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#163201 The Winter War 2016

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 01 December 2016 - 07:43 AM


...the Bantam Wagon has arrived!

(also brought a couple of Storks for Command / MJFG shenanigans)

The drums of war are calling!


Looking forward to the war all ☺
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#163069 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 21 November 2016 - 07:09 PM

'MACSEN WLEDIG was emperor of Rome, and he was a comelier man, and a better and a wiser than any emperor that had been before him. And one day he held a council of kings, and he said to his friends, "I desire to go to-morrow to hunt." And the next day in the morning he set forth with his retinue, and came to the valley of the river that flowed towards Rome. And he hunted through the valley until mid-day. And with him also were two-and-thirty crowned kings, that were his vassals; not for the delight of hunting went the emperor with them, but to put himself on equal terms with those kings.

And the sun was high in the sky over their heads, and the heat was great. And sleep came upon Macsen Wledig. And his attendants stood and set up their shields around him upon the shafts of their spears to protect him from the sun, and they placed a gold enamelled shield under his head; and so Macsen slept.

And he saw a dream. And this is the dream that he saw...'
The Dream of Macsen Wledig, The Mabinogion


Galgon Triumverate [as all know] is a comelier man, and a better and a wiser man than any man that has been before him.

One day he took council in his [mighty] heart, and he resolved to go a-hunting. The next morning he set forth with his Slave, and across the wide expanse of Caldari Space did his wanderlust carrry him. He hunted long - deep within the hidden complexes of the Gurista Pirates - searching for a pattern that would elucidate the yearning in his soul.

And it is said that he returned, slack-jawed and frenzied, a madness in his eyes... and spent many long hours immersed in Quaffe, repeatedly checking the fitting of his Stork, and shaking his head as a man bewildered.

Finally, a weariness came upon him and he took himself to his berth; and so Galgon Slept.

And he saw a dream. And this is the dream that he saw...'


The Dream of Galgon Triumverate

...I have been trapped in the darkness for eternity...

<recursive neural sub-routine>


Ulysses Triumverate awoke...




And this dream is called the dream of Macsen Wledig, emperor of Rome.

And here it ends.


'Here we go again!'
Clown, traditional Harlequinade opening
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#162994 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 10 November 2016 - 07:29 PM

"And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?

Come to my arms, my beamish boy!

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

He chortled in his joy."

Lewis Carroll, The Jabberwocky




It recently came to Galgon's attention that a celebration was to be held in honour of Jasper Sinclair; for the not-insignificant task of totally saving RvB!


Now, Galgon is accustomed to achieving Herculean tasks; but even Galgon must concede that totally saving RvB is a pretty worthy achievement! Galgon could think of no better way to celebrate this wondrous deed, than consuming Quaffe the whole-day long and turning-up 'wasted' for the celebration, without a microphone!


These merry celebrations were generously organised by one of Jasper's most trusted 'cronies'... the mysteriously named MoriartheChosen, although quite what this Moriar had been chosen for, no-one knew for certain - although nefarious rumours suggest a number of creative possibilities - not that Galgon listens much to rumour!


Now Moriar had chosen to celebrate the accomplishment of Jasper Sinclair by gathering a wondrous fleet of Caracals, culminating in the ritual execution of Jasper Sinclair - or so Galgon had been led to believe, although as it turns out Jasper wasn't even tortured for the merriment of the guests, which was a disappointment to Galgon who had anticipated the execution of Jasper Sinclair with eager gladness.


A mighty collection of pilots began to gather... Galgon would name them all, were he not befuddled at the time, and struggling to manage his autopilot. Mightiest of all were the Logi Crew... Abysus and Y'talana Ktra'a... in whose gentle hands Galgon assured himself his immortality was safe, although as it turned out Galgon feigned an ignominious death for the amusement of the Hoi Palloi. Some names Galgon can recall, and amongst them were such giants as nitro oxide (that renowned booster addict), Nikolai Mazinkov, CaptainHellfire, Moriar theChosen, Drag0ns Toy, Steal your wallet and the 'Word Thief' Vision Thing!


Galgon arrived in a magnificent beast... his Crow Mark 2 Inty Long Point... and Galgon can assure you, that his point was very long indeed!


Now the time for action had arrived and Galgon was astounded at the clarity of command, and indeed condescended [on this one occasion]  to follow the Fleet Commanders lead... for in such esteem does Galgon hold the famed academies of RvB, that even he must [occasionally] bow his head... indeed on this occassion, such was the volume of Quaffe he had consumed, Galgon would have experienced difficulty keeping his head erect under any circumstances!


The die was cast, and the fleet arraigned. Galgon in his mighty Tackler searched among the Factional Warfare complexes as directed... and eventually, within the backwater of Fliet, in the company of no lesser mortal than nitro oxide - he tackled the decrepit PIIPo Aideron in his ramshackle Assault Frigate, and quick-sharp were the fleet to come to our aid - for the glory of the sacred Kill Mails were thirsted after by all (except Galgon who came without weapons, as he is often wont to do, because weapons are for mortals!)


The word then rang out that Snuffed Out were aroaming, and many of the lesser pilots in the fleet were abashed at this news, but not Johnny Nikkon who calmly loaded his weapons witth Scourge (for brave J.N. may be, but he is not immortal, like Galgon!).


Galgon was afire with the glorious paean of battle, and pointed left, right and centre - for his overview was filled confusingly with many targets and he had some difficulty in keeping pace with the commands that rang as the contest was joined. On reviewing the battle logs the following day, Galgon's slave informed him that he had been pivotal in the destruction of a number of Scythes, Caracals and Bellicose cruisers... and if that number happens to be 1... then 1 is a number just like any other and Galgon is often #1, so this seemed very apt.


It seemed to Galgon that a third fleet arrived amidst the pandemonium of battle, and Galgon had to eek every last ergon from his MWD in order to speed tank the furious barrage that threatened his shield integrity... eventually, even the speed of Galgon's Interceptor could not protect him from his foes... and although Galgon could have bounced to safety, he had come to hold this fleet in his [mighty] heart and would not desert their side as battle raged.


Then word arrived directly to Galgon from the pilots of the Eve University... that institution that stands near-as-tall as RvB itself (although only if Eve University is on tip-toes and RvB is slouching). Their Fleet Commander had heard tell that Galgon was abroad and demanded the right to fight with Galgon in person - but Galgon does not stoop to satisfying the need of Unistas to fraternise with an immortal and recommended they follow protocol and communicate directly with the fleet commander... to which they agreed, albeit wistfully as they had hoped for at least one selfie with the immortal Galgon.


