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Just joined Blue a couple days ago, harro!

02 February 2015 - 03:54 AM

Hello all!
Returning player Duo64 (not to be confused with Duo Death) after a 3.5year break. Last time around I was hanging out in Nullsec with the red.overlord alliance and constant CTAs with enforced gay drake fleets got boring fast (im cross trained gallente/amarr)...2 years prior to tht in 09 i was involved with an nbsi lowsec corp doing all sorts of random things as a total nub (wh, exploration, moon mining, pvp fleets, etcs)

I consider myself a complete noob still especially since after starting again, everythings new and changed...3.5 years also makes you forget all the noob mistakes I used to make as well so you'll definitely catch me doing stupid things to get myself blown up frequently for a bit...

I Considered trying FW and actully solo joined for a day before being accepted into B-REP but this looks more like my thing, events and fights where I can jump right in and start blowing up and getting blown up...everybody in comms and fleets are friendly and fun and within an hour i was having fun in the recent CfB event ad if I've been in here for years...

All in all, Im gonna stop rambling on and I should be around for a while and am always ready to fleet up when Im on but will probably miss out on most scheduled events since Im in GMT+8 timezone o7