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In Topic: Monthly SRP: November 2019

04 December 2019 - 04:56 PM

I feel with you. i have been trying to avoid using discord, very unfruitfully so far. as a compensation i do a daily discord rant.

In Topic: I like what you've done with the place

27 November 2019 - 10:01 AM



RvB has changed alot. it is worth experiencing it for yourself. i bet you'd like it

In Topic: Hello There

27 November 2019 - 09:57 AM

Hey Corniel,


Nice to have you back! Looking Forward flying with you.


Cheers mate

In Topic: Monthly SRP: September 2019

10 September 2019 - 12:46 PM


In Topic: Monthly SRP: July 2019

17 July 2019 - 11:48 PM

i have created an account on reddid with the name ZenSpay hehehehehe