But Galgon was in his mighty POD... and it would not be fair to engage the enemy on those terms for his POD is invincible and it would be unworthy of Galgon to humiliate them so... so he took himself off to the pre-arranged staging area of Ichoriya V - Caldari Navy Logistic Support, where the generous Slave Trader Dug offered Galgon a fully-fit Caracal to rejoin the fray... and although Galgon was tempted by such largesse, he regretfully declined, for he was tired and needed more Quaffe.




Galgon will admit he was honoured to share in the celebrations for Jasper Sinclair... even if there was no execution and not even any torture... he resolved to visit Jita at some point in the near future and purchase a communication device so that all may hear the voice of Galgon ring loud and true (and so that he doesn't have to type everything whilst trying to fly). Gratitute can be extended by Galgon's slave for all those involved in organising the event and for the boundless generosity of MoriartheChosen... who replaced Galgon's beloved Interceptor - although on inspection the point appears to be considerably less long than Galgon's beloved original, but even that is fine as, after all, not everyone can have such a ginormous point!


The fleet was great fun, and Galgon pledges to turn-up drunk for more fleets in future... be warned!

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#162364 Memento Mori 4: Easy Rider

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 24 September 2016 - 11:33 PM

Only caught the start but great to be back in an RvB fleet :)
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#153115 Summer Soloists Challenge

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 12 July 2015 - 03:30 PM

First match is complete, congrats to Lady on advancing to the next round!


Lady Ayeipsia FTW!


Really enjoyed this... nice consolation prize of Cladari Navy Hookbill, for being first loser too :-)


Best of luck to Lady going forwards, and thanks to Jiny for taking the time to Umpire.



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#152070 Daccos Hawk reporting for Duty

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 10 June 2015 - 09:28 PM

When I first joined RvB, Xantcha taught me that in Eve, and especially RvB, we write our own stories.

If you want to be the Neut Guy, be the Neut Guy... be the best fkin Neut Guy there is! Stick Neuts on every mother-lovin' spaceship that ever flew the internet and become the god-damned Nemesis of Cap!

Have a blast mate - this is RvB :-)
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#151544 I won EVE guys.

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 03 June 2015 - 07:07 AM

Ive only been here a short while Mang, but you're definitely one of the good guys - best of luck with whatever's next :-)
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#150154 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 16 May 2015 - 03:40 PM

'Here we go again!'
Clown, traditional Harlequinade opening
'The winds of fate drove Galgon onwards; to Otela, and the famed academies of RvB.
Accelerating through the endless permutations of his life, riven in existential turmoil.'
The Chronicle of Galgon Triumverate
'In the beginning, the galaxy was formless and empty; darkness spilled over the surface of the deep.
"Let there be light", it was Said; and there was light. A violent light, wrecking structure upon the vault of infinity.'
New Eden - A Genesis, Anon
...I have been trapped in the darkness for eternity...
'Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to the Light'
John Milton, Paradise Lost
Classical Historionics was founded on the principles of Comparative Quantum Historiography - itself birthed from experiments into 'The Triumverate Distortion'.
Named for Ulysses Triumverate, this scientific oddity was coined, to explain the process by which quantum data strings stored within singularity fields, were shown to distort - on retrieval from stasis.
This seemingly innocuous phenomena, would not have warranted further mention - let alone spawned its own field of scientific research; were it not Impossible, according to the accepted Laws of Physics.
For a short while, scientists from across the four empires strove to potray the results of this experiment as empirical fallacy. Disturbingly, the many and various permutations of this experiment conducted all confirmed the same thing - his results were correct.
Whilst the structure and format of the quantum data strings remained unaltered - as anticipated; the contents were invariably shown to change.
To clarify the importance of this distortion, it is useful highlight, that all financial transactions within New Eden are stored as quantum data strings - their complete immutability across time and space forming the basis on which our economy is founded.
For a short while, financial markets were thrown into turmoil, as the possibility that source financial records could be amended caused economists to posit that New Eden was about to enter an economic dark age. However, this eventuality was never bourne out - financial records being intrisically-bound to physical structures unable to withstand the stresses of storage within a singularity field.
Ulysses Triumverate became a short-lived media sensation - his eponymous effect eventually fading into scientific obscurity. Although, had he not continued to focus fanatically on the importance of his early portfolio, he could almost certainly have risen to the status of true scientific genius.
Indeed, there are many who accept - in hindsight - that his incremental development of increasingly complex quantum data structures was almost incredible - ultimately crowned by his triumphal encoding of 'The History of New Eden [Fourth Caldari Edition]' into a single quantum string - which was, accepted by all as... simply astonishing.
Yet the fervour which drove him to the creation of this magnum opus, was soon to carry him deeply into insanity.
UIysses claimed later to have created four identical copies of this quantum string and stored three copies within separate singularity fields in widely-seperated systems across the galaxy. His intention was to retrieve each, at ten-year intervals, and compare every single qubit, against the originally stored History.
Ulysses released the first of the copies from stasis after a long ten-year hiatus; in which he had been derided by his fellows as a peddler of curiosities - a trickster playing scientist. Undoubtedly driven by jealousy, as well as profound scepticism to the implications of his research, he had long-since been hounded from the scientific community.
He claimed his comparison to the original data revealed significant variation. His final 'translation' read as a completely coherent history - of an entirely different galaxy. His critics immediately highlighted the sections that related to the apparent ascendency of the Triumverate family within a New Eden wracked by Jovian Insurrection. Long chapters dedicated to the painful struggle of his ancestors to form the Pax Galactica - finally taking the fight to the distant homeworld of the Jovians, casting their Principal symbolically to the bridge-floor of his own Flagship.
Obviously, the original quantum string - along with numerous copies disseminated throughout the years, all confirmed history as actually experienced. Clearly matching every single historical record accepted as fact.
Mocked by the hoi palloi of the galaxy for his absurd declarations, he was viewed as potentially subversive by Caldari authorities, and charged with disseminating false scientific research. That this crime led to his clone-less execution may seem preposterous, considering the banaal nature of the charges set against him. Nevertheless, it was accepted by the masses without question, as probably his just desserts
He was eventually to rise as an obscure cult figure - portrayed with almost messianic awe, by the few individuals that passed his various works between them; and who met secretly, to discuss the philosophical implications of his research.
Of his fabled 'final work', nothing is known with certainty. Truth is almost certainly hidden amidst the vast throng of propaganda and urban myth. The predominant tale currently in vogue, is that Ulysses eventually solved the mystery of 'The Triumverate Distortion'... beginning with the axiomatic tenet that quantum data strings were intrinsically unalterable, he demonstrated, by mathemetical proof, that the only possible explanation was that reality itself had mutated whilst the data stored within the singularity field remained unaltered.
Apparently Time itself, was evolving!
...you will appreciate why further research into this field, is pejoratively named Classical Historionics.
Of the second and third copies of the original quantum data string - again, nothing is known. Presumed by most to have been destroyed by Caldari authorities prior to his execution; some insist that Ulysses kept their location hidden until the end. Many have since claimed to have discovered one - hidden within one of the many archaeological relics littering the systems. All have eventually been shown as hoax, or copy of the University original - depeneding on which argument they are being used to support.
Of Triumverate's numerous progeny - all have faded into obscurity or abject ruin. Family assets having been seized when Ulysses was indicted, little merit could be argued in formally clinging to a name so dishonored.
Rumour long circulated that prior to his incarceration by Caldari authorities, Ulysses managed to create a final quantum data structure of unimaginable complexity - storing his own genetic index within a single quantum string. But, the years passed, and Ulysses Triumverate was never seen again... his supposed 'quantum immortality' yet another of the entertaining fictions associated with this mysterious figure.

