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#146003 Hello

Posted by Roniin Makami on 02 March 2015 - 03:33 PM

Smurfs or Elmos?

Live from blighty


Both taste good when deep fried and served with sriracha.

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#145765 Hello

Posted by Roniin Makami on 27 February 2015 - 01:55 AM

Hello, future scrambled eggs!


Roniin Makami here. Just a quicky intro and AMA about myself.

I have been playing EVE for about 2 months now. Although I have had a few trials this is my first full account. I originally joined EUNI in the hopes of getting help learning the game - a week after joining I had no questions answered and was chewed twice for helping other pilots. They also have rules against pretty much everything that's fun in EVE. So screw'em.

My favorite ships are the Condor, Megathron, and the Moa.  (And the new Drifter BCs)


I joined RvB last night and, after transfering my frigates and needed gear to the home station, I had fun in this game for the first time since I started. Also I looked forward to losing my ships and fighting. I lost count of how many frigates I lost! And I'm not pissed about it! To me that is awesome.


I look forward to many other losses and future kills.


This is an Ask Me Anything post to get to know me. So if you want to ask me, just ask! No rules, I'll just ignore questions that I feel are too personal.


Fly stupid! o7

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