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28 October 2014 - 08:52 PM

First i'm going to say thanks for organizing this again Mang, i really enjoyed it, and ofcourse thanks to all the assistants he (ab)used :)




The only thing that bothered me (and probably a lot more people :)) was the high use of VNI's / drone setups, and yes i / my team was guilty as well. From what i've read mostly people are suggesting removing faction cruisers / increase them in points and all that could work.


A different approach to it could be lifting the limit of 1 e-war ship in fleet and use the same restrictions as any other hull for them. This would open the way for having e-war heavy setups that can actually deal with entire (drone) setups like in the AT happens as well. Those e-war heavy setups are (i think) at the same time more vulnerable to other setups  as well which could make it more like the rock/paper/scissors EvE tournaments are known for :).


Before people are starting about entire fleets being jammed/damped permanent:

- 3x / 4x ewar + 2x/1x dps = total damage is not impossible to overcome while trying to force your opponent to make mistakes.

- ECM is chance based and you won't know what type of jams you need unless you got some inside information about the enemy fleet, but then it should not matter anyway.

- lots of damps can be countered by fielding a ( fast ) brawling fleet and probably some other stuff as well.


About not allowing T2 logi's, i understand that probably quite a few people can't use them, and probably some teams couldn't use them, but they are far from overpowered, the basi fleet that was used was far from unbeatable. At first i was not convinced it could work, the first match we definitely could have lost i think, but due to a light form of tunnel-vision inflicted upon our opponents, it did not happen :rolleyes: . 2nd time it was fielded was a typical rock/paper/scissor situation, sometimes you meet fleets you are pretty much designed to withstand against. If this setup would have held against the VNI's i don't know, but i'm pretty sure it could have given a good fight (Yes i know the Kitsune was fit with 3 caldari jammers, but there were ways to deal with that ;)).


Bans / Costs:

Bans for all matches would be really great even when it means a bit of extra fleet setups that need to be ready. For people that say it will cost too much, one of the first questions from your team captain should be "How much are you willing to spend on this?", then the captain should develop  fleets accordingly. If that causes problems contact leadership/ask sponsors and work something out. When a captain/member/someone is solely paying for all ships/drugs/modules, then he was doing it, in my opinion, wrong. Sure some members will contribute more then others, but overall they will contribute what they can, at least that is what i have experienced this time and also in the Spring Cup.



Don't ban genolutions CA-1 and CA-2, ban all other pirate/geno implants. New people don't have their fittings skills maxed out. A lot of fits that veterans can use, especially when using frigs/destroyers, would be impossible to use by new players. Geno's CA-1 and CA-2 levels this a little bit i think. The higher skillpoint team members most times are put in the bigger ships anyway and then the use probably doesn't even make a difference anymore.


Anyways, those were my thoughts, apologies for the wall of text :)






In Topic: [We are 5] Tyrian Trophy - WELL DONE TO TEAM JIGSAW

19 October 2014 - 06:10 PM

Genetic engineering allowed Jack Starbuck to change into joss1974, i don't know the details, only that is happened :)

In Topic: [We are 5] Tyrian Trophy - WELL DONE TO TEAM JIGSAW

16 October 2014 - 09:51 PM

My team will be know as Quick Suicide Squad. No idea why team members propose a name like that :(

In Topic: [We are 5] Tyrian Trophy - WELL DONE TO TEAM JIGSAW

07 October 2014 - 06:51 PM

Gundumseed confirmed he won't be participating in the TT, i've send Iixty an invitation to join my team.

In Topic: [We are 5] Tyrian Trophy - WELL DONE TO TEAM JIGSAW

06 October 2014 - 09:27 PM

Can i have dibs on IixtY :) ?


Gundumseed is not in RvB anymore, last Active Sep 20 2014 02:12 PM on this forum. I've send him a evemail/Forum pm but just in case it would be nice to know i have a backup :)