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#149750 New Player to RvB and EVE

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 09 May 2015 - 09:47 AM

Hi Michael o7

Newish player myself, so I xan tell you you've come to the right place to learn PvP and have fun doing it.

Head to Poinen and locate the Red / Blue POS using the Corp B/Ms to help yourself to some of the free Frigates available for the 'Free Frigate Summer' event that RvB has provided.

If you need any help with that, or anything else for that matter, shout up in game and you'll get plenty of help and advice.

Hopefully you've made the correct decision and joined the [glorious] Reds, if not, please accept my commiserations and I shall see you on the field of battle sometime soon.

Galgon Triumverate o7
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#149700 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 08 May 2015 - 12:20 PM

'Justice for the perpetrators cannot be seperated from the vindication of the rights of the individual victim'
Jalai Talabani

I had left Jol Nar Industries, but I couldn't leave them behind. Like many criminals, I was drawn to return to the scene of my crime - to Ogre Magi, who had sworn vengeance against me:-

Channel Name: Group Chat (Ogre Magi, Kavoro Pel)
Listener: Galgon Triumverate
Session started: 2015.03.26 18:22:32

[ 2015.03.26 18:22:50 ] Galgon Triumverate > Hey - wanna buy a permit Ogre?
[ 2015.03.26 18:23:06 ] Ogre Magi > Galgon Triumverate you owe me 60 mil
[ 2015.03.26 18:23:25 ] Ogre Magi > from the can you stole
[ 2015.03.26 18:23:27 ] Galgon Triumverate > How you figure that?
[ 2015.03.26 18:23:28 ] Kavoro Pel > No he doesn't
[ 2015.03.26 18:23:44 ] Galgon Triumverate > I liberated some illegal contraband, for sure
[ 2015.03.26 18:23:45 ] Ogre Magi > hah
[ 2015.03.26 18:23:59 ] Galgon Triumverate > but I didn't steal ANYTHING - I'm not a thief
[ 2015.03.26 18:24:12 ] Ogre Magi > i'll get my 60 m back, from salvaging your wrecks
[ 2015.03.26 18:25:04 ] Kavoro Pel > Oh, I just had a great idea!
[ 2015.03.26 18:25:19 ] Kavoro Pel > You guys are both relatively new to pvp, why don't you practice on eachother??
[ 2015.03.26 18:25:39 ] Ogre Magi > i wouldn't mind at all
[ 2015.03.26 18:25:44 ] Galgon Triumverate > Excellent
[ 2015.03.26 18:25:48 ] Galgon Triumverate > Where at?
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:05 ] Ogre Magi > but with the same ships
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:11 ] Kavoro Pel > Ship class*
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:20 ] Akron Badasaz > o/
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:21 ] Galgon Triumverate > OK
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:22 ] Ogre Magi > yeah
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:24 ] Galgon Triumverate > Frigates
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:26 ] Kavoro Pel > As in, frigate vs frigate
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:30 ] Galgon Triumverate > that's all I can fly
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:40 ] Galgon Triumverate > As I am only 30 days old
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:43 ] Kavoro Pel > Don't podkill tho, for convenience sake!
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:54 ] Galgon Triumverate > I can agree to that
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:58 ] Akron Badasaz > what we talking about guys? 1 v 1?
[ 2015.03.26 18:26:58 ] Ogre Magi > ok
[ 2015.03.26 18:27:01 ] Kavoro Pel > That way when someone dies, they won't be teleported into oblivion
[ 2015.03.26 18:27:03 ] Galgon Triumverate > yes
[ 2015.03.26 18:27:09 ] Ogre Magi > i'll bring some salvage drones tho
[ 2015.03.26 18:27:14 ] Ogre Magi > just in case :D
[ 2015.03.26 18:27:14 ] Galgon Triumverate > Good
[ 2015.03.26 18:27:23 ] Galgon Triumverate > I haven't seen them in action before
[ 2015.03.26 18:27:38 ] Galgon Triumverate > Where at then?
[ 2015.03.26 18:27:56 ] Kavoro Pel > Shera?
[ 2015.03.26 18:28:11 ] Galgon Triumverate > omw
[ 2015.03.26 18:28:31 ] Galgon Triumverate > Ogre - choose a moon to warp to
[ 2015.03.26 18:29:02 ] Ogre Magi > before we do anything i need to get a ship
[ 2015.03.26 18:29:06 ] Kavoro Pel > Alright
[ 2015.03.26 18:29:37 ] Ogre Magi > i don't have a frigate
[ 2015.03.26 18:29:40 ] Akron Badasaz > its OK, go get your ship :)
[ 2015.03.26 18:29:48 ] Kavoro Pel > Dont let us scare you, we're both docked
[ 2015.03.26 18:30:10 ] Akron Badasaz > also, despite what certain people may tell you we are not asshats
[ 2015.03.26 18:30:31 ] Akron Badasaz > We honor all agreements & if we say we wont interfere then we wont
[ 2015.03.26 18:30:54 ] Ogre Magi > ok
[ 2015.03.26 18:32:11 ] Ogre Magi > it's only Galgon Triumverate i don't trust, sneaking into a pos and spying on a corp
[ 2015.03.26 18:33:43 ] Akron Badasaz > Ogre Magi truth be told, spying is just a part of EvE
[ 2015.03.26 18:35:16 ] Ogre Magi > you talk a lot, lets see if that helps in a real fight
[ 2015.03.26 18:42:57 ] Galgon Triumverate > 4 jumps out Ogre
[ 2015.03.26 18:43:14 ] Ogre Magi > need 5 min to buy everything
[ 2015.03.26 18:43:24 ] Galgon Triumverate > k
[ 2015.03.26 18:43:25 ] Ogre Magi > i won't make you wait much, don't worry
[ 2015.03.26 18:43:25 ] Akron Badasaz > no worries :)
[ 2015.03.26 18:43:38 ] Akron Badasaz > hehe
[ 2015.03.26 18:50:11 ] Akron Badasaz > Ogre Magi nearly ready?
[ 2015.03.26 18:50:38 ] Ogre Magi > yes, i bought almost everything
[ 2015.03.26 18:51:10 ] Ogre Magi > but i need to wait 25 min, for an important skill i forgot to train
[ 2015.03.26 18:51:28 ] Akron Badasaz > ...
[ 2015.03.26 18:51:44 ] Galgon Triumverate > Is that a joke
[ 2015.03.26 18:51:59 ] Galgon Triumverate > You are over 2 years older than my 30 days Ogre
[ 2015.03.26 18:52:25 ] Ogre Magi > c'mon, 23 min now
[ 2015.03.26 18:53:17 ] Akron Badasaz > if you want, show me your fit in convo without showing galgon. Ill see if i can help
[ 2015.03.26 18:53:34 ] Akron Badasaz > I wont tell him as I think itll be good for him to be surprised
[ 2015.03.26 18:54:19 ] Ogre Magi > i already bought everything, just need to wait 20 min
[ 2015.03.26 18:54:39 ] Ogre Magi > the fit is useless without that skill
[ 2015.03.26 18:54:49 ] Ogre Magi > i hope 20 min won't scare you away
[ 2015.03.26 18:54:53 ] Galgon Triumverate > It is fair to say which skill if you want me to wait
[ 2015.03.26 18:55:48 ] Galgon Triumverate > If you tell me I will wait
[ 2015.03.26 18:56:43 ] Ogre Magi > its almost done now
[ 2015.03.26 18:57:06 ] Ogre Magi > i'll start flying soon, and the skill will be completed when i get there
[ 2015.03.26 19:02:57 ] Galgon Triumverate > how long is soon
[ 2015.03.26 19:03:51 ] Ogre Magi > 15 min, but i'll start flying now
[ 2015.03.26 19:04:57 ] Galgon Triumverate > afk
[ 2015.03.26 19:28:04 ] Ogre Magi > soo
[ 2015.03.26 19:28:11 ] Ogre Magi > galgon are you ready?
[ 2015.03.26 19:39:01 ] Galgon Triumverate > k rdy
[ 2015.03.26 19:39:24 ] Ogre Magi > ok
[ 2015.03.26 19:39:26 ] Ogre Magi > omw
[ 2015.03.26 19:46:05 ] Kavoro Pel > Galgon Triumverate Where are you?
[ 2015.03.26 19:46:13 ] Galgon Triumverate > I will dock
[ 2015.03.26 19:47:01 ] Galgon Triumverate > Both dock here
[ 2015.03.26 19:47:07 ] Galgon Triumverate > and warp to moon
[ 2015.03.26 19:47:29 ] Ogre Magi > moon 1 planet 3
[ 2015.03.26 19:47:34 ] Kavoro Pel > Shera III - Moon 1
[ 2015.03.26 19:47:39 ] Galgon Triumverate > kk
[ 2015.03.26 19:47:50 ] Ogre Magi > easy directions, u can't miss it :)
[ 2015.03.26 19:48:16 ] Galgon Triumverate > GL Ogre
[ 2015.03.26 19:48:25 ] Akron Badasaz > gl to both of you
[ 2015.03.26 19:52:13 ] Ogre Magi > it sems my range is longer than yours Galgon Triumverate, among other things
[ 2015.03.26 19:52:58 ] Akron Badasaz > lol now now, no need for epeening :P

