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12 February 2014 - 12:47 PM

Hey guys

I'm Archi, I'm sure people hate my full name sometimes when I hear people trying to pronounce it over vent. It's actually the latin name for the giant squid. Anyways...I live in the Philippines and own a Scuba Diving business, so I'm on normally around downtime, sometimes a bit before, but usually after.

I've dabbled a bit in Faction Warfare, and enjoy attempting to solo around low sec throwing myself at stuff to see if I can kill it, often getting myself blown up, taking bait and ganked etc, but generally having fun. I still get a bit of a rush when soloing around lowsec.

I went to Null for a bit, but it wasn't really for me, far too few people around and too safe it seems, hard to find fights solo, especially for someone who has only been playing on and off for a year.

I hope to learn a bit more about PvP with you guys, and also had a laugh really.

I haven't done that many fleets, and am used to just doing my own thing, looking forward to learning some strategy, not just charge in and press fire, lol


Anyways thats enough from me, I'm fighting for the Blues.