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#163532 Now with moving pictures!

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 03 January 2017 - 05:07 AM

In Nennamaila at the Sun, XxDecrepidxX defeated CronicX 009 in honorable 1v1 rocket combat.  He calmly reloads and blasts the Kestrel around the 1 minute mark.

As we looked upon his glorious victory, I was pointed by an RDRAW Malediction.  We explode him while his fleet buddies land 50km away.  Then we leave.


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#163512 Sec Status, Sec Status, wherefore art thou Sec Status

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 29 December 2016 - 06:07 AM

603_64.png 670_64.png 583_64.png 629_64.png 17812_64.png 670_64.png 24698_64.png 16242_64.png 628_64.png 603_64.png 29344_64.png 16242_64.png 609_64.png 593_64.png 37457_64.png 37459_64.png 621_64.png 670_64.png 622_64.png16242_64.png


I went from a -3.2 to a -4.7 in the space of a few hours.  If I had a clearer head I think I could have made a -5.  But I ended my night shooting a neutral on a gate in a longbow Talwar and getting axed by the guns.


But let us start at the beginning...


Zen Tsai was out solo in low hunting with an Astero.  I joined him in my Longbow.  We brutally exploded a t1 fit Merlin.  Soon after we were joined by the Dancness.


I spotted Pulse Zlo in local and we teamed up with some Light Red Unicorns and Dirt 'n' Glitter Pilots to increase our engagement profile.  And engage we did.  With Ranthun and Pulse scouting, we located gang after gang, warped onto them, and took out some big chunks before the rest panicked and warped off. 


Salt from wormholers and militia folks alike pushed our blood pressure through the roof and left us all so bloated that our scouts began to experience significant lag...


I had a hell of a time.   The lesson here could be that RvB should stop pretending that we are somehow different than pirates...   The lesson could also be that if one person puts up a fleet, things will quickly snowball into a good time.  But why the heck would a bunch of pirates want to be learning lessons?  :P



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#163453 Action! (AKA I get Febby killed.)

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 21 December 2016 - 10:41 PM

After running around in circles after a suspect Dominix... 645_64.png

I decided to fit up a VNI and go to lowsec.


We started off losing a Svipul and a Firetail and then we ran over a bunch of smaller stuff in our gang, and stirred up General Tso's Alliance.  Jag was his normal intelligence network, and spotted this group.  :)


591_64.png 599_64.png 17841_64.png 32876_64.png 593_64.png 632_64.png 602_64.png 12042_64.png 17841_64.png 33328_64.png 670_64.png 585_64.png 589_64.png

At this point Febby logs on and asks where we are and what we are doing.  He decides to double down and bring another VNI blissfully ignorant of the attention we were getting...


We were soon attacked by a double Guardian, Navy Aug, Loki fleet which we could not break...   Even the neuts on the VNIs were not enough to stop the Guardians, should have had some ECM drones...


17843_64.png 598_64.png 37459_64.png


I made it out leaving my Geckos behind...

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#163401 "For the Teapot!!" Thrasher fit and What it is Good for.

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 19 December 2016 - 05:55 AM

Zen decided to try this idea out as a fleet comp.  Six Thrashers went out with frigate support looking to burn a hole in something.

33470_64.png 33470_64.png 32872_64.png 16240_64.png 626_64.png 17703_64.png 623_64.png


The two Stratios alone were worth 800mil. Salt value was incalculable.


Op Success.


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#162966 Command Bursts

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 07 November 2016 - 11:40 PM

Stabbed Bursting Bifrost?

*Moriar senses Galgon's fury.
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#162951 “An Admirer of Caracals” - A Retirement Party

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 07 November 2016 - 04:42 AM

Galgon, money sent!  No cake though.  (Also, it is not rude to ask, since it was recklessly promised and then totally forgotten.)


PEW!  PEW!!  PEW!!!

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#162713 RvB vs RDRAW - Escalation to T3 Cruiser! :)

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 17 October 2016 - 06:50 PM

I headed out into the Lowsec Pacific Region to complete some Projectile Efficiency Surveys, which are part of RvB's new Mission Critical Astrophysics Initiatives.


16242_64.png<--- Autocannon Projectile Efficiency in a Rail Comet Environment - 0%


17841_64.png 593_64.png 17841_64.png  <--- Artillery Projectile Efficiency in a mixed frigate environment - 100%


I had been dodging Dehro's Onyx trying to get some hit and run kills, and eventually my luck ran out...



