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#146940 Memorial FFA for Dracoth Simertet

Posted by Tim Pest on 16 March 2015 - 04:21 PM

I'll donate a PLEX to whoever makes the largest donation to Wirral Hospice by event's end. I'm not sure if I will be able to actually make the event but could you publicize that for me during it Jiny?

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#146080 Frigatus - 0.00 UTC 28/2 - 11.00 UTC 2/3

Posted by Tim Pest on 03 March 2015 - 09:39 PM

I will start by saying I used to dislike Frigatus (I even personally dislike the name!). However, the last event I had quite a bit of fun and with the past weekend I enjoyed it even more. 


My biggest issue with previous weekends was it was hard to balance fleets if you could only use T1 frigates, T2 and faction stuff gave a lot of variation.


I noticed a lot of people whining about "vet fleets" when in reality there were quite a few people flying about solo and in smaller numbers simply not killing eachother, which is completely fine. I think the complaints of people flying with their friends is pretty asinine. If you're going to limit who people can fly with I think we'd see an influx of "fuck offs" and rightfully so.


Something like 5 man fleets sounds AWESOME to me. I played for quite a few hours and didn't get to do 3-way fleet fights once, which are the most exciting part of these events. 


If people are concerned with not having enough FCs look at it this way, all of the FCs will definitely be getting fights right?! I think most of us interact with 4 other people pretty damn regularly in the workplace or school or it shouldn't be an issue to take a fleet and get in space.



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#143374 Del Delvechio

Posted by Tim Pest on 23 January 2015 - 07:02 PM

While the majority of RvB probably has very little knowledge or care, a pretty big change took place in RvB last week with our changing of the CEO guard. Del Delvechio stepped down from his position as the head of RvB after keeping our organization afloat for a long, long time.


Personally, I wouldn't be on this forum had I not joined Red Federation 5 years ago and joined fleet with a drake flying, merlin loving mob boss. During my time in RvB thousands of pilots have come and gone, some stay for a day, some for a year. One of the few constants was Del Delvechio.


Most of you probably imagine being internet spaceship CEO/Alliance Head is a cupcake job. How could it not be? You can kick whoever you want, you have access to all of the money, you're the space king! Those of you who have actually held any position with responsibility in RvB and likely elsewhere know that to be false. 


When you're the CEO of an organization with thousands of noobs you log in with hundreds of e-mails everyday. Your play-time is constantly interrupted by randoms with questions that don't understand lower level leadership can answer your question about getting on comms or that you really don't care if they don't have any isk left. Fortunately for RvB, Del was always willing to help the noobs. If he heard you were in need of a frigate you'd often find a stack of them in your inventory shortly thereafter. Del's signature move was bombarding you with free ships, even if you said no 10 times they'd still find their way into your inventory.


For a significant portion of RvB's existence the primary source of RvB income came from Del's personal wallet. With rare exception if you flew in an RvB event where you received a free ship whether it be a hurricane or a rifter, Del was probably responsible for paying for it.


More valuable than the isk Del put into RvB was his time. During Del's reign many of us have been burned out with EVE several times. I don't know how much time I have invested into RvB and too be honest I don't want to! But I know that Del Delvechio easily put in 10 times that amount, oftentimes to his chagrin.


A lot of you that have been in RvB may rejoice that Del is finally stepping down to pursue other ventures. He was a fleet flying noob after all! He didn't go out of his way to make it easy for solo pilots to kill noobs. He didn't let me pod people I didn't like. He killed me when I brought my tornado to snipe frigates in an arranged fight. He setup boring arranged fights! He told me when I was dick. He was mean to me once! I couldn't use my neutral characters to win fights. He didn't change RvB to exactly how I wanted it. I couldn't use my neutral characters to win fights. Yet, most of you are still here.


I am not concerned with RvB's future. Del has left it in the capable hands of internet spaceship celebrities, former CEOs, and level-headed Texans. But next time you log off thinking you had a damn good time in RvB, a small part of that will still be thanks to the time and work Del Delvechio has put in over the years without asking for anything in return.


That said, thanks for doing all the dirty work Del. If it wasn't for your work in all of the facets of RvB I can assure you there'd be at least 10 fewer eve accounts AFK right now.


When you log on today take the time to shoot Del Delvechio one last mail thanking him for his years of making a special little place in the EVE universe because I think somewhere deep down when he is sitting around counting his isk and making bowheads he's going to miss reading your mails about who podded who or why you can't kill a velator with your 3 laser merlins.

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#141476 Media request: RvB soloers + purple

Posted by Tim Pest on 16 December 2014 - 04:54 PM

I was just going to 9mm my monitor, that will work right?

:lol: I missed this internet spaceship place a little

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#141418 Media request: RvB soloers + purple

Posted by Tim Pest on 15 December 2014 - 09:40 PM

I can't wait to see the vertical VHS recording of Delucian's CRT monitor.