Ogre had fitted Light Missiles and a microwarpdrive... my Rocket fit was unable to close range to fighting distance. I was suffering cruelly without causing Ogre any discomfort. Switching to manual control, I sped away from my opponent. Turning back suddenly, I was finally able to come within scram / web range. With Ogre's MWD disabled and his speed impaired, my Rockets were finally able to finish my opponent, with my own structure barely intact.

Somehow I had beaten Ogre... my first ever victory against a fellow Capsuleer!

[ 2015.03.26 20:00:19 ] Galgon Triumverate > gf
[ 2015.03.26 20:00:25 ] Akron Badasaz > good fight boys!
[ 2015.03.26 20:00:28 ] Kavoro Pel > Awesome!
[ 2015.03.26 20:00:29 ] Ogre Magi > hmm
[ 2015.03.26 20:00:41 ] Ogre Magi > how did you come back like that ? O_O
[ 2015.03.26 20:00:47 ] Akron Badasaz > Ogre Magi u not going to offer a GF?
[ 2015.03.26 20:00:57 ] Ogre Magi > yeah ofc
[ 2015.03.26 20:01:04 ] Ogre Magi > good duel
[ 2015.03.26 20:01:17 ] Galgon Triumverate > kk tc
[ 2015.03.26 20:01:23 ] Ogre Magi > i thought i had you
[ 2015.03.26 20:01:30 ] Akron Badasaz > Ogre Magi thank you for honoring it btw
[ 2015.03.26 20:01:40 ] Galgon Triumverate > yeah cheers
[ 2015.03.26 20:02:08 ] Ogre Magi > i still don't understand how did he get on my tail like that :/
[ 2015.03.26 20:02:33 ] Ogre Magi > guess i need to do some reading
[ 2015.03.26 20:02:37 ] Kavoro Pel > He was flying away from you, you followed
[ 2015.03.26 20:02:45 ] Kavoro Pel > Thats when he turned around
[ 2015.03.26 20:02:47 ] Akron Badasaz > then he accelerated right back at you
[ 2015.03.26 20:03:11 ] Ogre Magi > ahh i see
[ 2015.03.26 20:03:23 ] Ogre Magi > and his dps went much higher at that point
[ 2015.03.26 20:03:35 ] Akron Badasaz > Ogre Magi because he got into his optimal
[ 2015.03.26 20:04:09 ] Ogre Magi > i should have wen't the opposite way xD
[ 2015.03.26 20:04:50 ] Kavoro Pel > See, you both learned something now :)
[ 2015.03.26 20:04:56 ] Akron Badasaz > yup :)
[ 2015.03.26 20:05:16 ] Akron Badasaz > I also enojyed actually watching a fight without having to press anything
[ 2015.03.26 20:05:17 ] Ogre Magi > yeah, it was fun
[ 2015.03.26 20:05:19 ] Galgon Triumverate > ok Ogre - same time tomorrow?
[ 2015.03.26 20:05:33 ] Ogre Magi > haha sure
[ 2015.03.26 20:05:43 ] Galgon Triumverate > see you then
[ 2015.03.26 20:05:46 ] Ogre Magi > i won't make the same mistake twice though
[ 2015.03.26 20:05:54 ] Galgon Triumverate > yeah
[ 2015.03.26 20:06:01 ] Ogre Magi > bye o/
[ 2015.03.26 20:06:04 ] Kavoro Pel > o/
[ 2015.03.26 20:06:04 ] Galgon Triumverate > o7
[ 2015.03.26 20:06:05 ] Akron Badasaz > o/
[ 2015.03.26 20:06:25 ] Akron Badasaz > Im glad that happened :)


