 03:20 PM

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.

You take the blue pill -- the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill -- you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


                                                                                                                      Morpheus, The Matrix, 1999


A soft Female Voice that feels not Human 

''Clone Activated''

I open my Eyes and saw that a Door open infront of me ...



Yes i wake up, but not in the Bed that i was thinking of. There wasn't my Dog Cookie Sleeping in the Bed or my Wife right next to me. It was a tiny Room full of Liquid that find there way out as soon as the Door open. What the hell are all this Cables connected to my Body, As i try to get rid of it, i here again the same Voice ''Clone Activated'' again and again.






As i finally cut off the connection from the last Cable that was on my neck i feel allot of Pain in my Body and some Pictures Run through my Mind. 






There was a Voice that get louder and louder until he snatch me out of my Tunnel Vision '' Wake up and take your Clothes, there is a F*** War that we need to Win, the Red's are in our Home System and we need to Defend it ... WAKE UP ''






As i try to put on my Clothes i notice a tinkling on my chest





A new Pilot was born ...




Hello Community, i hope this little spontaneously story wasnt that bad and sorry for my poor English btw. i do my best to improve it. After 2 Years of Carebearing i finally start another Character who will be (hopefully) my Main and do allot of PvP. I hope to get allot of Action, Friendships, Content in RvB and look forward to get experience in Fleet Fights and there mechanics aswell as FC'ing would be pretty damn nice for the Future but i will need help from the more Veteran FC's i guess. I'm 30 Years old and live in Turkey, Father of 2 Children and a Dog  :D. Before this Thread get longer i would like to make a point here and hope to have a great Time with you Boys and Girs !!!


c.u. on grid o/

Greetings Psyco