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In Topic: Decent Slicer in 65 Days Training Time ( Any Suggestions? )

03 October 2015 - 01:41 PM

Thx for the tips, i will figure out a plan to continue after my current one is done and share it here to get some feedback.

It was a good choice to start the Topic cause sharing your experience with me, is what my Character will push even further.

I'm actually in a RL stage where i want to open a Camping Area in Turkey/Antalya, and in my spare Time i will optimize the Plan.


As i want to Focus on Amarr and Laser based Ships, i will let the Missile and there Support skills out of the Plan.

But how is it with Shield Skills ? Should i train them also ? Cause i guess Amarr is more Armor Hulls. Or is it a good choice to Train up the Shield skills to a certain lvl too ?

Greetings Psyco

In Topic: Decent Slicer in 65 Days Training Time ( Any Suggestions? )

02 October 2015 - 02:49 PM

After this Plan when i want to focus on the LvL 5 Skills i will use the Remap, but not for now. I just skill to LvL 5 what i realy need for the start.

I will Update the Project section by section when i continue with the Coercer, Remap for the LvL 5 Skills, Cruiser ....


So this will be a long term Project where the Updates will be ones in a few Month's.

In Topic: Decent Slicer in 65 Days Training Time ( Any Suggestions? )

02 October 2015 - 12:19 PM

This looks adequate. The key to life in a Slicer is speed and maneuverability, so consider training Nav skills to 5. At least train Navigation to 5. Also capacitor is key, so consider training the cap skills to 5 as well. Beam Slicers are awesome so train small beam weapon specialization. And if you want to use T2 locus coordination rigs you'll need energy weapon rigging to 4 to use them with less penalty. The T2 rig is especially useful with beams. Regardless, the Slicer is definitely the best value for isk frigate in the game, if not the flat out best frigate, so you've chosen a good goal. And eventually you'll need advanced weapons upgrades to at least 4 for the most interesting fits. Good luck and get lots of kills!


Thank you Jasper, to get the Nav/Cap Skills at LvL 5 was also my next goal after i train this plan and some Skills for the Coercer like Destroyer 5 cause of the Hull Bonus (Low Sec Plex PvP). My fault that i didnt write that  :ph34r:  But the Beam Lasers with T2 Rigs are interesting as i check that on EFT, very nice optimal, i will add that also to the Queue ! 

This was just my Plan to fly this Ship in a very short Time as effective as possible :)


Greetings Psyco

In Topic: Psyco Pod takes the Blue Pill

01 October 2015 - 09:56 AM

thx oolon nice song xD  i know a other cover of this song that one is new for me

In Topic: Video Editing Software?

27 September 2015 - 10:25 AM

I'm still using the trial version of after effects. Free quality software no need for all the extras that come with the full version


Topic is a bit outdated but anyway

Same here, i recommend to use the trial version without extras. but if you feel ready for the next step and are familiar with the software and all the extras ... then you can think about the full version