Ogre never did fight me again, but he did leave Jol Nar Industries and seek a more combat-oriented career elsewhere.

For myself, I spent a few more days with the Knights of the New Halaima Code of Conduct within Sword of the Saviour, but the fight with Ogre had taught me that I had everything to learn about fighting against fellow capsuleers.

Kavoro and Akron told me there was a place that taught young pilots everything there was to know about combat, from 1v1 Frigate duels, to vast fleet actions with Battleships on either side - the famous academies of RvB.

...and so I was drawn inexorably to Otela (pausing only for a medicinal Quafe) ... (or two)

... (ok five)

... (and some boosters)

The End?
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#149544 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 03 May 2015 - 03:24 PM

'Well that was a great roam last night, happy that we all enjoyed it so much'
Mangala 'The Gankfather' Solaris


Last night Galgon Triumverate took part in the great expedition 'Ganked 166' (codenamed Gone Fishin') led by the august Gankfather himself, Mangala Solaris - whom, it is known, has taken a special interest in young Galgon Triumverate.

Sir Ganks-alot had let it be known throughout the region that he was planning an expedition deep into Sovereign Nullsec, although our final destination was a tightly-held secret, that Galgon himself had had to erase from his memories to thwart the psychic probes of his enemies. But when The Ganksta calls, he is not left standing alone - pilots flooded to his banner from across the whole region and beyond, drawn by the famous Ganked maxim "In the middle of a proper fight nobody cares if you died"... let's face it - this shit was dangerous and nothing draws the scum of the spaceways from their gutters like danger!

We began to gather at 19:00 universal time, with some of the less disciplined pilots straggling in closer to 20:00... Galgon himself had been waylaid in a fist-fight with 24 naked sumo wrestlers; else he, of course, would have arrived on time.

Hazarding the habitual scorning of his beloved Osprey Mark 1 Logistics Platform, Galgon proffered the boundless largesse of his logistics support. But word had spread of his peerless ability to tackle, and such was the need for his uncomprimising point, that Galgon girded himself in his trusty Merlin Mark 1 Armoured Tank and lined-up alongside the serried banners of the various Warleaders assigned to lead the many squads beneath the imperious Gankfather and his Wing Commanders - each a famous warleader in their own rights! Galgon himself was mustered within the squad led by Shish Tukay within Waitangi's wing - and took his place with some trepidation, for it is true that before this night, Galgon had never left the security of High Sec space.

Engaging communications, Galgon was somewhat distracted by the morale-boosting visuals priovided by Iredude - designed, it must be thought, to raise the pressure of our blood, in anticipation of the slaughter to come! Yet the unlikely proportions of Iredude's visuals were not the only thing to stagger Galgon - for when the flight path was disclosed, it was clear this was no expedition to the borderlands of Null Sec, but a deep spearhead into the heartlands of Fountain!


This looked like an assault on the Brave Collective - an audacious undertaking that would have seemed absurb had it been proposed by a lesser pilot than Mangala 'The Gankfather' Solaris! Setting his route-planning systems to forego the luxery of a safer path, Galgon headed out into the unknown - passing through Low Sec with barely a pause, he plunged into the lawless wastes of Null Sec with his fleet-mates beside him - taking comfort from the great Worms that flew alongside his Merlin (some pilots clearly felt the need for the additional security provided by these technological wonder-ships... but not Galgon!)

As we forged our way closer to our destination, our Scouts began to spot signs that our passing was noticed - as we were trailed unobtrusively from system to system, by the pioneers of the great coalitions. Nearing our destination of YZ-LQL - the Serpentis stronghold within the heart of Fountain, we foreswore the swiftness of 'free burn' and formed ranks for the safety of all, undertaking majestic fleet warps as we neared the end of our long journey.


Pausing to form up outside the gateway to YZ-LQL, we were instructed to jump and hold cloak... and rightly so, for as we passed into the system, we saw the enemy fleet awaited us on the other side of the gate - with us cloaked right under their noses, betrayed only by the constant flash of the jump gate activating.

With a final word of encouragement, we were instructed to drop our cloaks and engage our enemy - the Gankfather himself calling targets, with Galgon feeling the blood rushing in his brain like an overdose of Boosters i.e. an average night in the life of nitro oxide!

The pilots of the Brave Collective did fight with honour that night, and Galgon himself was targeted several times by their leading pilots - but to no avail! For Galgon did transmit the Broadcast request for Shields and was not ignored by the might of the Logi Bro Crew - who, it is said, have a special place in their heart for Galgon, who is one day destined to lead them!

And Galgon Triumverate did almost discharge in his own spacesuit, at the thought of the cherished Kill Mails he would win for himself on that field of battle. For he was like a man demented (in so far as he was a man, and he was demented) pointing Caracal after Caracal (in case the interdiction sphere dropped, it was best to have a failsafe!)

When the Gankfather finally stopped calling the targets, Galgon looked around at the sea of wrecks surrounding the YZ-LQL gate and thought to himself that he was pretty good at invading Null Sec, but that invading Null Sec was tiring work; and with his blood afire from the pandemonium of battle (aye, and from some of the visuals provided by Iredude) he thought to himself that he would sample the famous Serpentis lovepits at The Guardian Angel Assembly Plant, that he had heard much tell of during his youth!


Waking the next morning, with his brain still afire with Quafe, Galgon did look around himself astonished - for he was alone within the depths of sovereign Null Sec without his fleet mates around him! And Galgon did wonder to himself how he would be able to return to the safety of Otela, with such dangerous stretches of space betwixt him and it.

