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The Great RvB Death Race

21 April 2018 - 03:46 PM

Hi All,


As its rapidly aproaching RvB's 10th Birthday i was thinking about what event would celebrate the great killing spree that is RvB...


And so i thought what about something that explodes lots of ships, descends into absolute chaos as well as brings in a bit of RvB history...but then i thought nah that sounds lame lets just make it a death race.... :)



Starting in Jos at top station we will fleet warp to a secret location to start the event, your humble (or not so humble) host will dole out a password and everyone scrambles for a container that contains the bookmark to the next location and the password to the next container.


Fear not intrepid readers, for there will be a good reason to fight, as there are a limited number of containers to spur a little bit of competition so If you die before you cna save the bookmark then reship and fleet warp to someone who has looted a container and blow them up to get the password / bookmark. not all the locations will be direct to the cans but none of the locations will be deep safes etc. all of them will be on grid with something but close enough that you cant warp in on the cans so worst case you are going have to burn for the cans.


For those of you who get lost along the way we will periodically give an update on the general fleet body location so you can best speed there and there will be strategically placed bowheads or stations with some corp contracts with fitted alpha ships to get back into the fight.


The plan is that the route will take RvB's members through some of the systems that have meant the most to RvB's intrepid pilots throughout the years, the locations of some epic ganked battles even the sites of epic structure bashes. As we arrive and fight in various locations around new eden some members of RvB past and present will recount the tales of exploded pos', smart bombing battleships, neutral alts shot and haulers lost (cough... Mang) etc.



We will even lay in some traps along the way in the form of:


camping dickbag thrashers

some old foes

npc's deliberately lured to a location



Quite simply - the plan is to create an epic event that will go down in the history of new eden even if it kills me.



Soooo......whadaya think?

Hello again... (sort of)

04 April 2018 - 12:08 AM

I left but never really did. Then i won eve for a period of time... I guess what im trying to say is... its 'splody time lads and lasses.


Khador and Korthan are back.