Zen Shura and I enlisted the help of the Caldari Militia firepower in the form of Telemachus Rheade!


Zen determined that Projectile Efficiency vs a Cap Battery Fit Onyx was an irrational number, so we got a Neut Vexor going to stop the perma reps, and brought some RLML and Blasters to punch though it once its cap was dry.


As the Onyx began to break, RDRAW responded by cynoing in a T3 Cruiser!!  We were overwhelmed by the firepower of the massive juggernaut and forced off field before we could get the Onyx down.  But not before getting a few more kills.


621_64.png 623_64.png 603_64.png 621_64.png 626_64.png17841_64.png 593_64.png


After having been punished by Science for abandoning our Projectile Efficiency Survey, I switched back into a Wolf, fit up according to Cosmo Blink's specifications.


He described it as, "great at killing Slicers."

17703_64.png<--- Artillery Projectile Efficiency in a kiting Slicer environment - 100%


A few minutes of hit and run with rail Catalysts and Comets ensued without any losses on either side. I probably could have gotten the Catalyst if I had a little more guts, but it would have been close.


After repairing, I warped to another plex at 70km and landed 45m from a Comet... Right on top.


I guess when you warp to a plex at 70km three or four times in a row, people are going to notice. 

11371_64.png<--- Projectile Efficiency when everyone knows what you're up to - 0%.


It was a good little skirmish with a lot of brief engagements, and gfs all around.


Please note that all data are made up and poorly presented.  And when I say cynoed in a T3, I really mean they just undocked one.



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#162698 “An Admirer of Caracals” - A Retirement Party

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 14 October 2016 - 08:18 PM

“An Admirer of Caracals”


Blue Republic loudmouth Moriar theChosen invites you to celebrate Jasper Sinclair's Retirement by Blowing up things with Caracals. Just like Reds and Blues make Purple, Rapid Light Missile Launchers and Shield Buffers make explosions.


This lowsec roam will depart at 20:00 UTC on November 05, 2016.

Form up and ship handouts will begin at 19:30 UTC.

Meetup in Yria at the Purple Palace.


Due to my completely fearless (read: reckless and semi-competent) approach to FCing, fit and ready Caracals, Scythes, Bellicose and Supertanked Bait Blackbirds will be provided by the gracious and generous Lady Ayeipsia.  Both t1 and t2 variant of the Caracals will be available.


This will not be a gate camp, and we will not be waiting for our links to plus one. This is going to be a fast and aggressive roam where we will enter system, spread out and take people by surprise! So, if you want to provide links, fly a Stork! 


Because Interceptor/Tackle Frig fits are a matter of personal taste, we will not be providing Interceptors. However, any volunteer Interceptor/Tackle Frig pilots will be given a free cake with those annoying candles that are impossible to blow out and will have their ship reimbursed if it is destroyed. (But I'm not paying for your Republic Fleet Warp Disruptor, so don't fly too shiny.)



The player who makes the most PEW! PEW! PEW! noises on comms during fights will get a free Svipul.  Seriously.



Just try to keep Kethen from shooting Jasper on sight. 

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#162677 Lets throw out Pirate Implant sets

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 13 October 2016 - 05:38 PM

I believe you asked for xs...   X


I like the spirit of this post, not about policing or rules, just a suggesting a possibility...  Now I can pod home from lowsec like a champ!



I really only used them to see how fast a Stilletto would go in Pyfa anyway... :P

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#162621 The end of an era!

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 09 October 2016 - 03:48 AM

Rose Valora confirmed Tele alt.
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#162563 Mining Foreman Dev Blog released...

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 05 October 2016 - 04:04 PM

Dibs on organizing lowsec 'mining' fleets!!

Fit your Skiffs for DPS!!!
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#161857 Cruisers should have Medium Guns, and other lessons

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 06 September 2016 - 10:23 PM

642_64.png<------ Rename ship to: Haste makes waste.


I logged on and immediately there was talk in corp chat of a large red cruiser gang floating around BHQ eating pot noodles with impunity.


Consumed with righteous zeal and a deathwish, I wrote in chat that I was going to drop an Apocalypse on them and entered warp.  I landed and was immediately swarmed by 5 Cruisers and a Gnosis.  Explosions occurred after only two cycles of my LAAR.  This was about 45 seconds after I logged on.