But Galgon was not to wonder for long, for when he undocked from the station for a quick look at his surroundings, he was relieved of the burden of this quandry, by the kindness of the Null Sec pilots that greeted him. "Good morning bright Triumvir" their guns seemed to mock, as they tramelled both his Merlin and his POD in short order!

Which is one fine way to deal with a hangover!
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#149527 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 03 May 2015 - 12:31 PM

'In the online age, it was more important to live out loud than to live with dignity'
Daniel Silva [The Heist]


Looking back now, through a fog of recursively-generated memories, the beginning seems difficult to grasp. The details seem clear, and yet the context... less so.

My first real memories are of graduating to the Career Paths of the School of Applied Knowledge. These provided an introduction to the opportunities available for a pilot within New Eden - Hauling, Trading, Mining and Manufacturing. In addition, they provided the opportunity to engage in Combat - real combat - against the novice pilots of the great Pirate Factions, which are sent into High Security space as part of their own development programmes.

Completing the Career Paths provided me with my first reserves of ISK and more ships than I could ever imagine using! They introduced me to the concepts of Skill Training... enabling me to slowly utilise the rewards provided by each syllabus.

Having completed the Career Paths with ease, I looked around for further opportunities and noted the different Divisions in which work was available for the monolithic NPC Corporations - Security, Distribution and Mining. These seemed to provide the clearest path onwards for me, so I fitted a Venture for mining, a Badger for Hauling and a Merlin for Security work and set-about earning more money... but this life seemed repetitive, and lonely. I began to question my place in the world, thinking several times that it might be better to end this New Eden existence.

I needed the company of fellow Capsuleers to make this unending-life seem liveable. I availed myself of the starbase bulletin boards and trawled the recruitment ads for various independent Corporations - I knew what i needed... somewhere amenable to a young Capsuleer - somewhere I could engage in the required activities of Mining and Missions (as directed by the School of Applied Knowledge). I finally found what I had been looking for - an independent Corpation named Jol Nar Industries based within the Kamda system:-


Jol Nar Industries were a medium sized corporation, that were recruiting industry and combat oriented pilots and, more importantly, were Rookie friendly - providing support to help new pilots get going in New Eden - just the type of organisation that a young capsuleer like myself had been looking for!

Easgerly submitting my resume for the consideration of their Recruitment Officers, I was pleased to be contacted, without pause for hesitation, by their CEO liaxolox - inviting me to immediately join his group.

I was introduced into the corporation with a brief, unechoed, "welcome" in their communication channel and, not wanting to waste any time, I resolved to move my assets that afternoon, to the Kamda system where our headquarters were located.

But all was not as it seemed at Jol Nar Industries... it soon became apparent that Industry and Combat oriented meant mining, and lots of it! Daily messages enjoined us to join their mining fleet, where boosts were available every hour of the day via Rage Face - a neural replicant of the CEO. liaxolox seemed almost a neural replicant himself - always at the helm and yet never available on our communication channel. Fleet protocol required ore to be stored within Rage's Orca and we were issued payment in Kredits via interstellar transfer following each day of mining - although payment was haphazard and often incorrect... or "rounded for convenience" as liaxolos liked to say!

liaxolox and his stooge Rage Face, were joined in their corporate responsibilities by another Director named Elimindreda. Eli never joined our mining fleets, but lia seemed to trust Eli more than anyone else - they were often to be found within the starbase, their whispering always silenced the minute they saw one of us workers approaching.


The quiet routine of my new life was violently interrupted around a week later, by the news that CONCORD had turned their backs on us, and accepted payment to sanction an attack on our organisation! The Corporation at the heart of this declaration was named Sword of the Saviour, but our communication channels were abuzz with another name that morning - CODE!


This was the first I had heard about CODE... but I had known christopher - like myself he was a new worker at the corporation and a young capsuleer making a start in New Eden... perhaps like myself he had not heard of CODE, and had protected his own interests without understanding the implications of his actions. I resolved to scour the starbase databases for information on the mysterious CODE - after all, I would have plenty of time on my hands, being 'docked up' for the duration of this war!

...to be continued...
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#149346 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 30 April 2015 - 06:55 AM

Galgon Triumverate has heard mighty tales, Sir Gankfather, of your august majesty.

Long has he awaited the secret code initiating him into the upper echelons of Olympus... methinks this missive above has about it the ring of cypher and Galgon's +3 implants (the likes of which have never been seen before!) do interpret this as "you are immediately promoted to Deputy Gankfather - The Gankson"

Galgon Triumverate will accept this commission of course, for Galgon is as magnanimous as he is Great!


...meanwhile from Planet Earth...

Cheers Mangala! Leon :-)
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#149155 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 27 April 2015 - 04:34 PM

“Hey!" he shouted. "This is my fucking Lake of Death. I have complete and utter exclusive rights to sailing this lake. Get the fuck off my lake!”

Jeff Noon, Pollen




Galgon Triumverate has wild tales to tell, of the famed Frigatus festival this weekend. In which Reds and Blues alike cast aside their allegiances and engage in mighty combat for the glory of all!


On the approach of this august occasion many pilots did engage in the cleansing act of Frigate Free-for-All’ing in which they prepared their clones for the sacred combats that were to herald the holy sacrament of Frigatus! Galgon himself did engage in these preparatory rituals and, as has been recounted before, was not bereft of the sacred Kill Mails (which, as is known, he cherishes above all else!)


Aye! And on the dawning of Frigatus, Galgon did betake himself to his carefully prepared Bantam Mark 1 Field Repair Vehicle hangar and admire with satisfaction the shining might of their Cap Stability… passing quickly over the tissue-thin quality of his tank – for who needs Tank when there are Logi Bros to substitute?!


Yet from one communication channel to another did Galgon cast his [mighty] gaze, searching out the safe embrace of a fellow Logi Bro but Alas! Some [nefariously-directed] malady must have bestruck the entirety of the Logi Bro wing and it seemed to poor Galgon that he stood alone in an empty plane, bereft of the gentle succour of Cooperative Logistic Support!


But Galgon is not one to be dismayed by such perils, and did set up his own ‘Fleet Advert’ and advertised that Logi Support would be available for all that required it, such was the selfless largesse of this Titanic Capsuleer!


Now, Centronix is well known throughout the constellation and respected for his skills as both pilot and commander, and Centronix saw the advertised largesse of Galgon’s logistics support and did think to himself “I must jump at this chance to stand side-by-side with the mighty Galgon Triumverate, for chances such as these befall mortals but once in a lifetime” or something similar, no doubt!


