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RvB Ceases Formal Operations

24 October 2015 - 09:36 PM

After many years and numerous iterations, RvB will stop formal operations.

After much discussion among the principles within RvB it has been decided that we will cease formal operations. The corporations will remain and members can carry on with typical RvB style fighting as desired. However, leadership and programs will be suspended.

Declining numbers in Eve, in general, and an ever increasing workload on a small group of individuals lead us to making this very difficult decision. Our hat is off to those tireless members who made RvB what it was for so many years. RvB lead the way in Eve creating continual content through the Forever War, events where all of Eve was invited and reaching major milestones both individually and corporately for area based combat.

Many of Eve's core players either make or made a home in RvB, boasting arguably one of the largest player alt bases. RvB also contained one of the most active alt spy bases in Eve as well (we knew who most of you were..). RvB's unique style of quick PVP provided endless days of content for many of Eve's citizens.

RvB will sustain the current forums for the foreseeable future.

Members are encouraged to seek community in one of the other fine corporations in Eve, or may remain in Red Federation or Blue Republic. We will be leaving a command member to handle applications and if RvB begins to grow organically without formal command interaction and may be revisited at a later date.

It is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement and hope the best for all of our members.

We appreciate the small number of command members and others who have put heart and soul into RvB for so many years.

Chairman, RvB

Solo Racial Challenge

23 June 2015 - 02:50 PM

So, here is something Shen and I have talked about for a long time that I think would be a great contest for you veteran solo'ist.

...and while this will be a solo challenge I will allow 2 people to be on a KM because of the difficulty of this event. However, the killing blow and top damage must be from the solo'ist. The secondary pilot will be for tackle only!

So here is the challenge;

A solo (duo) kill with every ship in a given race. So to keep the cost and difficulty down a bit, here is what it would look like;

Frigates - all
Cruisers - all
Battle Cruisers - all
Indy - 1
BS - 1

This will only include T1 ships.


To Take With Me For Low Sex

21 May 2015 - 08:06 PM

So of all the crap in my hangers that I am trying to either weed out or take with me I have come upon a quandry that I want some imput on.

I found a Loki with subsystems and T2 rigs (Trimarks) sitting in my HQ hanger that I bought from someone who needed some iskies. I have never fit it out. It is pretty standard heavy tackle subsystem setup. But Strat Cruisers have never been that big a thing with me. I sold the Proteus I had and had a Tengu out in Null Space that I dont use much.

Thus, this lead me to think about what I would like to have and don't right now. Should I fit up this Loki (meh) or should I sell it off and buy a few Recon's? I am leaning toward the Recons. I have a Curse, but wanted something more useful and am thinking about either the Laches (sp?) or a Huggin.

Thoughts on Recons for low sec fleet use (or possibly cloaky work)?


15 November 2014 - 03:38 PM

So not a lot of posting in this section so I thought I would see about lighting a fire here to see if we could get more discussion going (as many of you need fit advice-Delling).

So, here is the quetion up for debate;

I have been doing the Prophesy/Drake thing for a long time. Great boats if you want to sit at 0 and tank a ton or fly about at range and spew missiles. But, I have gotten a bit bored with them.

So, I was considering switching (since I am about out of BC's in general) and buy something different.

At first I was considering going back to the Hurricane as it is and always has been one of my favorite BC's. Problem is that the Cane is typically death bait. However, in teh arty config would require that I manage it more than what I am flying. I like that.

After some EFT'ing I am now, however, leaning toward the Cyclone. Yes, it too is death bait, but the configuration options are quite a bit better with it. Fitting is a lot easier too and right now they are dirt cheap (36 mil, verses 42 mill or more for all others).