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#102453 Noob Adoption Program (N.A.P)

Posted by Tweek Etimua on 22 October 2013 - 04:23 PM


N.A.P Sign up 1.2 begin below this post.

The Original post has been updated so re-aquatint your selves. 

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#96675 Steam Usernames!

Posted by Tweek Etimua on 22 August 2013 - 09:35 PM

I'm new to pc gaming so i play a bit of nothing.
If its free 2 play ill do it
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#94806 The scam that almost was.

Posted by Tweek Etimua on 12 August 2013 - 04:28 AM

In the midst of FCing some guy convo's me. I assumed at first it was to get an app accpeted....i was wrong.
Tweek Etimua > \o
Captain Loc > Hello
Captain Loc > do you have time to spare for a conversation
Tweek Etimua > Sure
Captain Loc > Id like to discus someting that happend earlier
Captain Loc > not im not sure who the leader of RvB is
Captain Loc > but since you been in for 4 months i figure your someone to talk to
Tweek Etimua > Go for it
Captain Loc > mmk
Captain Loc > i got attacked earlier today
Tweek Etimua > k
Captain Loc  by  Dredwerkz
Tweek Etimua > k
Captain Loc  and  Quinten Sarn was with him or some how saw the battle
Captain Loc > while i was mining
Captain Loc  Quinten Sarn said that it was how "we" make money
Captain Loc > he didnt win
Captain Loc > and was concored
Captain Loc > now I understand that RvB is a large corperation and does friendly duels
Captain Loc > right?
Tweek Etimua > Sometimes
Captain Loc > but is it also into attacking miners
Tweek Etimua > Ok so let me see if I understand.....you were mining and got attacked by a mamber of RvB and want leader ship to deal with it?
Captain Loc > negative
Tweek Etimua > o
Captain Loc  I was attackign by  Dredwerkz
Captain Loc > who did not so well
Captain Loc  but  Quinten Sarn
Captain Loc > said he saw what happend
Captain Loc > and said "thats how we make money"
Tweek Etimua > Ok that what i dont understand...
Captain Loc > neather do i
Captain Loc > I am just wondering if I am to expect to be attact by RvB
Tweek Etimua > Yes
Captain Loc > lol
Tweek Etimua > Not as practice
Tweek Etimua > but becaus we dont tell our members not to play eve...the only rules we have are to the rmembers of RvB
Captain Loc > do you think you could leave me and my corperation out of it
Captain Loc > understood
Captain Loc > which my corp says also
Captain Loc > but
Captain Loc > Could we have a kinda not shoot on site deal
Tweek Etimua > Unfortunatly RvB would have an impossible time reinforcing those claims
Captain Loc > why
Captain Loc > We can inform you of information
Captain Loc > if needed
Captain Loc > as well as keep out eyes open for you
Tweek Etimua > Im sorry......Fly safer
Captain Loc > thats it?
Captain Loc > thats how it is?
Tweek Etimua > We'll how long ago did it happen?
Captain Loc > today
Tweek Etimua > Wich system
Captain Loc > 2 hours ago
Captain Loc > this one
Tweek Etimua > Im curently in Jos
Captain Loc > I want imunity to this system for my corp
Captain Loc  Josameto
Tweek Etimua > Ok Link the kill mail
Captain Loc  Dredwerkz
Captain Loc > hang on
Tweek Etimua > Ok let me ask a a direcctor
Captain Loc > concored killed him
Captain Loc > gave me kill rightd
Captain Loc > what do you mean
Tweek Etimua > If a director Agreese than i can help you
Tweek Etimua > Just 1 sec
Captain Loc  CONCORD
Captain Loc > Kill right earned
Sent: 2013.08.12 00:16
As a victim of Dredwerkz‘s unlawful aggression you now have a kill right against them. The kill right allows you to seek revenge, alone or with friends, without CONCORD intervention.
Tweek Etimua > k if you tell me the station you're in Ill have a Red member go there and reimbers your ship...
Captain Loc > that has nothing to do with your buisness
Captain Loc > I asked for imunity to this system
Captain Loc > i gave the kill mail
Captain Loc > your asking too much information
Captain Loc > me as a single want imunity to this system
Tweek Etimua > Ok 1 sec
Captain Loc > only me
Tweek Etimua > Ok How much isk can you afford to pay us
Captain Loc > after your pilot shot me my repair bill screwed me
Tweek Etimua > The higher up want compisation...
Tweek Etimua > Im just doing what im told
Captain Loc > then let me talk to one
Tweek Etimua > 1 mill for a system, 5 mil for RvB space, 13 mil for the forge
Captain Loc > negative
Captain Loc > let me speak to a higher
Tweek Etimua > K 1 moment
Tweek Etimua > Nope Thats the offer...
Captain Loc > I am willing to come to agreement
Captain Loc > only if i talk to a head chief
Tweek Etimua > As are we and thats it
Captain Loc > tell them they could double what they ask if they talk to me
Tweek Etimua > Sorry mate.....They're leaving this one to me...they seemed anoyed...we're helping you after all..
Captain Loc > helping me
Captain Loc > im acting alone
Captain Loc > and pretty pissed
Captain Loc > from earlier
Captain Loc > i can be an asset and a dan good one
Tweek Etimua > You aproached me asking us to make an acception
Captain Loc > or i can just be an enemey
Captain Loc > no
Captain Loc > 2 of your pilots today attacked me
Captain Loc > i came to you to find reason
Captain Loc > and this is not is
Captain Loc > *it
Tweek Etimua > Yes and want us to protect you from that heppening again
Captain Loc > no
Captain Loc > i dont want your protection
Captain Loc > i can protect myself
Tweek Etimua > Well then good luck
Covo 2 
Captain Loc > please stop
Captain Loc > im trying to talk to you
Captain Loc > im not acting on corp
Captain Loc > they told me to stop being a drama queen
Captain Loc > this is myself
Captain Loc > ill pay 2mil per 2 weeks
Captain Loc > if i can have imunity to mining here
Captain Loc > i came civilized
Captain Loc > and didnt look for a problem
Captain Loc > i want justice
Tweek Etimua > 1 mill a week and we need to know the sytem youre mining so that we can verify if the contract is broken
Tweek Etimua > If ever that is
Captain Loc  it will be  Josameto
Captain Loc  but i want my revenge on  Dredwerkz
Tweek Etimua > 1 m second
Tweek Etimua > You had no loses correct?
Captain Loc > i had to pay a repair bill
Tweek Etimua > Could you post the cost?
Captain Loc > i would have had losses
Tweek Etimua > Should be in your Wallet journal
Captain Loc > it was 260k
Captain Loc > price has nothing to do with it
Captain Loc > ill pay 1mil to shoot the guy down
Captain Loc > he pissed me off
Tweek Etimua > I'll have a Blue director contact the person who did the dmg and ask for the isk
Captain Loc > negative
Captain Loc > I want redeption
Captain Loc > he will be shot on site
Captain Loc > if there is a problem with that then ill give 1mil in isk to clear it
Tweek Etimua > So what would you like us to do?
Captain Loc > hes not even your membert
Captain Loc > so i want you to do nothing when i shoot him down
Captain Loc > I have kill orders
Captain Loc > eather i use them or i give them to someone else
Captain Loc  eather way  Dredwerkz  will pay for his actions
Tweek Etimua > So you want to kill him and you want us to grant you imunity
Captain Loc > i knew he was up to no good when he came in mining with an ibis with a work history of 09
Captain Loc > yes
Tweek Etimua > Ok Here's the thing
Tweek Etimua > RvB can not and will not give you iminuty in our space. As for the kill right I'm quite sure you'll find that pilot to be extreamly deadly. This entire convorsation was a wast of time for us both...
Durring the convo my fleet spent a liitle time looking for him. To you know Impliment the soon to be in place imunity.How ever they Couldnbt find him. 