Galgon transmitted to Centronix “Where you at... I'm hiding RHQ in Bantam atm lol” …and the skill with which Galgon Triumverate can cower within the starbase hangar is unmatched and is the envy of all sensible pilots within the constellation (although it must be said this constellation seems somewhat lacking in sensible pilots!)


Now Centronix did say unto Galgon “why dont you grab a free frig rather than a bantam? :)” to which Galgon responded “Logi rocks” and Centronix was satisfied with this answer for it is True that Logi does indeed ‘rock’ and none can argue with that!


A plan was formed and Centronix brought out his mighty Condor, intending to furiously tackle our foes as generous Shield Reps were showered upon him. Setting his course to the Battlegrounds of ‘Poinen Top Belt’, Centronix charged forth and did tackle the enemy and Galgon was warping towards his FC as quickly as he could, but it seemed the capricious Gods were once again meddling in Galgon’s affairs for first they slowed the pace of his warp, and then they slowed the pace of his targeting and Galgon was unable to apply even one cycle of his Remote Shield Transporters [Tech 1] before the titan Centronix was brought low.


Then Galgon did feel like a bit of an idiot and did search his soul for an answer to this obscene failure to provide the most basic Logi support to his FC and the answer was not found wanting (for Galgon is unsuppressable) and the answer was this – Galgon did turn his back on the sacred Bantam Mark 1 Field Repair Vehicle (and was seen to spit in the direction of the proud Bantam’s lined within his starbase) and did think ‘I will betake myself to the Red POS and pilot a free Merlin’; for though it is Galgon’s destiny to be the most celebrated Logistics pilot in New Eden, it seemed that perhaps that destiny could wait just ‘a little’ longer!


Now within his mighty Merlin Mark 1 Armoured Tank did Galgon again join the titan Centronix, and time and again these mighty pilots brought low their foes [taking minimal losses, to Galgon’s recollection] and this felt Good! Centronix was indefatigable, but Galgon was finally called back to base to listen to an urgent transmission from Channel ‘RL’ and did thank Centronix for the fleet and did indulge in one [or two] sips of the victory Quafe ‘tis true!


But it was not long before Galgon blessed the sacred Frigatus festival with his immortal presence again and this time he did forego the idea of Logistics support altogether and did think to himself “Fook that for a game of soldiers, it was more fun to pew shit up” (‘scuse my ‘Gallente’) and thought he had acquitted himself admirably in the Merlin Mark 1 previously, and that he would pilot the mighty Armoured Tank once again and could almost see the merry flashes of the Kill Mail notifications before he had even left the starbase!


Now Galgon had not reckoned on facing another immortal that day (the Gods usually meddling in Galgon’s affairs in less obvious ways) but across the field of battle (Poinen Top Belt) strode the ‘Pewmaster’ Gorski Car, casting aside Red and Blue alike in his furious Berserkergang; and it was with some trepidation that Galgon did face this opponent – and rightfully so – for Gorski Car is famous far and wide for the death to which he delivers all who oppose him; and Galgon was not wrong to know doubt, for he could barely close to battle range against Gorski Car and was punished with cruel hammer blows from the ingenious Drones which Gorski did employ, and did explode amidst the starfield and be denied the sacred Kill Mail for which he had thirsted.


Now Galgon is becoming [slightly] less ignorant of Frigate duelling tactics and thought to himself that the Merlin would never be able to overcome this mighty foe and he looked far and wide (within the Red POS) for a solution to this issue and a solution was not found wanting, for soon his gaze alighted upon the Kestrel Mark 1 Light Missile Boat and he thought to himself ‘with the power of a [Tech 1] MWD, I may be able to keep range on my opponent and reign Light Missile death from afar’ and this was pleasing to Galgon; although the vexing complication of how to hold an opponent in place long enough to destroy him did cross his mind!


But Galgon is ‘all about solutions not problems’ and Galgon did think to himself ‘if I warp in at 50km and wait until another pilot is engaging Gorski, then I could whore the sacred Kill Mails and be vaunted as victor this day! And as the surging tides of battle moved back and forth, Galgon, Gorski and James Repo (yet another titanic pilot amongst the Frigatus festivities) did share the sacred Kill Mails between them and great honour was given and due that afternoon.


Then onto the battlefield strode another pilot named ‘STARAGATE’… this pilot joined the fray as any other, but it soon became clear that he forswore the might of Tech 1 Modules and had procured the obscene profanity of Tech 2 Modules (may they rot forever in hell… or at least until Galgon is sufficiently trained to employ them!)


Now STARAGATE’s Tech 2 splendour dispatched e’en the immortal Gorski (without even range-whoring!) and it looked like he would hang on the edge of the trysting ground, picking off pilots unchallenged in his Tech 2 Supremary! But this was not to be, for Gorski returned to the field undeterred and did charge furiously towards STARAGATE again – such is the courage of Gorski that he can be daunted by no man or woman! Then did Galgon turn on his Target Painter and painted STARAGATE as brightly as the Sun and Galgon did project his Light Missile barrage towards STARAGATE and Lo! It happened that even the might of Tech 2 Modules can be brought low by the combined efforts of two immortals side-by-side and this felt GOOD to Galgon Triumverate!


Then did Galgon bethink himself of the honour with which STARAGATE had faced two opponents alone and Galgon did open up the Local Communications channel and provide STARAGATE with a ‘GF’ for he had well-earned it! Galgon waited eagerly for the reciprocal ‘GF’ but instead he was answered with the bitter words ‘bit gay waiting for the easy kill’… and Galgon was wroth with anger! But sometimes rage has also been known to get the better of Galgon and cause him to make an idiot of himself in local (such as in the Otela incident that presaged Galgon’s entry into the Red Federation), so Galgon consoled himself with his cherished [6.549m ISK] kill mail and did content himself with the gentle rebuke “always nice to see a GF gracefully received”!


Now Galgon and Gorski were left facing each other over the wreck of STARAGATE’s pimped-up Frigate and it seemed right that only one victor should remain, so Gorski turned his Drones on Galgon and Galgon turned his MWD on Gorski, and the MWD won the day for Galgon was able to MWD off beyond reach and so only one victor did remain (Gorski)!


