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#141334 NOT leaving

Posted by Thane Belas on 14 December 2014 - 12:06 PM

Hey RvB,

I know I'm only sporadically active, just wanted to make sure everyone knows I'm not planning to go anywhere. I'm currently deployed with the US Navy, not scheduled to get back stateside until summertime next year. Thank God for Phoebe and longer training queues.


I've logged over three years in RvB up until now, and had it not been for you guys I probably would have given up on the game long ago.


PLEASE don't boot me for inactivity. :)


Fly dangerously,


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#123466 I know I had too much of Eve Online when...

Posted by Thane Belas on 25 May 2014 - 08:11 PM

When someone mentions a "redbox" rental, and my first thought is, "he's taken the bait."

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#101229 Survival Advice/Upcoming Event

Posted by Thane Belas on 09 October 2013 - 09:28 PM

For those of you who have been watching the thread about Sam's planned going away party, you know that we have an exciting and challenging opportunity ahead of us to have some fun and make pretty explosions out of our dearly beloved leaders. Because my Amarr skills are crappy (and I don't want to rearrange my skill queue plans), I won't be joining our esteemed leaders and fellow bittervets in the brick fleet.


This brings me to my point. When we make our initial assault on them, we'll be in frigates. I want all of you "younger" pilots to have a good time, and I'd also like to see you avoid dying in a rainbow hail of laser-death. If you haven't reviewed Azual's wonderful wealth of knowledge on the mysteries of PVP, I encourage you to do so. I also want to draw special attention to THIS VIDEO, wherein he discusses the tactics used to safely get under the guns of larger opponents. (If you want to skip the dry lecture on game mechanics, you can start at 7:30 for the actual piloting lesson).


You have three months to practice, so no big rush. Ready...GO!  :)



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#95380 Specialising Skills

Posted by Thane Belas on 14 August 2013 - 03:04 AM

Focusing on flying one ship to start is a very good way to go. I started focusing on Merlins. I flew them for months till I was able to fit T2 fit them.


Get the core skills up too, don't ignore them. Good capacitor skills will help you, especially in an incursus. And fitting skills like advanced weapons upgrades will definitely help you fit better too.


^This. Also, while it's good to become proficient in one or two ship hulls initially, you don't want to dwell on them too long, or you'll quickly become a one-trick pony (which gets boring, both for you and those who hunt you). You will have to be the judge of your own confidence level with the ship hulls you're flying, but in general I'd say once you're fitting T2 mods and winning at least half of your engagements, you're probably ok to start training for another ship type. The more races you can fly, the better, since it gives you greater versatility in fleet situations. (For example, if an FC tells you that the fleet has a scythe flying support, a smart pilot will bring a Caldari ship to that fight.) 


Core skills carry benefits for whatever ship you fly, so it behooves you to keep those skills on par with your race-specific skills.

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#95042 Noob Adoption Program (N.A.P)

Posted by Thane Belas on 12 August 2013 - 06:55 PM

Character Name: Thane Belas
Corp: Red Fed (best fed)
Experience: Veteran Noob (2 years in RvB, with a long break in the middle)
Active Times: 0200-0500 Eve time M-F, Saturdays anytime
Looking for: An experienced solo pilot who can teach me to use T1 frigs, intys, and AFs to more devastating effect. Some pointers on flying said ships in a fleet support role would also be welcome.

Also seeking: A Noob protege who wants to learn the fine art of the frigate duel.

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#94381 Late Night Base Defense

Posted by Thane Belas on 08 August 2013 - 06:34 AM

It all started last night, as it often does, with a blue fleet camping our undock. It was late at night (maybe 11pm EST), so naturally there was no Red resistance to speak of. I casually posted a fleet advert, mostly testing the waters to see what Red activity there was. Interestingly enough, we mustered about 10 ships with the initial advert, so I decided to undock my brutix and chase the campers. If memory serves, Tweek was the first one to get point on a Thrasher which was carelessly flying around station after the main Blue fleet had withdrawn to the Poinen gate. As soon as we jumped on the Thrasher, the Blues came back in force and melted my face, but not before I took a few of them down.


At this point, numbers began to grow. We reached maybe 17 or 18, and began to organize into sniper and brick tank fits. Word reached us that the main Blue fleet had pulled into Jos, but a lone brutix had been abandoned in Otela. We chased the Brutix into Poinen, where he docked and patiently played station games with us, thinking the remainder of the Blue fleet would come to his aid. After about 5-10 mins it became clear to all that the relief fleet was not in fact coming, and I would later learn from the blue FC that they were waiting in Jos for us to come after them. Oh well.  :rolleyes:


The delay cost the Blues their FC, who had to log, and as a result the rest of their fleet began to straggle back to BHQ. Not wanting to let the opportunity for a fight slip away, we quickly put ourselves into Liekuri and buzzed the undock, which quickly aroused the wrath of the hornets nest. We scrambled back into Poinen and waited on the Liekuri in-gate in Poinen, and without a moment's delay were followed in by the Blues. At this point, all hell broke loose. I was quickly primaried (fight wasn't arranged, so NBD), and afterwards we essentially came unglued. Those that did escape with their lives were able to scramble back to RHQ, where we congratulated ourselves on managing to kill a Stabber Fleet before being routed.