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#40178 Challenge the AT X Team Official Thread (Registration Closed)

Posted by Tim Pest on 19 August 2012 - 10:03 PM

It's just a bit of fun, trust me the selection process for the team was far more complex than this!


First I had to send Cablex a blood sample, urine sample. hair sample, two semen samples, and a pair of my underwear. Then we all met up in an empty field and became blood brothers. After that we each had to get an alt into a director position in at least 4 major eve alliances. I was then forced to undergo a full cavity search, provide Cablex with nude photos and undergo a physical examination to make sure I was clear of physical defects. Following the psych exam I had to memorize The Illiad and recite it in Spanish while also eating a box full of live insects...that was the first day of the week long selection process.
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#39246 Cosmo Blink and Telemachus Rheade

Posted by Tim Pest on 14 August 2012 - 06:55 PM

I was able to get some time in today during the Euro play time and hopped into fleet with Cosmo and Telemachus for a bit. They ran a great fleet, keeping blues organized, holding people to strict ship restrictions to make sure the fight was as agreed, etc.

At some point they were massively out-shipped in an arranged fight and took the beating with grace I wish more people had, even going as to far as squelch the complaints of other fleet members in our various channels. Just wanted to give them both a big thanks and recognition for being the kind of FCs we need around here to prevent problems and keep everybody happy and having a good time.

I have sent them both 100 million isk for their good service! Thanks guys!
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#37358 Logistics 101: How to RR.

Posted by Tim Pest on 03 August 2012 - 07:14 AM

This is going to be a basic course teaching the value of logistics support ships in a fleet and how to use them effectively. The class will focus on teaching the basics of shield and armor reps using T1 logistics cruisers. The course will take an hour or two and hopefully be followed by a real world battle using the skills learned for some first-hand experience. The class will follow the Broadcasting Course.

T1 Logistics cruisers will be provided to RvB members.

Class Prerequisites: Broadcasting 101 or a basic understanding of how to use the broadcast system.

Skill Prerequisites: Choose ONE option
Option A (Shield):
  • Caldari Cruiser 4
  • Shield Emission Systems 1
  • Electionic Warfare 1
  • Energy Emission Systems 1
  • Energy Systems Operation 1
  • Electronic Upgrades 1
  • Shield Upgrades 1
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation 1
  • Afterburner 1
  • Drones 3 (4 recommended!)
Option B (Armor):
  • Gallente Cruiser 4
  • Remote Armor Repair Systems 2
  • Energy Systems Operation 1
  • Electronic Warfare 1
  • Electronic Upgrades 1
  • Afterburner 1
  • Hull Upgrades 3
  • Weapon Disruption 1
  • Drones 3 (4 or 5 HIGHLY recommended!)
Each of these skill plans will take less than a week and help you significantly in logistics as well as many other aspects of eve. They will take less than a week to complete. If you do not meet the skill requirements you're still welcome to attend and listen in.

The time for this class is TBD.
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#35260 RvB Fantasy Football 2012

Posted by Tim Pest on 24 July 2012 - 07:52 AM

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#31285 FC Awards

Posted by Tim Pest on 06 July 2012 - 09:21 PM

Whole heartedly hated voting on this! I absoutely love flying with every single person nominated!
Fuck you Tim!

You can vote for multiple people...damn forum nubs.
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#28717 Wow Mink... I never knew...

Posted by Tim Pest on 23 June 2012 - 11:32 PM

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#28286 How to stay aligned.

Posted by Tim Pest on 21 June 2012 - 08:19 AM

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#26407 RvB Yardsale

Posted by Tim Pest on 12 June 2012 - 03:34 AM

Thanks Timmy, however you could have cleaned and polished them first :P

Jim was supposed to come wash the ships for me in his ass-less chaps.
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#19360 RvB POS bashing+Fleet Comms, An FC's Diary

Posted by Tim Pest on 13 May 2012 - 02:47 AM

[02:25:58] Tim Pest > 22:00 EVE time-Fleet has remained disciplined, we have killed many of our enemies. We have acheived a great victory today.

[02:26:28] Tim Pest > 23:00- Troops remain a well-oiled machine, we have chased the Unistas from the field and continue to pillage their home system. I see no end to our success.

[02:26:51] Tim Pest > 1:00 The fleet is growing restless, there is mild discontent, but we remain a killing machine. The unistas don't stand a chance.

[02:27:30] Tim Pest > 2:22- Fleet is declining, they have resorted to impressions and fleet comms are declining quicky. I no longer have control over fleet comms.

[02:30:01] Tim Pest > 2:30- We have lost all control, the men see pods everywhere. Fleet is running from pos. Help us all.

[02:40:01] Tim Pest >2:40- After a minor scare of hallucinations and scariness from the POS we gained some control. The fleet has gotten back on target.

[02:44:01] Tim Pest >2:44- Uni fleet warped in in the middle of my current entry. A caracal had ran away from the POS, and he was vaporized. Despite the loss of discipline, we killed 3 of them in the battle. The greater victory were those in the men that have been AFK so long they continued to shoot offline modules even with 60+ enemies on top of them. E-Uni ran despite the sneak attack. Our enemies are cowards.