Again Galgon returned to the field and employed the range-whoring tactic one last time in his Kestrel and did again catch Gorski fighting James Repo, and when Gorski was target-painted again and attacked by two opponents, only one result was inevitable – Galgon and James were left victorious on the field of battle and Galgon did try once more to employ the might of his Tech 1 MWD but this time he had strayed too close to James Repo (who has the reflexes of the Jecal) and lethal fire flew between them and yet no quarter was given nor asked for… until first the shields of both opponents were stripped away, and still no quarter was given nor asked; and then the entirety of both pilots armour was destroyed and both were stood naked in their structure… but still no quarter was asked nor pleaded and lethal fire continued to rain between them, with Galgon urging his over-heated Light Missile Launcher to churn out barrage after barrage and for a moment it did look as if Galgon would be victorious in this thunderous contest and only one more barrage of Light Missiles would be required to defeat his brave opponent… but even still his opponent stood firm and cast fire into Galgon’s face and Galgon was thrown down and James Repo stood victorious, albeit with only 3% structure remaining and heroic indeed is James Repo for not once during the engagement did James flinch and he did most-assuredly earn the victory GF, which was returned with honour by the noble and mighty James Repo!


Yet once more that weekend did Galgon return to the field of Frigatus festivities and mightily had he enjoyed this great event! Searching the ‘Fleet Finder’ Galgon’s eye did alight upon a fleet set on ‘Suicide Ganking’ a miner within the Poinen system, and Galgon was intrigued, for he had never before engaged in the noble art of Suicide Ganking and did lust eagerly with suicidal joy for the Sacred Kill Mail which might be earned from such an act!


Now Galgon was pleased to see the Suicide Gank fleet was FC’d by the noble Centronix, whom we have had cause to mention before, and Centronix did wisely tutor us all in advance on the noble art of Ganking and did remind us to disengage our Safety Devices prior to engagement and Galgon disengaged his Safety Device with zeal, for he had not been aware his ship possessed such a device and he spurned such childish protections!


Galgon did follow the fleet to the asteroid belt with bright fire in his veins, and did – on the word of his FC – charge furiously the [innocent] Mining Barge that was the target of the Gank Squad and did Point and Web the Barge – Aye! And did employ the might of his Tech 1 Electron Blasters also, for all the good it did – barely scratching the surface of the majestic Barge. Now Galgon was almost immediately sought out by the [retarded] forces of CONCORD, who frown upon such noble acts of Gank – but Galgon was not perturbed, for this was a Suicide Gank and so Galgon kept his Mighty Tech 1 Electron Blasters aimed true until the end and did think as his POD was ejected that he was pretty good at this Suicide Ganking business… and it was true, at least, that he had no difficulty mastering the Suicide element!


Now Galgon paused a moment in his POD to admire the imminent destruction of the Gank Squad’s target and did err in this, for even the hated School of Applied Knowledge mentioned once or twice the need to WARP OFF YOUR POD IMMEDIATELY! But Galgon was distracted thinking about his future career as an Elite Suicide Ganker and all the Glory he would win bringing terror to the [innocent] Miners of New Eden!


From this pleasant reverie was Galgon soon awoken, for it seemed that the Mining Barge would not succumb to the Suicide Squad and would survive our terrible onslaught and as Galgon thought to himself that he had better WARP HIS POD OFF IMMEDIATELY he was dismayed to find himself Warp Disrupted by a hostile Battlecruiser and did cringe inwardly as he bethought himself of his cherished +3 Implants (the likes of which have never been seen before!) and his newly purchased Skill Hardwires which he had already grown mightily fond of!


Of course, no POD (not even the immortal Galgon Triumverate’s) can face down a hostile Battlecruiser victoriously, but the titanic struggle that ensued seemed almost too close to call at times and only as the final percentage of Galgon’s POD structure gave way, was the outcome ever certain!


Now Galgon did bethink to himself that he would have to drive his Slave harder, and harder still, until his [hated] Badger Mark 0.9 Hauling Appliance could re-coup the losses of the day; but Galgon did console himself with the thought that he could at least return quickly to the battlefields to finish the Frigatus festivities with honour.


But Galgon Triumverate was disabused even of this tiny comfort. For by some nefarious design, his foes had relocated his Clone to the Kamda system over 15 jumps away, and Galgon could not understand how they had achieved this, for he was sure he had gotten round to re-locating his Clone within the Otela system, unless the Gods are now messing with his very memories on top of all their other meddling?!


One final indignity must Galgon Triumverate admit that day… for amongst the noble Capsuleers of the Red Federation, there is one spoken of in whispers named Y'talana Ktra'a, who can oft times be found sifting amongst the corpses like some sadistic Ghoul... and for what debauched purposes she employs these macabre trophies – no-one who lives can attest, yet she herself was heard to have confirmed, of Galgon’s corpse, in open communication “heh, snuggle :P” – such depravity can scarcely be believed!


But as Galgon did console his outraged mind with a medicinal Quafe, he did think that the Frigatus Festival had been a resounding success and did look forward to many more opportunities to fight alongside and against the noble pilots of RvB.






Be subjected to depraved graveside acts by one’s compatriots!



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#148894 The Adventures, and Misadventures, of Galgon Triumverate

Posted by Galgon Triumverate on 19 April 2015 - 09:44 PM

'Thou hast seen nothing yet'
Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes

'You aint seen nothing yet'
Bachman Turner Overdrive


Galgon Triumverate has enjoyed yet another evening of frivolous destruction!

All clad in the chaotic hulls of the local 'Free Frigate Summer'festival - Galgon Triumverate likes to ingratiate himself in local customs as a sign of his magnanimity, unequalled as it is!

One befuddled melee was ensuing, with one Glorious Red against another amidst [retarded] Blue against [retarded] Blue!

But then, betwixt this cyclopeon struggle arose Giants amongst men! Linn Wei, proud warleader was first amongst these, and Severity 911 and Abysus were not far behind. Aye! And Galgon Triumverate also! Albeit in a less ostentatious manner. Indeed, some would have barely noticed it, such was it's subtlety!

Proud Kestrel Mark 1 Missile Conveyancers and Tristan Mark 1 Drone Transmitters formed the kernel of our fleet and with fewer numbers even We struggled to stem the seemingly endless tide of the [retarded] Blues.

But the call went out and the [Glorious] Reds were not found wanting. Proud Red ranks formed the reveilled roster and Galgon's heart swelled with something never felt before - true fellowship, lance beside lance, come Hell or high-water, to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the Last day.

And those ranks were led victorious - Aye! And well-ordered cohorts followed their Primaries. And with virulent scorn were the [retarded] Blues torn down.

Fresh anew was forged Galgon's heart that evening, as his carefully programmed tuition had inevitably set him, Recruit 19750925, FORMED for duty. A destined Triumvir amongst destined Triumvirs:




(repeat, fade to Black)


...I have been trapped in the darkness for eternity...

<recursive neural sub-routine>
**//**DARKNESS = LIGHT**//**
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