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27 June 2015 - 06:55 PM

So I never got the chance to Slicer with ya :(

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01 June 2015 - 12:05 PM

1) Accusation of trolling

Righty. My post was not trollish at all. The term "stacking penalty" has a very clear definition in the context of eve online. The penalty you were referring to is a flat signature increase that applies per extender fit. Fitting four extenders applies the drawback four times. They correlate in a strictly linear fashion and thus no specific penalty applies when you stack multiple modules on a single fit. So the term stacking penalty is objectively wrong here. I called the fit rubbish because it is (see point 3). I know it was probably not wise to just call the fit bad without explaining why. I aimed to point out that, whatever you may call the penalty coming from four extenders might be, doesnt affect the performance of that individual fit because other aspects already make it useless.


2) No need to worry

This will be my last post outside of the AT section. No need to worry that I drag your forums down.


3) Why the fits are rubbish

Now there are two fits posted. Let's go ahead and take them apart individually and I shall explain why both of them are bad.


a) https://o.smium.org/loadout/31642(The quad extender setup)

Ok. So what was the aim here. Clearly it was to just outlast your opponent and to use your infinipoint for warp disruption.

With the 425mm autocannons you have solid dps. About 550 dps means you are in the mid-range for a cruiser. But the problem is that your optimal range is 1.6 kilometers. This to me means that you want to be brawling in. No matter how nice your 36km warp disruption is you do not deploy any significant damage beyong 25 km. The focused bubble has the advantage that it uses a high power slot instead of the usual mid. But it also comes with a huge downside. Whilst the script removes the propmod penalty from the bubble generator you still cannot be assisted in any way. Logistics can't keep you alive if you run it in a gang. Additionally you do not shut down micro jump drives. So any battleship, battlecruiser (or any other ship with the deployable mjd) will be able to easily escape from you. Given that the broadsword is quite slow you will struggle to keep up with most other targets anyway.  In the mid rack you have 4 extenders, a web and a microwarpdrive. Now I agree on the propmod because you need to get in range somehow. The web can also be helpful but you won't be able to hold anything down that scrams or counterwebs you. The 4 extenders increase your signature radius from 130 to 230. Whilst this is very noticable it only really matters when your mwd is turned off because with the penalty from a microwarpdrive you are looking at 1380 with 4 and 1080 with 2. Anything will hit you reasonably well with that. I am not going further into detail here because the point I am trying to make is "the ship is bad outside of its 4/5 midslot tank modules". In the lows you have a damage control which is the obvious choice for a buffer tanker so no complaints here. But then you suddenly fit faction gyrostabilizers which add another 100m to the cost of the ship for only 4,2% more damage. I assume they are fit because of their reduced cpu need. But if you were to simply meta the damage control you can already fit it for the loss of 1/70th of your ehp which seems to be a reasonable tradeoff. Finally there is a tracking enhancer. With barrage it provides 6km extra optimal and 4km with regular ammo. Given the falloff/damage curve (damage loss at range is not linear) the damage bonus it provides at your fighting range is minimal. 425mm autocannons already have terrible tracking so even with the tracking enhancer you will be unable to apply damage to any faster tackle. So what you end up with is a ship that has a very large tank but is simply unable to kill any target. Even without a neutralizer on you the cap only lasts for around 100 seconds if you have to run your mwd which you have to expect. To me this seems like the classic RvB apporach I like to call "just don't die". So yeah, you will be able to survive a lot but you won't really be able to kill anything either when you are alone. And when you are in a gang it is usually a terrible idea to brawl with no method of regaining cap.

In short: This fit does not die easily, but it neither serves as reliable damage nor as reliable tackle platform which to me (and probably anyone else who uses heavy interdictors) useless.


B) https://o.smium.org/loadout/31649(double invul setup)

The highslots are distributed in the same fashion as they are in setup 1 but the type of guns is switched to 220mm cannons. Given that you again will probably fight relatively close to your target this change can actually be helpful because the smaller guns have a noticeably better tracking. Then you switch from a 4 extender to a 3 extender + 2 invuln mid rack. This combined with the second extender rigs more than doubles the effective buffer which to be frank is pretty awesome. Given the anemic damage this fit is probably purely used to tackle and tank. And it does so quite effectively... for about a minute. Because then suddenly your cap is, once again, gone. Even without the mwd you are looking at 4 minutes of cap. Even a single small neut pushed that to a mere 100 seconds without mwd.

Thus I believe there is no need to go into detail any further because you once again will not be able to hold down anything.

In short: Same as fit a but more extreme. More tank, less usability!


So both fits are terrible because neither accounts for capacitor warfare and neither can deal significant damage on their own. This makes both setups not usable for solo and for fleet warfare.


And with that I wish you all a nice afternoon (or whatever time it is at your place when reading it)




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31 May 2015 - 10:27 PM

go ahead and use terms for things they are not. really helps communicating. but yeah. they have a 25 sig drawback which isn't all to bad for what you are doing in a hic anyway


and to be frank the fit is garbage either way so that doesnt even really matter :)

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31 May 2015 - 09:13 PM

Extenders are not stacking penalized...

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26 May 2015 - 11:54 AM

Broadsword gets over 600 dps (hot) with autos these days. which isn't all that bad