[02:48:46] Tim Pest > We have reached 50% shields, we are now listening to a movie together in comms, it is an improvement from the yelling.
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#15582 Good While It Lasted

Posted by Tim Pest on 25 April 2012 - 02:24 AM

There have been a lot of tears on this topic so I figured I would put in my opinion.

First of all, I am a director in blue who has been around for quite awhile. Personally, I didn't say much on the case of MT because I had better things to do. Ultimately, the biggest flaw I am seeing here is that people seem to lack an understanding of what RvB is really about.

Yes, RvB is about getting quick PVP which for many people is a great way to rack up a lot of kills. However, the primary purpose of RvB is not to get as many kills as possible. The point of the whole organization is to take PVP and provide good fights that are so often missing in EVE. That being said, the argument that having a lot of kills mean you're great for RvB is completely false. During my time in RvB we have seen plenty of people that come in to get as many kills as they can at the expense of the greater good of everybody else. If you have been around for awhile I am sure most of you can come up with some names of reds and/or blues that have topped the killboards but made you mad as hell. Killing a lot of things does not mean you're an asset to RvB. I would even argue that in reality, those that have the most deaths are really playing in the spirit of RvB and thus the most valuable.

Now, I am sure there are some blues that disagree because you were in fleets with MT and you got kills. Getting kills is great, but I think it is important to not only think about the kills that you got. A lot of complaints are that nobody in leadership had been in fleets with MT and thus, they have no clue what he was like. From my own experience, I can say that he was definitely willing to go out of his way to get kills. While that didn't necessarily involve breaking the agreements of arranged fights he also didn't follow the expectations laid out in the guidelines of RvB which are prefaced with:

"These guidelines are intended to address common questions and make RvB more fun for everyone. While these guidelines are not rules, be aware that behavior found to be detrimental to the overall RvB experience will result in some combination of requests to stop followed by the destruction of your ship and/or removal from RvB. Ignore your team leaders at your own risk."

The first expectation listed reads as follows "The right attitude. RvB is about getting as much PvP action as possible. Be willing to lose ships, engage against the odds, learn, and have fun in the process!"

The other aspect of MT's fleets that come to mind, aside from the kills everybody misses so dearly, was making sure his fleet was going to win. Now, I cannot fault him for that, I like to win just as much as the next guy. But it is important to recognize the extent to which one is going to go to accomplish this task. The most glaring issue I have is when members are excluded from fleets because of their skill level. If you want to fly around with your buddies, fine, but excluding frigate pilots from primary fleets in RvB goes against everything our corporations are built around. There are also MANY instances where MT created problems with FCs (The majority of these FCs being non-directors and thus had no input on his removal)in BOTH corporations which resulted in entire fleets logging off, breaking up, or docking up. These issues range from refusing to ship down to ships capable of being match by the opposing fleet to unnecessary shit talk to other FCs. From my own experience, being in many of his fleets and watching his interactions with other FCs (Though I had no problem getting along with MT), it is pretty apparent that he failed to live up to the expectations of somebody who wants to be in RvB. While many of these instances may have taken place from the FC position they still reflect on a person's character, in all capacities, and their ability to help make the RvB community better.

The other point many people are attempting to go on is the argument that it is just a game and things shouldn't be handled like they would in a more serious setting, such as a business. Now, with this point I totally agree. RvB is a game and it should not require hours of painstaking work to be enjoyed. However, everyday the leadership in RvB spends a significant portion of their own free time keeping things running smoothly. The majority of people only get a glimpse into the small portion of RvB that involves blowing up each other and having a good time. When one person makes things harder for those who already sacrifice their time to ensure RvB is there when you wake up the next day they are not an asset to either corporation. There is already plenty to keep leadership occupied, anybody that warrants anymore of their time that should be spent blowing up spaceships, will simply be removed from RvB.

There are plenty of other FCs in RvB (some of which probably wouldn't be around if MT had stayed) that will gladly lead you into glorious combat for the teapot. Rather than dwell on the loss of one FC go enjoy the style of another or even begin your own fleet. Ultimately, the decisions made were in the interest of RvB in its entirety. Thus, you, as one of the outspoken individuals attempting to get MT reinstated to RvB, need to recognize that just because something negatively affects you doesn't mean that it is bad for everybody else.

Many of you feel that you cannot remain in RvB out of loyalty to MT (Rather than those that spent their time accepting your apps, paying bills so you could fight, selling you ships for cheap, giving the guys you were killing ships, providing you with people to shoot, managing the forums, setting up events, spending their own isk to keep RvB running, and a whole lot of other shit) then the RvB leadership is fine with you taking your leave (Though I personally am more thinking about you like this.), but do so without sending the entire corporation a mail about. In the end MT's removal was not a direct result of his skills as an FC, complaints from the opposing side, or any personal conflicts with leadership. It was a simple matter of making sure that the most people, could have the most fun in their internet spaceships.
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