The first lesson here is that getting a fleet up and communicating a little more clearly (or at all...) could have lead to a better fight. I don't regret exploding, but I didn't give my solemn and dedicated Blue Comrades a chance to inflict furious justice upon the base and vile reds.  They were still undocking as I sacrificed my life and sanity for our noble cause.  (Yes, vengeance is a noble cause.)


The second lesson is that Cruisers should have medium guns, especially if "5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage" is one of your hull bonuses.


Look at that killmail.  Rediroriad did more damage than even the Gnosis with his Heavy Neutron fit Moa, while the Vexor did the least damage with the Light Neutrons... 


Can you imagine what would happen if Rediroriad had small guns as well?  I would have massacred them all!  Muahahaahhahhahahhaaaa!



  • When you login, Fleet up with your comrades and get on Mumble comms right away.
  • Fit for DEEEPS! 
  • Deathwish is one word from here on out.

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#161855 1v1 report and some great fits for you all to try.

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 06 September 2016 - 09:39 PM

594_64.png 603_64.png585_64.png

Viron and 9Bone were 1v1ing in blaster frigs, Incursus vs Merlin.

The passive tank of 9Bone's Merlin took the first fight. Huge shield buffer, neutrons with two magstabs, and scram/web are a vicious combo on this Merlin. This much DPS can bust through the reps on a fit like Viron's, but only because the shield tank is so huge with the rigs and hull bonuses that you have time to do so.

I had put together a Slasher with TD and a Neut specifically to fight blaster ships, so I asked 9Bone to fight me in the Merlin. I went with the ASB instead of the AAR because there is not enough capacitor for AAR and Neut.

The TD alone would not have been enough to keep me alive. I was down to 1 charge left in the ASB before the Neut turned off 9Bone's web. He was able to turn it back on at one point, and began hitting me really hard again. It was a really close fight.

I then invited 9bone to bring a ship that was designed to paste a Slasher, and the Rocket Kestrel was a great choice. In the words of 9Bone, "Rockets are bad for everyone."

These are all strong fits. And I for one have been having fun flying that Slasher. If you are looking for a fun frigate fit, try one of these... or a Rocket Kestrel!
(Replace t2 with Meta Modules as required.)

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#161769 Just got started, but Farewell

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 05 September 2016 - 04:22 PM


We have a very very open door policy, no API, no questions, nothing but a big welcome mat.

So sometimes we get high sec gankers joining us before they get quickly kicked. It is the price we pay for an open society.

All the rest of us are too lazy to go hunting freighters in high sec. :)

We definitely don't condone this sort of thing.
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#160829 A story of gate and camps

Posted by MoriartheChosen on 30 July 2016 - 06:57 PM

See this?


I'm not on the killmail, but it was all me. :)


After the battle we witnessed between Goons and their enemies (read, everybody), I decided to start stashing some ships in lowsec.  When my Enyo blew up, I was forced to return to the grid in this heinous abomination as it was all I could piece together in the local station.



So I was delivering a longbow Talwar to low when I jumped into a Mercenary Coalition Gate Camp on the Tama gate in Kedama.  You can see from the kills below that they'd had a pretty successful hour with their AF/Deacon Fleet.

626_64.png 12005_64.png 670_64.png 16236_64.png 24696_64.png  650_64.png 11969_64.png


I knew I was in trouble because they had a scout on the other side who jumped in with me.  So I took a moment to figure out which way to go for an escape.  Deep breath, I hit the align button and overheated the mwd.  I was pointed and getting pounded, but with no scram, I burned out of their range and warped off in hull.  Awesome.  (10mn would not have gotten me out!)


So I went back to Oshaima, and I got in a Stabber, thinking I would come around at them from the other side, and if they tried to burn out to me, maybe I could smash a couple of them and make my escape.  But this time, I jumped through an RDRAW Cruiser and Logi gate camp when jumping into Sujarento.  My twin polycarbon engine housings allowed me to break through the camp, and as I landed on the Tama gate, I realized RDRAW was following me...


After jumping into Tama, I took my time burning out as I aligned to the Kedama Gate.  I wanted to be sure they saw where I warped.  And then I was off, dragging the cruiser gang right into the AF gate camp.


It worked really well, I survived, and they fought each other, I'm just a little disappointed there was only one explosion...


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