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#141583 Lasses Leadership Lessons

Posted by Geekusoid on 17 December 2014 - 10:21 PM

Being a fleet commander can be very rewarding... Especially here since you can get paid to do so
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#141446 AAR - 15 December 14: "Rust Less"

Posted by Geekusoid on 16 December 2014 - 05:53 AM

After toying around on the forums for a bit I logged into the game to find myself having just missed some juicy RvB fleet action.  I went searching for the fleet via advertisements only to find out that what had become the standing fleet dropped out.  After determining that there wasn't an active FC I decided to dust off my flight brass and queued up a fleet at approximately 0330.  I soon found myself in the midst of a compliment of Red Federation's finest (around 12 ships) with word from Intel that the blue forces were amassing as well for another fight.  Splended.  I then proceeded to contact the opposing commander and arranged an equal footed cruiser and under fight.


I set to the motions, though it has been at least a full year before leading a non-pos oriented combat fleet, and organized my pilots.  After determining that I had a mix of brawlers and kiters, i split them into their respective squads and moved to the staging area for jump.  As we waited on the gate of the target system (Poinen) I gave final instruction that I would warp in first, then on command I would have brawlers warp to zero and kiters warp at range.   We soon all jumped into the system and the task was on:  rid the field of the blue enemy ( <3 blues ).


I landed at the designated battlefield and shortly after was greeted by an enemy fleet, drones and weapons at the ready.  Foolish me though forgot to reset my camera angle before I gave the command to engage to my squad leaders.  I ended up warping the brawlers at range, and the kiters on top of the enemy fleet.  Oh well, what can you do.  We proceeded to fight and through excellent marksmanship and pilot finesse we were able to hold the field.















After giving a brief period to celebrate and loot the spoils of war (and also acknowledge the great fight provided by our foe), I recalled the fleet back to Otela briefly to refit and re-arm.  While re-arming we had heard word of a ferox bouncing through the lines.  I sent skirmishers out to try and snag it, and snag it they did.  While they had it tied down I had what was available of the fleet at the time also engage.  Unfortunately for the ferox pilot, there was no returning fire.


Kill:  http://red.rvbeve.co...l&kll_id=777452


After the ferox burned, I sent a scout to Liekuri to keep eyes on enemy movement and hopefully gain the interest of more opposing fighters.  While doing so, I divided the fleet in Josameto to watch the multiple gates in and out.  It wasn't long until the Blues responded in kind into an escalating old fashioned brawl.  After a grueling fight, Red once again laid claim to the battlefield despite it coming at a greater cost this go round.









http://red.rvbeve.co...l&kll_id=777482 <--random flashy pilot who showed up in the wrong place at the wrong time


http://red.rvbeve.co...l&kll_id=777472<--Vargur Kill

http://red.rvbeve.co...l&kll_id=777479<--Legion Kill









http://red.rvbeve.co...l&kll_id=777460<--My Merlin









Once the two shinys had been taken down and most of their support fleet with it.  I felt it was time for me to go (and stop my excited/nervous shaking).  I graciously thanked the great pilots I had flying and handed off command to another able bodied pilot.



*at this point in comments, all reviews & critiques are welcome.  What can I improve on?  What should i do differently?*

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#141196 AAR 12 December 14: "Hunting Wabbits"

Posted by Geekusoid on 12 December 2014 - 04:32 PM

(just out of habit from the Uni, anytime I run a fleet there's going to be some sort of AAR written about it.  Enjoy it, despise it, whatever.  Its going to be here).



With a new war brewing I decided once I logged in I was going to try and form a nice small purple fleet to go hunt down one of the war targets floating around between deep low and null sec.  After getting a couple of locators ran on this target, it was determined that he was hopping between two systems out past Tasti.


I ran my personal checklist and then asked for some help in getting a purple fleet set up.  After getting gracious help, the advert went out and I waited.  Rejection, Rejection, more rejection.  Then, success!  Two people joined in fleet and shipped up.  I re-advertised the fleet to try and get the minimum 6 people to join....only to be met with further rejection.  I held the fleet open in Otela until 0520 hours when I disbanded it due to lack of participation.



Kills:  None

Losses: None (success!?)



What did I learn from this?  I learned that almost nobody cares about hunting war targets, even if it means doing a low/nullsec crawl at the same time for other things to blow up.


Special thanks to Tim and Xan for helping me get the fleet thing sorted out.  Also a thanks to NinjaSpud who was again super quick to join anything I was in.  Thanks bud!

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#140049 Voice actor needed

Posted by Geekusoid on 27 November 2014 - 09:10 PM

Is this still a thing needed? I have (and occasionally still do voice work in radio advertising).
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