Sorry to my fleet for being distracted. But you all understand (I hope) being my first potential scam and all.

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#94702 [Weekend Theme] Wild Wild West - Anarchy In The Forge

Posted by Tweek Etimua on 11 August 2013 - 07:07 AM

So my weekend started rough. Friday night (US west tz) and most of saturday was spent with me raging in Red corp chat at my corp mates to actualy do something RvB related. But come saturday night, numbers on both sides settled out ( blues seemed a bit slugish) and fun was had. I thought www weekend was going to be terribly difficult, But I'm enjoying it.
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#88693 Three BIG Deals Coming Your Way

Posted by Tweek Etimua on 01 July 2013 - 04:07 PM

Yes to all!
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#86745 Noob Adoption Program (N.A.P)

Posted by Tweek Etimua on 18 June 2013 - 05:40 PM

N.A.P Relaunched
The N.A.P ( Noob Adoption Program) Is here to match new players with experienced players. Because every one learns differently. This will give the new players a one on one setting, in hopes to not flood a noob with info. 

Matching methods do not affect noobs.
Currently there are two options.
1: You can handle the matching your self. 
2: You can have me do it. 

If you choose to do the matching your self then the process is easy. You contact the new player that you think could use you knowledge, then contact me so i can up date the roster. 

If you would like me to do the matching then all you have to do is keep an eye on your mail. 

Please post your character name, corp, the common times you play (eve time), and approximate time in pvp or "X" profession (also identify your self as Vet or Noob),
"Vet / noob" is not an option. Either Noob or Vet.


Current mentors can/should utilize this list to enhance their methods of training.



You as a vet or new player, are not forced to stay together. At any point you can request a new mentor or noob.

Noobs are poor, they may need a financial boost every now and again.

Please utilize the RvB structure to teach your noob. Examples: Arrange fights, contract ships and even events.

Wikis make noob brains melt. Try not push your noob to wikis. Although sometimes it is necessary.

New players should remember to ask the questions, no matter how stupid.

Feel free to Eve mail me suggestions or questions.

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#81146 Best Night Ever!

Posted by Tweek Etimua on 12 May 2013 - 06:07 AM

Ok, so the day started rough. I started a fleet for those of use that stayed out of the Low-sec events. Well we had blown up this guy http://rvbeve.com/re...l&kll_id=483117 while Purple was on. Well I went a head and paid the guy for our mistake and moved on.


Then the low sec groups came back, and despite a ruff start with communications and a possible crisis ( for a noob in eve, it felt like it could have been one), I think I pretty much told Kikkio to Blob us...And he did. I started out FC'ing and had scouts out. They found 'em and I warped us in at a extreme distance, which accidentally helped me realize what was going on. So we warped in on the Blues who were burning toward the gate. I got a few targets called and killed and they then blew me up. So an extremely brilliant guy took over and started using our miss-matched fleet for kiting. This worked sooo well the fight went on for an hour and a half unfortunately we had been bested and scattered off. How ever some of their greedy members stuck around to loot the left overs, so we warped in on 'em and once again our Motley crew kitted our way through for another 2 hours! (granted I'm doing my best reading the kill boards for the times, its very possible it was shorter than that) But what made this night the best was that it wasn't arranged, No one, at least on our end, was crying about misrepresentation, FC deaths..or what ever else people find to complain about.   

Just thought I'd share my experience. 

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#78446 What to do?

Posted by Tweek Etimua on 20 April 2013 - 06:25 PM

Although I enjoy having ships ready to buy and fly, FCing people, who are far smarter than me, to thier death and taking part in awesome events. But there has to be more that a noob can do. Not just for lolz, but to help RvB.

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