After reforming, we simply wandered the adjacent systems looking for new prospects, as Blues were more or less asleep by this point. We did manage to locate the Brutix which had eluded us earlier, and Jatan deserves all the credit in the world for managing to tackle him and hold him as he fled back into Liekuri. Tweek was also a johnny-on-the-spot with backup point as the two of them desperately waited for the cavalry to arrive.


That essentially ended the night, other than Bruce Doom "baiting" on their undock in his gank Maller and racking up four or five kills.  ;)


All in all, a reasonably successful night (very successful on the ISK breakdown) for Red, which is unusual for the late hour. Cheers to all my fleet mates, you guys did an excellent job working together as a team, in spite of my mediocre FCing.  :)

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#92742 When in doubt, burn out!

Posted by Thane Belas on 29 July 2013 - 02:54 AM

I splattered a nooblet who was looking for some 1v1 practice the other day, only to discover upon looking at the killmail that he was AB fit! Yet he endured my blasters without ever trying to burn away, even after it was painfully obvious that he was unable to either tank me or out-DPS me.


Word to the wise noobs: when the fight is obviously going against you... RUN AWAY!!  :)  This may seem obvious, but when you're in the heat of battle you sometimes get tunnel vision as you're watching your opponent's hp meter.


As you begin to get into low armor, start making your exit by simply double-clicking in the opposite direction from your attacker. If you have heat skills (you are training thermodynamics, right???), this is the time to overheat your AB and run like hell. If you're MWD fit and scrammed, you're pretty much committed to the fight, unless you're facing an opponent who didn't bring a web, such as a Punisher or a tanky Merlin (or maybe if you're flying a Daredevil or something with bonused webs which allow you to outrun your opponent even at conventional speed...but that's for after you master the art of the kill ;)).


Also, if your opponent is kiting you and using a long point, you can slingshot them in order to use your own scram-web!


The main thing to remember when soloing is never to get too focused on one strategy. While you may have a beautiful battle plan built up in your mind, as General George S. Patton once said, "No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy." Translation: be prepared to change tactics if your plan A is going poorly.


Hope this helps, keep exploding and eventually you'll get the hang of it!



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#92036 My Brutal Return to FCing

Posted by Thane Belas on 24 July 2013 - 04:09 AM

Tonight marks my glorious (re)baptism of fire. Being as how it has been a considerable amount of time since I last fired my guns, I was understandably nervous about taking the reins this evening to FC.


The first engagement at an asteroid belt went pretty quickly, and felt like the worst of the three losses to me, since I was soooooo slow at target calling. Nonetheless, we actually came out slightly ahead on the ISK war.


The second time, my fellow Reds were more weary of the cruiser-heavy Blue fleet, so I opted for tank complimented by fast frigs and sniping Caras and Talwars, with marginally better success.


After that most of the Reds began to log, and the mass exodus left me with a mere 11 ships to challenge a 30+ fleet of Blues. Undaunted, my remaining pilots showed no fear at the prospect of welping into the Blue blob, and actually welcomed the chance to tangle with them on the gate in our small cruiser fleet.


This was by far my favorite engagement, since not only did we rack up a respectable amount of frigate kills, but I was also given the happy opportunity to go down in flames with guns blazing while a tiny remnant of my survivors were able to deagress and jump before being overwhelmed. Being of British ancestry, I rather pride myself on the ability to keep a good stiff upper lip.  :)


Many thanks to all my Red fleet mates for putting up with me as I shook off the cobwebs. Also, a tip of the hat to Mr. Samuel Vokan, my counterpart FC in Blue. And cheers to all of you Blues for the good fights. The day may be yours, but we'll be back...

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#89403 Give it away, give it away, give it away now

Posted by Thane Belas on 05 July 2013 - 08:11 PM

That's tremendously generous of you, thank you (even though I'm probably not one of those 79).


I'm a bit surprised you sold your main tough ... I've been told (and experience!) that you never really leave EVE, you just take extended breaks :)


I've taken several extended breaks (and as a result I now have a toon from 2008 with embarassingly low SP), but inevitably I ALWAYS find my thoughts wandering back to the wonderful world of EVE, and here I am again.  :)


Best of luck in your travels mate, hope to see you in space again! Hell of a classy way to go out too. o/

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