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#103365 Possible RVB doctrine fleet fits

Posted by 000speks000 on 01 November 2013 - 08:44 PM

o/ comrads i'll try to rspond to this and sory for my broken english spelling :)

whot i can sugest we need only  1 docrine and not like 20 we not pro pvp !!! just stick on lets say caracal fleet with logi and tackle and thats IT 

its cheap efective and new player friendly whot you need to do is folow fc lock primary and press f1

NO guns!!! to complicated for us.

and use this only in times of war or when we going to lowsex or 0.0 (like wos event to kill them nightmares)

and i think lots of people can use caracals at least when i ask in fleet reds can field like 20 easy


With love speks

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