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#139161 PC Security Awareness!

Posted by Kai Zamayid on 18 November 2014 - 11:48 PM

This thread was ment to get you aware of the dangers online, if you have Tips and Tricks and How to's on how to maximise your security, then please post what programs you think can help others.


It can be browsers, apps with the browsers, pc programs, secure VPN's and so on, please post the name of the security products and their websites and maby even give us a quick info on what ea product does and how it can help our security.


Thanks and fly safe o7

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#139007 PC Security Awareness!

Posted by Kai Zamayid on 17 November 2014 - 01:18 AM

We live in a Digital world where information travel over the internet, so it is important that we stay safe.




This could very much be one of you, so how can we minimize our risk and stay safe on the internet and to protect ourself?

First of all, always make sure that you are up to date on patches, windows update comes with new updates and patches that will

protect you're computer, but you will still need other security products to stay protected.


Most security vendors on the market today have AntiVirus, Firewall, Internet Security and even Encryption and programs that can store

you're passwords (secured with encryption).


There are many great Vendors out there that you can choose from and the best ones are the ones you pay for.

So here i my setup, these are the security products that i use:


*Bitdefender Internet Security 2015


- Cost $66.07


With this product i now have a firewall, antivirus and other nice tools like privacy and clean up tools


*Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium


- Cost $24.95


This is a great product and you can get it for free, but the paid version gives you extra security, as malware protection and

Malicious Website Protection and it wont interfere with my main security, witch in this case is "Bitdefender Internet Security 2015"


*HitmanPro 3


- Cost $24.95


Malwarebytes and HitmanPro are being used as secondary scanners that does not interfere with you're main Internet security product

and HitmanPro is a very good scanner to use.


Okey so now i've listed my security products that i use, main security with 2 additional on demand scanners, what else could i use to help me out and at the same time keep me safe?


Well i do have other security products, ea with different purpose so i will list those aswell.




- Cost $29.99 (Pro) $44.99 (Premium) - These prices are 1 (one) time fees, premium is the one i uses and covers almost everything.


KeyScrambler encrypts everything that you type onto you're computer or other programs or any browsers, so if you are being keylogged by a program on your pc they will only see encrypted text and not you're actual text, the free version of KeyScrambler

protects your browser only but the premium version protects your windows log in and everthing on your pc even browesers and games like eve online, very usefull tool to have atleast with this program you cant say that you got hacked by a keylogger :)


*Kaspersky Password Manager


- Cost $24.95


Protect your Digital Identity...
Kaspersky Password Manager is an indispensable tool for the active Internet user. It fully automates the process of entering passwords and other data into websites and saves the user going to the trouble of creating and remembering multiple passwords.

All password saved by Kaspersky Password Manager is encrypted and secured and it also comes with Password Generator.




- Cost $20.11


"Let's admit it: sometimes, even though we know it's wrong, we all open the occasional sketchy program or file. We're not judging, but if you're going to do it, at least use protection. Enter Sandboxie, which lets you run programs independent of the rest of your system. That way they can't infect, access, or otherwise interfere with your Windows installation. It's also great for testing apps you aren't sure of or running multiple instances of an app that won't let you, so it's fun for the whole family."


Very usefull to use when you are unsure of a program or a website, use sandboxie, everything that happends in the sandbox happends in a virtual memory and should anything "Malicious" happend you just simply click terminate all and it's all gone like it never happend.


*CyberGhost VPN


- Cost $39.99


"CyberGhost VPN secures your internet connection, replaces your IP address with one of your choice and allows you to remain anonymous online and keep your private data safe from prying eyes. Best part? We don’t keep logs!"

Takes freedom of speech to a whole new level in the same way as TOR does (https://www.torproject.org/). It is also usefull to gain access to restricted areas, like i am not from the U.S.A but thanks to CyberGhost VPN i can access the american version of NetFlix!


*Secunia PSI


- Cost Free

The Secunia PSI explained

The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a free computer security solution that identifies vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft (third-party) programs which can leave your PC open to attacks.

Simply put, it scans software on your system and identifies programs in need of security updates to safeguard your PC against cybercriminals. It then supplies your computer with the necessary software security updates to keep it safe. The Secunia PSI even automates the updates for your insecure programs, making it a lot easier for you to maintain a secure PC.

Using a scanner like Secunia PSI 3.0 is complementary to antivirus software, and as a free computer security program, is essential for every home computer.


*Folder Lock


- Cost $39.95


Lock files, folders & drives

Encrypt files & folders

Backup files to a secure cloud

Protect USB/CD/Emails

Make Wallets

Shred files

Clean History


What is Folder Lock?

Folder Lock lets you password-protect files, folders and drives; encrypt your important files on-the-fly; backup them in real-time; protect portable drives; shred files & drives and clean history. Folder Lock is the most downloaded file-security application with more than 25 million users. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.




- Cost Free


"CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your PC.
It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure!"


Okey so i have listed up my security stuff, i am not saying that you need to buy all of this i was only listing what i use to stay safe.


Thanks for reading and fly safe o7


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